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The Between the Cracks campaign is based in the Million Subsector and starts on 001-1138.

This page gives a political overview/summary as at 001-1138.


Million Subsector - 1138
Khouth Subsector - 1138

Campaign Timeline[edit]

See Timeline

Summary of Historical World Politics, Million Subsector[edit]

IY 1116 IY 1120 IY1136 IY1137
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Abandoned Worlds[edit]


Abandoned and slighted, the former fortress of Arleshanu was used by some of the more unscrupulous doom-mongers to dump refugees from Khouth Cluster having accepted payment to further afield. Their belongings were mostly robbed as well. A few tools were supplied and trade of fuel/food for equipment kept the entire lot from dying off, but life here is harsh in the extreme.


After 1136, the Seneschal to the Knight of Gabrael became the de-facto head of state and motivated the "remainers" to organise a defence against the oncoming Virus. For campaign specific data see Gabrael.


After 1136, the world was uninhabited until the Aegzagangnthoegngvang moved in and set up in the old mines. For campaign specific data see Hammand.


After 1133 Ling Standard Products had withdrawn from the world, and by 1136 the navy had withdrawn those of the population that wished to leave. Also from 1136 the United Followers of Augurgh started shipping refugees from Khouth and other worlds in the Khouth Cluster to Ikhaba as a world on which those refugees could prosper without starving. Those who had assets to keep going, generally did. Those who's assets had run out or been stolen were dumped here to work or starve. For campaign specific data see Ikhaba


The Imperial Navy removed much of the Human population by 1136, but the Vargr were assured by representatives of the Federate and United Followers of Augurgh that they would be looked after. This transpired to mean that the Vargr from the Aegzagangnthoegngvang took the top jobs, the Vargr who had stayed took the middle roles, and the Humans got to work for them. Their role was made easier by the Aegzagangnthoegngvang importing "Involuntary Colonists" from Ian Subsector or the Khouth Cluster as workers at the lowest levels. For campaign specific data see Wyn


After 1136 not even the Aegzagangnthoegngvang were interested in this world.


After 1136 not even the Aegzagangnthoegngvang were interested in this world.


Represented in person by 61st Fleet or 125th Fleet patrols.

The Regency pulled out of the Million Subsector between 1132 and 1136. They were unable to remove all of their residents as a number refused to go, but they have really cut down on the interstellar transport and support available on their former worlds. (See Million Shipping)

The main remaining populations are on Gabrael and Ikhaba.

The Lurent from Borlund run huge planetoid ships and have not yet abandoned the subsector. They are one of the more humane ways of escaping from the Khouth Cluster.

Antra Subsector[edit]

The Duchy of Antra has been almost entirely abandoned, with the exception of the capital - which is part of the front-line against Virus - should it arrive. The Vargr worlds are a mess after the Assemblage of 1116's spectacular efforts and the 61st Fleet's vengeance. The client state at Tchien is struggling with the main Imperial Naval Base closed and traffic to the Regency and Assemblage of 1116 collapsing - Only the efforts of the United Followers of Augurgh are keeping it afloat.

61st Fleet[edit]

Trying to face three ways at once makes this a tricky posting. Not a lot of resources to deploy into Million Subsector. Units of interest include:


Still trying to put together a watertight defence. No interest in Million Subsector.


Exploration isn't permitted; Mapping could be the greatest challenge of the generation but the ships have all been assigned to aiding the RQS. Courier service is parred to the bone but at least it has spare vessels given the Abandonment. The base at Nurara has been closed, and some of the ships from there were formed into a squadron to support 61st Fleet - Scout Squadron 612.

Regency Army[edit]

There are no Regular Regency Army units left in Million Subsector, but there are still some Colonial units that haven't withdrawn: Gabrael has even added a new battalion. Ikhaba's one battalion has been whittled away and the new colonists have brought in their own soldiers that aren't tied to the Regency. Wyn and Hammand are (effectively) occupied - as is Tensas.

The Regency Army has some irregular units left - but these are falling into disarray due to lack of ships. The Ida on Khouth and the ZGE on Serk are home-grown resistance groups that the Ashisha Maakerni covert operations group (if it existed) could have been been supporting from a base in the United Followers of Augurgh. The major Regular Regency Army base for Million Subsector is at Corfinium - and that would be withdrawing if it weren't under siege.


The Nobles of the Million Subsector have all been recalled. Some have been given Government Posts within the Regency; some have taken up charity work; some are charity cases; some are dead. None are happy. It isn't clear that anyone cares though.

United Followers of Augurgh[edit]

Led by Augurgh.

This state reacted to the Rebellion by declaring that it was still a friend to the Imperium - and grabbing every bordering (non-Imperial) world it could. It is supporting the Dzarrgh Federate at Aerfor and its Corsairs have been seen in Khouth, Ian and Atsah Subsectors operating under Dzarrgh Federate Letters of Marque. It appears to be having trouble digesting 495-524.


This world is keeping its head down and not provoking the UFA

Dzarrgh Federate[edit]


The main centres of command for Federate forces are in neighbouring Khouth Subsector. They have gone to war with the Irrgh Manifest in the last year and are now operating independently of the Federate capital as the route back there has been cut. They are also skirmishing with the Duchy of Atsah in the Atsah Subsector.


Previously a client state of the Imperium and supporting a Research Station, this is now being looted by the Dzarrgh Federate and has hired in Mercenary units from the United Followers of Augurgh to provide additional security.


A Federate backworld used for supplying cannon fodder.


Completely abandoned: the 61st Fleet managed to spirit the entire population away under the noses of the Dzarrgh Federate!


World with the second largest population that has been captured by the Federate. Was the Subsector Capital for the Khouth Subsector. For campaign specific data see Khouth.


World with the largest population that has been captured by the Federate. For campaign specific data see Mikesh.


A splinter group from the Dzarrgh Federate operating from Wyn and Hammand. Under the command of Captain Avors Outuerzkhofug.

Third Imperium[edit]


The Imperium is gone...but its remnants remain under the surface at many points. It is still the source of Refugees for the Regency, UFA and Million Subsector in general and the Technology that remains is being used by anyone who can get at it.

Duchy of Atsah[edit]

The Duchy of Atsah fought against the Dzarrgh Federate until almost overwhelmed - and then got stabbed in the back by the Regency who "Demilitarised" them. While the Regency still maintains a base at Corfinium, they are trying to disengage - and would have done by now if the Federate had not attacked.

Historically, the Duchy of Atsah has worked closely with Million Subsector, but now it hasn't the forces to do so.

Duchy of Khouth[edit]

Destroyed in 1119 when the Corridor Fleet abandoned the Corridor Sector, but the citizens are still there, trying desperately to get to the Regency. There is a significant flow from Khouth to various worlds - a flow that the United Followers of Augurgh prey upon at every turn.

Irrgh Manifest[edit]

This is the other side of the Dzarrgh Federate and hard to find info about at the moment! It seems they have managed to mislay the population of Taratun somehow, and that on Tsetsurri is fighting a nuclear war! And they are at war with the Federate - or something.

Assemblage of 1116[edit]

This group blew itself up in the Battle of Ashes - all that is left is a series of cut-off governments and individual ships looking for bases.


An independent Vargr world keeping quiet. Very good at Biotech.


See Million Shipping

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