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Moisura class Destroyer
Moisura Calss
Type: DD Destroyer
Origin Trelyn
Tech Level 14
Size 2,000 Tons
Jump J-4
Thrust 6 G
Hardpoints 20
Cargo 1 Tons
Crew 30
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
Cost MCr 1,900.883
Qty: MCr 1,520.706

A 2,000 ton destroyer built by Jaquerii LTD on Trelyn Vra for the Trelyn Domain navy. Built around a 100 ton particle accelerator bay, the Moisura is powerful and agile enough to destroy any raider with its PAW & its 5 triple missile turrets. Its 5 triple laser turrets are potent against missile & small craft alike.

Only 43 of these craft are currently in operation because of their cost (MCr 2,200). 32 Serve with the Trelyn Imperial Navy, 3 are under trial with the Imperium in the ..→

News & New Releases
  • 13Mann announced the start of the crowd funding project Liftoff, a starter set for the Traveller RPG made for young players.
  • TravellerconUSA 2014 (10-12 October 2014) announced on Kickstarter
  • The Traveller 5th edition Core rules books developed and published as part of the Kickstarter project are starting to arrive in people hands.
  • Hunter Gordon, the author of T20, has passed away.
  • David Blalock, owner of D.B. Game Design, and "Adrian" of announced that they are using Kickstarter to raise funds to publish the "Fat Cat Far Trader game book: a starship supplement", the first licensed product in suport of T5. You have until Sunday Jul 8, 2012 11:10pm EDT to support it.
  • Marc Miller Announced that he is using Kickstarter to raise funds to publish the first Run of T5 you have until July 1, 2012 13:00 EST to support it.

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