Arabella von Ericsson

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Fleet Admiral: von Ericsson
Fleet Admiral of 61st Fleet
Born 1060
Ascended 1133
Died n/a
Preceeded by TBC
Succeeded by TBC
Baron: von Ericsson
Baron of Delcambre in Vincennes
Born 1060
Ascended 1110
Died n/a
Preceeded by None
Succeeded by TBC

Baron of Delcambre in Vincennes
Fleet Admiral, IN (Retd.)

Description (Character)[edit]

Arabella von Ericsson is one of the outstanding characters of the late Imperium and early Regency in the Domain of Deneb having excelled in her roles in the Imperial and Regency Navies.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]

Arabella von Ericsson has a Sword-Worlds lineage steeped in family military tradition. Her ancestors moved to Jewell in 848. Her father, Sir Richard Ericsson joined the IN and was knighted in the Fourth Frontier War for his actions in combat.

She Graduated the Imperial Naval Academy in 1082 and by the Fifth Frontier War was a Commodore of a Cruiser Squadron in 212th Fleet (The squadron being later known as the Avenging Rocs) in a detachment under Admiral Elphinstone. In major actions at Heya and in detached operations hunting down Vargr stragglers, Commodore von Ericsson displayed 'both outstanding tactical finesse and courage under fire'. She was awarded the MCG and promoted to Fleet Admiral by Duke [[Norris Aella Aledon|Noris] of Regina - and granted her the fief of Delcambre on Vincennes with the title of Baroness. He also employed her as his Naval Attaché.

In early 1113 she announced her retirement and founded the Rocs Talons, a mercenary squadron.

Arabella is married to Garmukir Kugaii. He was Elphinstone's Fleet Logistics Officer during the Fifth Frontier War and, later, the chief logistics officer of the Rocs Talons.

Arabella is noted as having hobbies of Ja-kaat, Target Shooting with Handguns and collecting Vargr and Zhodani art. "The baroness also has a life-long interest in the history of the Third Imperium and the career of the Empress Arbellatra in particular, viewing her as a role model for all female naval officers."

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