444th Imperial Army Tank Regiment

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The 444th Imperial Army Tank Regiment was a Regiment sized unit of the Imperium and was part of the Imperial Army.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Tank Regiment, formed to be space-mobile and available to reinforce local Ground Force Command units in an emergency.

Fully re-equipped after the Fifth Frontier War with Trepida IIB Grav Tanks[1], the unit was one of the more flexible units in the face of various Vargr threats.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Imperial Army[edit]

Deployed in Antra Subsector during the Fifth Frontier War it thus managed to avoid frontline service against the Zhodani Consulate.

In practice, the deployment of the unit tended to mean that any large-scale threat moved elsewhere. The first century-and-a-half of it's existence was relatively quiet -moving from one place things might go wrong to another.

Regency Army[edit]

The 444th Imperial Army Tank Regiment became the 444th Regency Army Armoured Regiment in 1132.

The Regiment was deployed in RQD3 during the Abandonment, supporting the 61st Fleet. The quiet life-ended with the Virus incursions that started in the 1140s and it was heavily engaged in the Antra Pocket War.

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