Library Data (N-Z)

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Library Data (N-Z)
Classic Traveller Supplement 11
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author John HarshmanMarc MillerLoren Wiseman
Format Digest
Canonical 1
Edition 1st
Year Published 1982
Pages 48
Available from RPGNow
Product No. 332

This supplement contains a compilation of major facts about the society, culture and history of the Traveller Imperium and its neighbors. With its companion booklet, Library Data (A-M), this booklet completes the basic encyclopedia of the Traveller Universe.

Included are data entries N through Z, plus essays dealing with the Mapping of Imperial Space, the Imperial Nobility, the history of the Spinward Marches, and the political situation on the Solomani Rim.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

No information yet available.


John Harshman, Marc Miller & Loren Wiseman
Art Director
Chris Purcell

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 5
Imperial Space 6
Map of Known Space 8 - 9
Library Data Entries 10
The Imperial Nobility 34
History of the Spinward Marches 38
Map of the Spinward Marches 42 - 43
Politics in the Solomani Rim 44
Map of the Solomani Rim 46 - 47