Regency Quarantine District 3

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History & Background[edit]

This district was created as part of the general creation of the Regency Frontier

Regency Quarantine District 3 a.k.a. RQD3 runs from the beginning of the frontier in Pretoria Subsector to the border between the Antra and Namidshur Subsector in the three world line of Orenberg (Deneb 2011), Diiski (Deneb 2111), and Mazirbe (Deneb 2210). These worlds are considered to be in both RQD3 and RQD4. This overlap prevents gaps from occurring on the seams between districts where forces on each side assume threats are within the neighbouring district's area of responsibility.

The Regency Quarantine District 3 is defended by 61st Fleet. This fleet was withdrawn from Million Subsector as part of the Abandonment to replace 151st Fleet. The communications vessels that support this fleet are maintained at Gaza (Deneb 1615).

This district was the most heavily attacked during the Quarantine and was supported by the 55th (Deneb Swing) Fleet, 125th Fleet, 315th Fleet and 194th Fleet. The Battle of Ashes (1133-1135) saw many of 61st Fleet's vessels engaged in the Abandonment of Million Subsector (1133-1136) and thus the defence fell primarily on the second line and reserves: 194th and 55th fleets.

The Antra Pocket War (1160 to 1165) saw the 61st Fleet heavily engaged, in a guerrilla against the Puppeteers and Vargr Corsairs based at and around Ostov (Deneb 1905). A lull in the fighting in 1162 gave the 61st the opportunity to reorganise on a lighter-model to re-engage thereafter on a better footing, leading to RQD3 being finally cleared

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