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Year Days Background Hagan John Sarah
1138 001 Imperial Holiday The morning after the night before It starts badly with John hanging from his safety restraints in a crashed ship with no power!

Two nearby settlements identified - a mysterious "Station 42" (marked on map but invisible) or a small settlement, not on the map but working fields.
Scout Team sent to "Station 42".

Sarah receives orders to investigate the attack at Caulin's Belt
1138 002-008 Darklight Wanderer's Shareholders meeting
Imperial Starship tickets can no longer be accepted by the ship
Seneschal proposes buying the ship
Darklight Wanderer and Gabrael Star form a partnership
Review of the status of the Dog-Tag
  • Advertising for Crew
    • Karin volunteers
    • Tantars applies

Nyla (wife) & Family head to outback for weekend while Hagan works

And "Station 42" has been abandoned.

A Droyne is spotted riding towards the ship and John Drake is invited to their local settlement.
After a long talk and a few tests, the Droyne confirm that John is not the biological offspring of those he knows of as his parents, but something all together more complex.
John is offered to opportunity to trigger that heritage, or ignore it.

Sarah and Amaa seek employment in any role that will get travel to Mikesh

Sarah lands a role; Amaa looks for papers so their weapons can accompany them
And off to Mikesh on the Victory Line

1138 009 Hagan flies out to the outback in the yard's wrecker
  • Nyla and Parents rescued from a pack of porcupine like creatures (Tynet’s Quiller) that moved into their air-car!
    • Sunray (Father) injured.
    • General rescue effected and Sunray delivered to Hospital
John Defends RSS Makhangam against saboteurs
RSS Makhangam moved to city
Current Time
1138 010-015 Raiders attack Gabrael System in high-speed flypast Heavy re-commissioning work on Dog-Tag
Otto applies for a job.
RSS Makhangam repaired:
Interlude to visit a crash site and save sheep
1138 016-022 Iilii Gurga interviews Hagan
Emmylou appears looking for a job
Gill applies for a job
(Other applicants, all rejected)
Sunray comes up with a get-rich-quick scheme
Interview with Gabrael's "Navy"
Argument with Nyla about priorities!
1138 023-029 Defence Alert as ships again enter the system
  • Minor Planet of Kaesgus is initially attacked, not the mainworld
The crew spot that the ship is under observation by two separate groups
Hagan throws a "Ship Commissioning" party
  • Hagan first meets Corbus' (Son's) Girlfriend (Pixie)

Defence Alert as ships again enter the system

  • Geurilla strike against Dog-Tag foiled by Gabrael's "police" (probably their special forces)
    • Ship relocated to the weekend vacation spot
  • Raid on Gabrael sees one attacker shot-down near the Dog-Tag's position.
1138 030-036 Manhunt for Infiltrators on Gabrael
Dog-Tag hired as transport for prisoner swap to be mediated by the Lurent at the refuelling station.
1138 037-043 Captain Avors Outuerzkhofug kidnaps distinguished individuals from Kaesgus Prisoner swap goes south due to unexpected intervention of a Regency ship carrying Hagan's arch-rival.
Aegzagangnthoegngvang attempts to force the issue results in damage to almost everyone except Dog-Tag
Inconclusive result and Aegzagangnthoegngvang leave system
Dog-Tag heads to Kaesgus to help.
1138 044-050 Mail arrives from Regency Nyla's father has died on Giikusu.
Plan to head to Hammand to salvage solar collectors in company with "Revelation"
1138 051-057 On Gabrael, news of the failed prisoner-swap has leaked "Revelation" sweeps up all the free cargo at Hammand and threatens to leave
They agree to support Hagans Salvage run
  • The panels aren't abandoned
    • The Government are running a Power Generation/Air monopoly
    • They aren't happy with the panels being outside of their control and attempt to capture all involved
    • Dog-Tag flees planet with "Revelation"
1138 058-064 Information collected at Hammand

Arriving at Gabrael, Dog-Tag is contacted by another ship (Darklight Wanderer) which was fired at near Wyn.
Nyla persuades Hagan that the best thing to do for one of the refugees is to Adopt her...and thus the admin starts!

1138 065-071 Karin and Sambuli discover a remote-deployed multiple barrelled rocket launcher on some waste-ground - aimed at the venue for a conference of ships captains to which Hagan is invited.
  • It is removed by the police and army
1138 072-078 Meeting of independent ships captains
  • Venue moved at last minute for security reasons
  • Geurillas destroy rail line to/from Starport

Car Bomb at Nyla's (wife's) house explodes prematurely injuring many Hagan attends the Captains Conference regardless

  • Ambush on starport road kills one senior captain (and others) - Dog-Tag crew escape with injuries.
1138 079-085 Major convoy to United Followers of Augurgh agreed Dog-Tag joins convoy as scout.
Uneventful jump to Nurara
Wilderness Refuelling
1138 086-092 The Dzarrgh Federate and Irrgh Manifest appear to have gone to war
Numerous naval skirmishes have eroded the Dzarrgh Federate's Fleet
The United Followers of Augurgh are repairing Dzarrgh Federate ships at Fel
Uneventful jump to Fel
1138 093-099 The United Followers of Augurgh and Dzarrgh Federate have reached some agreement over the defence of Aerfor.
United Followers of Augurgh mercenaries seen in some numbers
Uneventful jump to Aerfor
1138 100-106 Uneventful jump to Khouth
  • Hagan meets an old comrade at the museum
    • The old mate wants a place on Hagans ship for himself and his family
    • He will pay in loot from the Museum..."Everyone's looting it There hardly anything with intrinsic value left"..."but I've got some inside knowledge"
  • Failed coup attempt. The Vargr on the Dog-Tag suspect that it will be the first of many.
  • Hagan declines robot-sabotage job after contact by unknown human protagonist
1138 107-113 Uneventful jump to Aerfor.
1138 114-120 UFA has instituted new security protocols at Aerfor
  • Dog-Tag held pending confirmation of no Viral infection
  • While there, the UFA blows up a (Vargr) ship that failed to stop with a new very heavy warship and some Dzarrgh Federate SDBs.
1138 121-127 Uneventful jump to Fel.
1138 128-134 UFA Government has pre-empted all yard space
  • Only vessels sponsored by the UFA will be accepted by the yards
  • Dog-Tag held pending confirmation of no Viral infection.
    • These new procedures will slow trade
  • There are less Dzarrgh Federate ships at Fel awaiting repair.
  • Dog-Tag scheduled to enter yard for minor fix to Jump-Grid starting 132-1138
    • After a week of unsuccessful efforts to get work scheduled, the crew abandon the attempt and seeks cargo for Aerfor and Passengers for Khouth
    • Otto gets wasted and into a fight - He's (unofficially) deported by the UFA police.
1138 135-141 Uneventful jump to Khouth
1138 142-148 Turnover at Khouth
  • Refuel and find cargo/passengers for Tersta
  • Search for information on Tersta
    • Ksaez, a Vargr Corsair that has been in Tersta recently, is found and questioned.
  • Depart for Tersta
1138 149-155 Uneventful jump to Tersta
1138 156-162 Arrive at Tersta
  • Unload passengers and cargo at spaceport
  • Search for crashed Scout, the location of which is known only to Hagan "FUBAR" Dransfield
    • Wreckage found at expected location, spread over several square kilometres
    • Computer Cores and other salvage retrieved
  • Chased off-world by INS Zigimarku Gi and an unidentified Scout Ship
    • Forced to jump at 10 Planetary Diameters to avoid incoming missile salvoes
1138 163-169 7-Days in jump exiting 13 minutes before expectation 92,000,000,000km from the planned target.
1138 170-176 In-Transit to inner system
1138 177-183 In-Transit to inner system
1138 184-190 In-Transit to inner system
1138 191-197 In-Transit to inner system
1138 198-204 In-Transit to inner system. Arrives Khouth 201-1138
1138 205-211 Quarantine
Planning and execution of Vacc Suit Recovery Heist
1138 212-218 In Transit to Aerfor
1138 219-225 In Transit to Fel
1138 226-232 Layover at Fel
1138 233-239 In Transit to Nurara
1138 240-246 In Transit to Gabrael
1138 240-246 Arrival at Gabrael
Current Date

Restart after hiatus

Year Day John and Hagan
1138 261 Summons to the Defence Ministry