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Player Characters[edit]

Crew of the Dog-Tag[edit]

Crew of the RSS Makhangam[edit]

Crew of the Phoenix[edit]

Dransfield Family/Dransfield Salvage Employees[edit]


Scavenger, part owner and general manager of Dransfield Salvage.
“The Corsair” – Joined the “Suetulkharrs” under Captain Akfe Oegi as a cook and disappeared in her first (disastrous) boarding action.
The Captain has since been replaced in a crew revolt.
Scavenger, part owner and company secretary of Dransfield Salvage
“The wild one” – has been partnered with several uncles over the years, never married. Works in retail in Startown on Gabrael. Five Children, Two Step-Children of current partner Andyr Miksson. Various other step-children.
Mechanic working in the repair shop. Not got much ambition, never did. Came with Bril when she moved and brought his Son and Daughter.
Junior Engineer working on the powerplant and junior Mechanic in the repair shop. Just learning the trade.
Just finished school. Not sure what she wanted to do next. Became part of the crew of Dog-Tag.
“The Quiet One”. Has an on-off relationship with Delphine Ruie
A merchant’s crewman on the 1000 dTon subsidised merchant “I Think I Can”.
One Child (Penelope) by an unnamed father.
Ex Imperial Navy Engineering Petty Officer – Retired due to an injury received in 1130. MCUF, PH, Combat Ribbonx2.
Runs the Powerplant and Smelter. Has an artificial left arm and significant scarring.
The current face of the business. Main Broker/Dealer. Terrible book-keeper.
One child born 068-1138
Main Wrecker driver and yardman.
Small, Pink, Male.
Married 1119
Office administrator and probable successor to Isillii.
Can’t wait for Hagan to get back when he is away – can’t wait for Hagan to go away when he is back!
“I foresaw that my life would be rubbish and now you have moved to a barbarian planet. I must be one of those illegal psions! It’s all your fault! And my Girlfriend is literally worlds away. You are Aliens and I have no friends. I knew this would happen. I hate you!”
Mellowed slightly after New Year’s party when he was smitten by a Nurse. This was mutual. They moved into Startown
Receptionist at “Startown Walk-In Clinic”, Startown, Gabrael.
Nurse at “Startown Walk-In Clinic”, Startown, Gabrael.
Vaguely and distantly related to the Dukes of Lunion (not that she cares).
Sambuli was on Dry celebrating her 16th birthday in 1132 when she then goes blank. She was still 16, but it was now 1138 and she was in a wrecked ship on Gabrael. 6-Years in Low-Berth!
Moving to Inar Subsector but settled on Giikusu instead
Moving to Inar Subsector but died on-route at Giikusu
Moved to Giikusu with Nyla’s parents.

Non-Family Employees[edit]

  • Ukunna
Aekhu Vargr Accountant/Fixer
Young accounts clerk working in the office with Isillii and Nyla. Came to Gabrael with the business.
  • Rrakthigvou
Aekhu Vargr Late shift junior powerplant technician
  • Llengzourz
Aekhu Vargr Late shift Gate Guard/Reception

Other Personages[edit]

United Followers of Augurgh[edit]


World Government[edit]

World Navy[edit]

  • Captain Jesten - Squadron Commander
  • Commander Sini - Head of Naval Procurement
  • Commander Tsikkueng - Head of Naval Plans
  • Galel Yotayeni - "In Naval Intelligence"

Regency Consulate[edit]

UFA Consulate[edit]

  • Saltkvoghfoell Vazksardonaek - Consul-General. Also acts for Tubb.
  • Rarakthoe Gvagouk - Cypher Clerk
  • Heghe Torini-Yoya - Chief Visas Administrator

Ships Captains (and Crew)[edit]



Khouth Orbital State Museum[edit]



Ougzunghoergue Gerrg[edit]


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