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A starship is a spacecraft equipped with a jump drive, essentially allowing it to travel at (roughly) 150 times the speed of light (or faster). Please note that very early (STL) spacecraft did not employ FTL drives. Due to the greatly enhanced travel speed of the jump drive, sophont species with the technology will use it.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Starships are designed to carry people from one star system to another, for the purposes of exploration, survey, trade, patrol, raiding, tracking, information gathering, conquest... in a word, adventure. Typically, starships have a large percentage of their volume dedicated to fuel, because the jump drive requires a huge investment in energy to transition to jumpspace. This limits the available space for other uses, severely in the case of ships able to jump long distances, or rejump repeatedly (which is a lifesaver if you can afford the space). Some ships greatly enhance capacity without sacrificing safety by mounting external tanks to the ship known as droptanks.

Starship Categories[edit]

Starships are distinguished from spaceships by the presence of a FTL jump engine and a mission of interstellar travel.

  1. Civilian Ships: Civilian starships conduct trade, tourism, and a variety of non-violent ends. They tend to be under private ownership and rarely carry more than light armament for self defense purposes.
  2. Paramilitary Ships: Paramilitary starships are a step in-between civilian and military starships. They patrol the system as police, inspectors, and in a variety instiutional roles. They may carry armament, but usually much less than a comparable military platform.
  3. Military Ships: Military starships are starships designed to defend a state against aggressors. This typically means that their design requirements are based on performance and survivability under attack. Military starships intended for combat are typically called warships.

Starship Equipment[edit]

Maneuver / Relativistic Drives[edit]

Relativistic Drives are starship engines uses in normal space for maneuver and propulsion. They are different than the jump drive.

Jump Drives[edit]

Please see the article Jump Drive for more information.


What avionics are to aircraft, astronics are to starships.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Interstellar Travel Motives[edit]

The first interstellar ships, while crude in light of more modern FTL jump drives, nevertheless have revolutionized every sophont society that developed them. Two motivations tend to drive the push for interstellar travel:

  • 1. Colonization (population pressure)
  • 2. Curiosity (exploration)

Some sophont species tend to also be driven by a fear of the unknown, a third common motivator. And yet others possess a religious, ideological fervor to bring their ideas and philosophies to the rest of Interstellar space, a fourth common motivator.

  • 3. Fear (paranoia)
  • 4. Belief (proselytism)

The K'kree, for example, while driven by several factors are strongly motivated to bring an ethos of vegetarianism to Charted Space.

Starship Representative Sampling[edit]

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