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The 61st Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Million Subsector. until the Abandonment then RQD3

Description (Specifications)[edit]

61st Fleet was an imperial fleet that was responsible for the protection of the Million Subsector. It had naval bases at Arleshanu (Deneb 3005) and Taproban (Deneb 3008) and was supported by an IISS base at Nurara (Deneb 2906). The fleet was responsible for the escort of shipping providing transport for the Abandonment of the Million Subsector between 1133 and 1136 and was, thereafter, based in Antra Subsector as the core defence of RQD3


Third Frontier War (979 to 986) and after[edit]

The 61st Fleet was moved to the Million Subsector from the Vland Sector to protect against potential incursions by the Vargr.


The 61st Fleet was assigned the role of evacuating the population from and slighting the bases in Million Subsector - ending with a move into the defensive role in RQD3.

Era: New Era[edit]

61st Fleet is responsible for the defence of the RQD3 border region and (after 1202) for patrolling beyond it, including into its old base territory of Million Subsector

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

No information yet available.

Era: New Era[edit]

61st Fleet works closely with the Regency Quarantine Service (RQS). Where the RQS is responsible for identifying and intercepting shipping entering the border region of Regency Quarantine District 3, 61st Fleet is responsible for stopping any shipping that ignores the RQS instructions and destroying any Virus infected vessels found.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Third Frontier War to formation of United Followers of Augurgh[edit]

Taproban, Fel and Aerfor were fighting an undeclared trade war at the time and this continued for the next 150 years or so. No one gained the upper hand, and provided the losses were kept to a minimum, the 61st Fleet could remain on the side-lines.

Formation of the United Followers of Augurgh[edit]

The creation of the United Followers of Augurgh was encouraged by the 61st Fleet to balance the larger and more aggressive Dzarrgh Federate also forming at this time. It also cemented the status of Aerfor as an Imperial Client State and ally of Taproban.

Era: Rebellion and Abandonment[edit]

The Rebellion saw the neighbouring Khouth Subsector abandoned by the Imperial Navy and a major offensive by the Dzarrgh Federate and Irrgh Manifest to fill the gap. Having too few resources (and not permitted politically) to try and police the neighbouring subsector, the fleet did launch a number of raids into Corridor Sector destroying some of the critical infrastructure supporting the Corsairs that raided into Deneb Sector. e.g. A pre-emptive strike was enacted upon a radioactive mineral mining/processing facility at Gzorraeth (Corridor 0701) by a squadron of close escorts from 61st Fleet. One of the early raids (1119) saw the fleet clash with the Restored Ziru Sirka's squadrons and this ended any hope of a joint effort between the two groups.

Fortunately, the United Followers of Augurgh remained relatively neutral. 61st Fleet's greatest contribution was to regulate the flood of refugees leaving Corridor Sector and to prevent the levels of exploitation and murder seen in those fleeing to the Atsah Subsector.

With the creation of the Regency, the 61st Fleet becomes known as 61st (Ericsson's Rocs) Fleet, named after the starmerc squadron of its early Collapse period commander, Admiral Arabella von Ericsson. She was a Fifth Frontier War veteran and hero. Ericsson commanded a starmerc organization of the same name during the Civil War period, that was inducted into the 61st and became a nucleus of resistance against Virus intrusion from the Vargr Extents.

The evacuation of the Million Subsector was planned from 1132 and executed between 1133 and 1137. The final evacuations occurred at the end of that year. Thereafter, a tenuous contact was maintained with the subsector until the Rape of Trin and the Siege of Corfinium announced the real onslaught into Regency space. They became the stalwarts of the line after the fall of he United Followers of Augurgh in 1143.

Battle of Ashes[edit]

The fleet was peripherally involved in the Battle of Ashes (1133 to 1135) against the Assemblage of 1116. Most units were, however, committed to the Abandonment at the time.

Era: Dreamtime[edit]

The Fleet was key to the Antra Pocket War.

Era: New Era[edit]

The fleet's length of continuous service is one of the longest in the Regency, having faced Vargr during the entire Civil War period, and then fighting a mixture of Vargr Corsairs and Vampire Fleets during the Dreamtime. And because of the variety of enemies it has had to face, its casualty rate is the highest in the Regency Navy.

Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]

Representative Equipment & Classes[edit]

The following sub-units form this fleet:

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This fleet can be primarily found in the following areas:

Headquarters Data[edit]

The following mainworlds is the primary headquarters of this fleet:


World Listing: 1105[edit]

This fleet often patrols the following systems and worlds:

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