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Imperial Army Senior ranks
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Senior Army Officer Ranks
O12b » Lord Marshal of the Unified Armies
(Sector Marshal of Core Sector)
O12a » Grand Marshal (Sector Marshal)
O11b » Vice-Marshal (Subsector Marshal)
Field Army Officer Ranks
O0-O11 » [See Specific Force-Command Ranks Tables]

The office of Sector Marshal in the Imperial Army is held by a commissioned officer of Grand Marshal (O12) rank that administers all Imperial Army forces in a Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Imperial Army deployed in a given Sector will be administered by the Sector Marshal. This officer holds a substantive rank of Grand Marshal (O12). The office/rank may also be called Sector Grand Marshal.

The office of Sector Marshal is appointed by the Sector Duke - who may be overruled by the Emperor, but rarely is. This office must be held by a Baron, and if the candidate is not a Baron then an appropriate title will be bestowed[1].

The equivalent rank number in the Imperial Navy is Grand Admiral, although the responsibilities of Grand Admiral are generally more senior to those afforded a Sector Marshal. In terms of responsibility, the Sector Marshal is nearer the Imperial Navy's Sector Admiral.

There is no equivalent Imperial Marines rank.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

A "Marshal" was the officer for administering the army. Eventually, more than one "General" (each commanding an Army) was present in the field at one time, and the coordinating officer in overall charge was titled the "Field Marshal". The Imperial Army inherited this rank from the Rule of Man period.

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