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The Regency Army serves as the planetary fighting forces for the Regency.

  • Its soldiers deal with actions, battles, and campaigns on or near a planet's surface.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Regency Army is the successor, within the Regency of Deneb for the Imperial Army, and was initially formed from those units of the Imperial Army within the Domain of Deneb in 1132.

Mission (Goals)[edit]

Defence of the Regency

Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

The Regency Army has a defensive strategy combined with aggressive patrols just outside the Quarantine Zone aiming to prevent the establishment of forward bases from which effective attacks could be launched on the Regency. This strategy resulted in such external actions as the Antra Pocket War.

Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

Imperial Army Senior ranks
Imperial Army Logo.jpeg
Senior Army Officer Ranks
O12b » Lord Marshal of the Unified Armies
(Sector Marshal of Core Sector)
O12a » Grand Marshal (Sector Marshal)
O11b » Vice-Marshal (Subsector Marshal)
Field Army Officer Ranks
O0-O11 » [See Specific Force-Command Ranks Tables]

The Regency Army has:

Below this level, the individual branch officers deal with planetary or field armies, or smaller units.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Still internally styling itself as the Imperial Army, the regency Army sees itself as the successor to that earlier institution. It was formed in 1132, by the renaming of the existing units - and expanded by the raising of new units. It's quality was improved where possible, and its metal was tested in numerous incursions by Vampire Fleets.

TO&E (Organization)[edit]

The Imperial Army is divided into three major force commands:

Additionally, individual member worlds maintain their own local defense forces, from which certain regiments are raised and trained to Imperial standards and deployed in order to form the Unified Armies of the Regency:

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This force primarily operates in the following areas:

World Listing[edit]

This force is known to regularly operate within the following systems and worlds:

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