Duchy of Khouth

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Imperial Duchy in the Corridor Sector

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This Duchy of Khouth was incorporated into the Imperium in 5 but at that time, the duchy included only two counties (the County of Khouth and the County of Mikesh) both in the Khouth Cluster.

Part of the Domain of Vland

Perquisites of the Duchy of Khouth included:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Subsector Duke Listing: 1116[edit]

The following subsector dukes have administered this duchy throughout the history of the Third Imperium:

Year Regnal Number Name Notes
1st Creation
5 1st Duke TBD
TBD 2nd Duke TBD
TBD 3rd Duke TBD
TBD 4th Duke TBD Family killed 378 precipitating invasion of Serk
2nd Creation
380 1st Duke TBD
TBD 2nd Duke TBD No Offspring
3rd Creation
473 1st Duke TBD
TBD 2nd Duke TBD
TBD 3rd Duke TBD
TBD 4th Duke TBD
TBD 5th Duke TBD
TBD 6th Duke TBD
TBD 7th Duke TBD
TBD 8th Duke TBD
TBD 9th Duke TBD
TBD 10th Duke TBD
4th Creation
990 1st Duke TBD
TBD 2nd Duke TBD
TBD 3rd Duke TBD
TBD 4th Duke TBD Duchy overrun 1117
1131 5th Duke TBD Duchy dissolved 1132

Worlds & Cosmology (Astrography)[edit]

Structure in 1105[edit]

Duchy of Khouth

County of Khouth

County of Mikesh

Viscounty of Dry

Viscounty of Overlook

Viscounty of Serk

n.b. The Landed Knights are all of the Order of Vland except those of the Khouth Cluster that have survived since before 76 and those Vargr who have been elevated who are, instead, of the Order of Gvadakoung.

Changes to the Duchy over time[edit]

Formation of First Duchy[edit]

5: Duchy formed to include the two counties in the Khouth Cluster

As a result of the Vargr Campaigns[edit]

268: Koergfoes annexed to the Duchy
328: Overlook annexed to the Duchy
348: Tersta annexed to the Duchy
350: Vicounty of Overlook established.

As a result of the Invasion of Serk[edit]

379: Gase A invaded, renamed as Serk, interdicted and incorporated into the Imperium administered by the Duchy of Khouth.
480: Serk interdiction lifted, and made a Viscounty under the Duchy of Khouth.


The Duchy of Khouth was split between the Dzarrgh Federate and the Irrgh Manifest in the Vargr invasion of 1117 to 1118 The Duchy of Khouth effectively dissolved in 1132.

Subsector Capital/s: 1116[edit]

The capital (subsector capital) of this duchy is:

Subsector Listing[edit]

This domain encompasses locations from the following subsectors:

World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within the Khouth Subsector:

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