Massilia Sector

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Massilia Sector
Zarushagar Core Delphi
Massilia style="width: 250px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px black;"
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Kerr Arar Khisham Zalucha
Keum Vaait Forquee Palasha
Ten Suns Shiwonee Nes'Vra Tooka
Annari Shokee Shimmer Oreo
Sector Data
No. of Worlds 516
Population 1,028,908 million
Majority Control Third Imperium - 100%
Domain Domain of Sylea
Capital Keum
Gross Sector Product BCr10,342,390
Trade Volume BCr209,782
Imperial Coordinate 0 / -1
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Massilia Sector is old and well-established with a heavy Terran influence in its many indigenous cultures.
  • This is a rich trade sector with a large population and a several-thousand year record of civilization.

Meta-History & Background[edit]

Massilia Sector was originally designed by Marc W. Miller and appears in the Classic Traveller Atlas of the Imperium (GDW, 1984).

  1. In 1982, Classic Traveller Library Data (N-Z) was published.
  2. In 1984, Classic Traveller Atlas of the Imperium was published.
  3. In 1986, Classic Traveller Solomani (Alien Module) was published.
  4. In 1989, the periodical The Travellers' Digest 11 was published.
  5. In 1990, MegaTraveller Alien - Vilani & Vargr was published.
  6. In 1990, MegaTraveller Knightfall was published.
  7. In 1993, TNE Traveller:The New Era (book) was published.
  8. In 1996, T4 First Survey was published.
  9. In 2012, Mongoose Traveller: Solomani was published.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

While the sector is not rich in native NILs, it does have a very powerful Minor Human Race, the Geonee in it, who have long been an independent and technologically advanced culture.

  • They have been quarreling with every other human race that has come through the sector for millennia and despite biological facts on the books, insist that they are a different species than other branches of Humaniti.
  • The politics of the Geonee are always at the front of Massilia and any conqueror needs to heed their court, so to speak.

Toponyms: 1105[edit]

This sector has been known by different names to different groups over its existence including the following:

Massilia Sector Names
Culture Toponym Polity
Third Imperium Massilia Third Imperium
Aslan Massila Aslan Hierate
Droyne Unknown Droyne Oytrip Yatroy
Hiver Massilia Hive Federation
K'kree Unknown Two Thousand Worlds
Solomani Massilia Solomani Confederation
Vargr Massila Vargr Extents
Vilani Masilaa Third Imperium
Zhodani Massilia Zhodani Consulate

Linguistic Topography: 1105[edit]

The following languages are among the most commonly used within this astrographic region:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Empires come and go, but the Geonee remain.

  • Their culture is built upon many secrets, much deliberate caution, some say paranoia, and a rock solid belief in their own abilities.
  • Many wonder at the apparent ease with which the Geonee deal with the enigmatic Droyne and Chirper worlds. There is a secret waiting to be unraveled in that simple fact.
  • Many petitions for an Autonomous Geonee Zone have yet to be granted. There is a story under the surface of those facts as well.
  • Many forget about the other Minor Human Race in the sector, the Kaggushus, who keep a low profile, seemingly intentionally.
  • Massilia is largely a culturally monolithic sector, whom many have settled in, and yet never really looked under the surface.

Native Sophonts: 1105[edit]

The following races (sophont species) are believed to have originated within this area:

Demographics: 1105[edit]

Significant populations of the following races (sophont species) reside within this sector:

Historical Eras[edit]

General Overview: No information yet available.

History-Era: Mileu 1100[edit]

Technological progress has been rapid on most planets, and regression to pre-industrial levels is non-existent.

Thus, virtually any world can trade for highly advanced items such as:

  • The first artificially intelligent robots,
  • Global terraforming equipment,
  • Pocket holovideo recorders, and...
  • Neural stun weapons.

These last are becoming favorite police weapons on high-tech worlds, since they allow capture without injury and can be safely used even in hostage situations.

  • Some of these items are terribly expensive, but this is no deterrent to large shipping corporations cutting deals.
  • Buyers elsewhere will pay even higher prices for the best merchandise.

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this sector:

Politics & Diplomacy (Interstellar Relations)[edit]

Before the Vilani arrived, the area was a jungle of minor states that somehow largely got along with each other. The Droyne of those early days were far more outgoing and once ran a wide-ranging trade network, before the Ziru Sirka destroyed what once was and replaced it with the Bureaux system.

  • Trade and diplomatic relations never quire returned to those earlier, more idyllic days. Now powers came and went, the area survived the Long Night, and generally grew more distant.
  • Some of these ancient records describe all sorts of things that no longer openly exist, a plethora of alien civilizations with many NILs, vast numbers or surviving Ancients facilities, and a number of other legends...
  • Who knows if these stories contain any truth?
  • Whatever may be, the surviving polities of the region all remain wary of conquerors and many Geonee, on one hand, are loyal Imperialists with long, loyal records, while, at the same time, the Geonee have never hidden their open dissent to the heavy hand of the Third Imperium.

Polity Listing: 1105[edit]

The following polities can be found within this sector:

Polity Descriptions: 1105[edit]

Here are several synopses of the polities found in this sector:

  1. Alleg: ImDc: "Third Imperium, Domain of Sylea"

Imperial Territory: 1105[edit]

This is an Imperial core sector.

  • 100.00% is controlled by the Third Imperium.
  • 0.00% is controlled by non-Imperial powers.

Duchies & Districts: 1105[edit]

Trade Routes (Economic Astrography)[edit]

The area is a rich trade zone with many high technology markets. It is rare that a far trader cannot unload a cargo bay in this sector.

Mains, Branches & Arms[edit]

Clusters & Traces[edit]

The following clusters and/or traces (in whole or in part) are found in this sector:

Rifts, Voids & Jump Bridges[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Other Astrographic Features[edit]

Worlds, Systems & Sectors (Political Astrography)[edit]


This is an area of average to high stellar density and a high incidence of planetoid belts. Some have speculated that those belts are the remnants of worlds destroyed by the Ancients in the Final War.

Capital/s: 1105[edit]

The capital or capitals of this area is/are located at:

Sector Summary: 1105[edit]

The Massilia sector has 516 worlds, of which 451 have native gas giants. The estimated population for the sector is 776 billion sophonts (not necessarily humans). There are 48 High population (Hi) worlds, 52 Moderate population (Ph) worlds, 239 Non-industrial (Ni) worlds, 128 Low population (Lo) worlds, and no Barren (Ba) worlds. There are 74 Agricultural (Ag) worlds versus 43 Pre-Agricultural (Pa) worlds, and 74 Non-Agricultural (Na) worlds. There are 33 Rich (Ri) worlds versus 24 Industrial (In) worlds. There are 11 Asteroid (As) belts, one Desert (De) world, 24 Garden (Ga) worlds, no Ice-capped (Ic) worlds, 65 Poor (Po) worlds, 100 Vacuum (Va) worlds, and 28 Water (Wa) or Ocean (Oc) worlds. There are 92 Naval bases in the sector, 50 Scout bases, and five Way stations. In Massilia there are five race homeworlds. The Imperial nobility includes 515 Knights, 63 Baronets, 94 Barons, 66 Marquises, 52 Viscounts, 47 Counts, 13 Dukes, and 16 Subsector Dukes. The highest population worlds are Kaggushus (Massilia 0402), Wynd (Massilia 2407), and Forquee (Massilia 1719). The highest tech level is F at Kaggushus (Massilia 0402), Ticularosta (Massilia 0508), Arar (Massilia 1104), Suttas Belts (Massilia 1601), Khisham (Massilia 1910), and Germer (Massilia 2004). The average technology level is 11 (with most between 8 and 13).

Polity Listing[edit]

The Third Imperium, Domain of Sylea in Massilia has jurisdiction over all of the worlds.

Sector Summary-Era: Milieu 0[edit]

This sector has 516 worlds, of which 455 have native gas giants. The estimated population for the sector is 1592 billion sapients (not necessarily humans). There are 37 Agricultural (Ag) worlds versus 47 Non-Agricultural (Na) worlds. There are 84 Non-Industrial (Ni) Worlds versus 18 Industrial (In) worlds. There are 16 Rich (Ri) worlds versus 63 Poor (Po) worlds. There are 27 Water Worlds (Wa), no Ice-Capped Worlds (Ic), 9 Desert worlds (De), and 102 Vacuum (Va) worlds. There are 36 High Population (Hi) worlds versus 218 Low Population (Lo) worlds. There are 11 Asteroid Belts (As) in the subsector. There are 109 Barren (Ba) worlds. The highest population world in the sector is Shig (Massilia 0510). The average tech level in the sector is 8 (most lie between 6 and 11).

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this area:

199 of 522 world articles for the Massilia Sector
Aaugkhuur  •  Aarze  •  Abarre  •  Adep 5  •  Aderveen  •  Albion (Ma 0123)  •  Alla'mar  •  Amanita  •  Amaya  •  Ambriana  •  Ample  •  Amulric  •  Anamoni  •  Anbock  •  Annari  •  Anniga  •  Appomma  •  Ar Chaa  •  Aram  •  Arar  •  Arilla  •  Ariman  •  Arineau  •  Arka (Ma 1940)  •  Arlur  •  Ashavakuna  •  Athay  •  Athoff  •  Atina  •  Avarro  •  Ayarra  •  Aymon  •  Baetrin  •  Bakerian  •  Balfour  •  Barden  •  Barony  •  Basolus  •  Bathy  •  Baughallum  •  Beeson  •  Beoff  •  Bern (Ma 2130)  •  Besholm  •  Biloxi  •  Binsarah  •  Bisks Planet  •  Blaser  •  Block  •  Bloom  •  Braemere  •  Broo  •  Bruy  •  Capson  •  Ccoman  •  Chaeolimin  •  Chamati  •  Charted  •  Cheresa  •  Chigan Taal  •  Cinthy  •  Clausen  •  Cleves  •  Clu  •  Cluseret  •  Conlyte  •  Cordell  •  Coxe  •  Cragun 3  •  Crater (Ma 0440)  •  Crian  •  Cronin  •  Cronsis  •  Crussel  •  Cusgrove  •  Daho (Ma 0513)  •  Daiid  •  Dailra  •  Dalken  •  Dalphta Three  •  Dalsam  •  Dalsgaard  •  Damber  •  Damz  •  Danmer  •  Danmoire  •  Datrumna  •  Daven  •  Dax (Ma 0436)  •  Death  •  Deeber  •  Depot (Ma 0301)  •  Devan  •  Deward  •  Dezik  •  Dirac (Ma 0330)  •  Doane  •  Dobaran  •  Dodda Vis  •  Doenye  •  Dolenar  •  Domy  •  Double  •  Drayton  •  Dreva  •  Droyna Four  •  Dubleen  •  Dumeras  •  Dyglen  •  Earthstone  •  Ektorr  •  Elan  •  Elemza  •  Emsingale  •  Enbrie  •  Engorr  •  Enid  •  Enrique  •  Enriter  •  Epel  •  Epmeyer  •  Ergo (Ma 0314)  •  Erro  •  Ershur (Ma 0504)  •  Essin  •  Esten  •  Euclid  •  Euteneier  •  Far Trinity  •  Feiths  •  Ferring  •  Ferron  •  Filliagi  •  Firman  •  Flassen  •  Floting  •  Forever  •  Forquee  •  Fournier  •  Freelund  •  Friton  •  Gabe  •  Gaff  •  Galus  •  Gankhaka  •  Garency  •  Gasha  •  Gelornamite  •  Germer  •  Gernice  •  Giirsha  •  Gilafil  •  Gilkla  •  Glerum  •  Gober  •  Goematt  •  Goglus  •  Goiri  •  Goldazax  •  Golden Ring  •  Gowandon  •  Granporr  •  Griku  •  Groves  •  Grund  •  Gurd  •  Gurvin  •  Gusson  •  H'rachovina  •  Haamish  •  Hadie  •  Haela  •  Halfway  •  Hallinsa  •  Hamagami  •  Hasaggan  •  Haterbur  •  Hermes Station  •  Hervey  •  Herzog  •  Hexum  •  Hezeltine  •  Hiponee  •  Honatty  •  Hunberri  •  Huon  •  Iggarir  •  Imaean  •  Inarim  •  Independent  •  Inger  •  Ioannides  •  Irlu (Ma 2008)  •  Ishdaga  •  Jacat  •  Jade (Ma 1634)  •  Jaspa  •  Jenina  •  Jobi  •  
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Subsector Listing: 1105[edit]

The following subsectors can be found within this sector:

  1. Subsector A: Kerr Subsector
  2. Subsector B: Arar Subsector
  3. Subsector C: Khisham Subsector
  4. Subsector D: Zalucha Subsector
  5. Subsector E: Keum Subsector
  6. Subsector F: Vaait Subsector
  7. Subsector G: Forquee Subsector
  8. Subsector H: Palasha Subsector
  9. Subsector I: Ten Suns Subsector
  10. Subsector J: Shiwonee Subsector
  11. Subsector K: Nes'Vra Subsector
  12. Subsector L: Tooka Subsector
  13. Subsector M: Annari Subsector
  14. Subsector N: Shokee Subsector
  15. Subsector O: Shimmer Subsector
  16. Subsector P: Oreo Subsector

Territorial Overview: 1105[edit]

No information yet available.

Territorial Chart Key[edit]

No information yet available.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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