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Description (Character)[edit]

Name Sarah Kinkaid
Species Human
Gender Female
D.O.B. Day: 012 Year: 1104
Homeworld Ikhaba
Residence Khouth
Accumulated Dose (Grays) 0.48
Valid as at Day: 001 Year: 1138
Statistic Value DM
STR 6 +0
DEX 7 +0 (+1)
END 6 +0
INT C +2
EDU 8 +0
SOC 5 -1
Characteristic Value DM
Subjective Age 34 -3
Objective Age 33
Initiative +0
Size Standard +0
Skill DM
Animals +0
Athletics +0
Carouse +0
Computers +0
Deception +1
Drive +0
Investigate +1
Gun Combat +0 (+1)
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) +3 (+4)
Heavy Weapons +0
J-o-T +2
Language(Aekhu) +1
Language(Anglic) +2
Language(Vilani) +1
Leadership +1
Medic +0
Melee +0
Melee (Unarmed) +1
Persuade +1
Profession (Prospector) +0
Recon +1
Recruiting +1
Stealth +1
Streetwise +1
Vacc Suit +1
Weapons Engineer +0
Weapons Engineer (Slug Weapons) +1
Other Value DM
Network(Family) Kinkaid +0
Network(Political) Interstellar +1
Ally Amaa Sigecese
Hacker for the Ida
Rank Corporal (Regency Army) (Discharged)
Rank Field Agent (Ashisha Maakerni)
Award MCUF (Ikhaba 1123)
Award Combat Ribbon (Ikhaba 1123)
Award Combat Ribbon (Khouth 1127)
Award Purple Heart
Criminal Record Breaking and Entering, Khouth 1133
Cover Value DM
Name Sarah O'Toole
Homeworld Khouth
Residence Khouth
Ally Aerroulladaga
Corsair Captain

Character Details[edit]

See panel to right


Sarah Kinkaid (a.k.a. Sarah O'Toole) is an quiet woman of nondescript appearance. Clever but not otherwise outstanding.


Sarah has three elder brothers and neither partner nor offspring. Her brothers are 7, 5 and 1 year older than her.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]

Parents and Legal Guardians[edit]

  • Khikha Alammikhu-Kinkaid
  • Brian Kinkaid

Brian Kinkaid was born on Gabrael and moved to Ikhaba as a Ling Standard Products Administration Clerk. Khikha Alammikhu-Kinkaid was a Nurse from Khouth who moved to Ikhaba as a base nurse on short term contract. They stayed for the rest of their lives.

Early Years[edit]

Ikhaba is not a planet with great gravity and this was reflected in the slim and willowy figure of Sarah. The family was not rich, and never would be on two LSP salaries - they supplemented their income by keeping animals in the yard. As an LSP world, the main language in use was Anglic, but Sarah's mother spoke Vilani about the house and Sarah used to converse with the Aekhu Vargr prospectors picking up their tongue as young children do.

The prevalence of computers about the house meant some familiarity, and driving was obligatory for teenagers wanting to have some freedoms. School was more missed than attended - "Having a good time" and "Panning for Gold" being favoured occupations. He mother ensured a basic ability to patch-up her friends and herself in case of injury.

Military Service[edit]

The uncertainties of the Vargr incursions in Corridor Sector and the expansionist policies of the United Followers of Augurgh in neighbouring systems meant that Sarah had no problems finding a job - Volunteering for the Ikhaban Defence Force on her 18th Birthday. After a year of training, garrison duties and parade duties, a buccaneering group from the Vargr Extents decided to raid the LSP compound on Ikhaba. The raiding forces were eventually seen off by the 61st Fleet and the 444th Imperial Army Tank Regiment, but Sarah was one of the "Brave Defenders" - awarded an MCUF in her hospital bed for her activities in the battalion's Sniper/Recon squad.

After 4 years in the "Colonials" Sarah transferred into the 229th Imperial Army Lift Infantry Regiment ('B' Company, 3rd Battalion), which was deployed in the Khouth Raid of 1127 as backup for the Imperial Marines. She spent much of her time working with the Company Armourer and patrolling the stations and orbitals that form the majority of the habitations of Khouth.

The rapport that she established with the locals on Khouth was noticed by her superiors and she was later recruited into the Ashisha Maakerni, an agency being run by the Deneb Sector's Imperial Army Intelligence department to gather information from the Corridor Sector and to undertake specific acts of mayhem. Placed on Khouth she insinuated her way into the lower echelons of the Dzarrgh Federate's government - she was, at one point, arrested on charges of "Breaking and Entering" and jailed briefly having given the impression of being on the hunt for food, rather than her real mission of looking for names of government double-agents in the Ida.

Other activities in this role are (of course) redacted.


Sarah Kinkaid: Terms of Service
Term Years Service Branch Assignment Duty Notes
Current 1138 Traveller
4 1134/1135/1136/1137 Regency Army Imperial Army Intelligence Ashisha Maakerni Undercover Operations
3 1130/1131/1132/1133 Imperial Army
Regency Army
Imperial Army Intelligence Ashisha Maakerni Liaison to the Ida
2 1126/1127/1128/1129 Imperial Army Infantry 229th Imperial Army Lift Infantry Regiment Seconded to 61st Fleet
1 1122/1123/1124/1125 Ikhaban Defence Force Infantry Ikhaban Defence Battalion
Adolescent 1118/1119/1120/1121 Education Senior High School
Young Adolescent 1114/1115/1116/1117 Education Junior High School
Child 1110/1111/1112/1113 Education Primary School
Young Child 1106/1107/1108/1109 Family Pre-School
Baby 1104/1105 Family Infant

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