Fidelis Controversy

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The Fidelis Controversy surrounds unidentified experiments occuring at a former outpost of the now defunct Research Station (Research Station Beta) in Fidelis (Trojan Reaches 3003).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It was a terrible virus catastrophe.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Delta was a class 4 containment facility used to carry out chemical and biological experiments that were too dangerous for experimentation on more habitable worlds. The facility was abandoned and evacuated in 1120 as the Domain of Deneb could no longer guarantee its security. After the Regency retook the system in 1131, the restoration of the facility took the backseat after other existing concerns while the colony charter was sold to a small belter collective from Zaibon/Lunion (Spinward Marches ). The Regency did retain a containment facility on a planetoid designated HH-4301, but it was a low priority facility until about 1135, when the government restricted access to the facility and the surrounding space. After the Rape of Trin the facility was quietly interdicted and a large region of space around it was closed off to civilian traffic. Even in that period rumors swirled that it was a containment facility for Viruses captured by the Navy and RQS, though those same rumors indicated that HH-4301 was a "deathrow" that kept viruses long enough for classification and analysis before being destroyed.

But the leaked RASAC archives hint that the facility was more than just a safe disposal facility and that an extensive subterranean facility had been hollowed out of the rock in the 1140s. Given the 156 km diameter of 4301, this is a very large facility indeed. The archives also hint at lengthy deceptive techniques to disquise the massive ship traffic that the facility was receiving for the last sixty years and indicated a sizeable security garrison to protect the facility from attack, including a regiment's worth of Marines backed by Meson deep sites. These revelations have thrown the Regency public into a tizzy, as the extent of the facilities and its importance seem to indicate a major viral breeding facility, or something worse. Since 1200, several attempted perimeter break-ins have been reportedly carried out by protestors and hardline Anti-Assimilationist groups. To date the protests have been peaceful disruption, and the now fully visible defense garrison has been restrained in its actions.

Note that the reference to "Delta" in the first paragraph is to an outpost, not a Research Station of that designation. Imperial Research Station Delta in the Trojan Reach Sector is located on Dostoevsky (Trojan Reach 1118) and involved in underwater research.

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