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This category covers non-date specific events that span the years of the Third Imperium from 1140 to 1149 by Decade.


  • The Red Pelts pirate group of Suedzuk Vargr blunders its way through Corridor Sector and into Million Subsector in the mid-1140s. As remarkable as their survival against the great odds of the Wilds is, they proceed to harry isolated Wilds worlds along the Regency frontier from several bases in Million Subsector, in spite of active opposition from the RQS and several Pack groups.
  • A new bureaucratic government is installed on Vincennes/Vincennes (Deneb 1122) in the 1140s. This government recognises that the only means of their world's survival is to create reciprocal relationships with more downtrodden worlds.
  • To aid in the development of Penelope/Five Sisters (Spinward Marches 0533), Jonkeereen are permitted to settle the world.
  • A Vampire fleet passes through the Loki/Sol (Solomani Rim 2228) system on its way to Terra. Three ships experience some sort of jump drive failure, probably due to lack of maintenance, and are unable to continue. The ships begin to patrol regularly back and forth between the system's two gas giants, and attack any vessel that is within range.
  • The Naxxim Corporation (formerly of Naxx-iygo/Khouth (Corridor 0509)) goes bankrupt.
  • The leaked RASAC archives hint that a facility on planetoid HH-4301 in the Fidellis/Gazulin (Trojan Reach 3003) system (formerly 627-301) was more than just a safe disposal facility for Virus and that an extensive subterranean facility had been hollowed out of the rock. The archives also hint at lengthy deceptive techniques to disquise the massive ship traffic that the facility had been receiving for the last sixty years and indicated a sizeable security garrison to protect the facility from attack, including a regiment's worth of Marines backed by Meson deep sites. See Fidelis Controversy for more information.
  • Many non-aligned polities in Iphegenaia, Fulani, and Theta Borealis sectors were founded during this time period. See Spinward Hinters for more information.
  • Almost all surviving vampire ships are of the Puppeteer virus strain, having participated in the cycle of evolution.
  • Rubrak/Pretoria (Deneb 0207) welcomes Logasllu and Baknaeleur refugees with open arms.
  • The Tralyeaeawi Aslan clan expels the Aokhalte Aslan Clan from Hki'leiwaw/Hiryarloah (Touchstone 2205) in the late 1140s.
  • The Regency hears rumors in the early 1140s that Corfinium/Atsah (Deneb 3011) survived the 1139 attack of a Vampire fleet.
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