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Body generator
Body generator
Type Power supply
Tech Level 10
Size 4 litres (folded)
Weight 1kg
Cost 600 Cr

A set of equipment which is worn on the body and generates electricity, by the actions of walking or breathing. These generators are often incorporated into suits, such as stillsuits or very cold weather clothing, but they can be worn under ordinary clothes and used to power small electrical devices. The body generator consists of a number of small electrical generators, attached in series to a small storage battery, and mounted in an undergarment.

One pair of spring generators are mounted in the footgear, where power is generated from the action of putting the foot down. Another ..→

News & New Releases
  • Gypsy Knight Games announced the release of Lee-class Merchant, the 10th book in the series on starships in the Clement Sector.
  • 13Mann announced the start of the crowd funding project Liftoff, a starter set for the Traveller RPG made for young players.
  • TravellerconUSA 2014 (10-12 October 2014) announced on Kickstarter
  • The Traveller 5th edition Core rules books developed and published as part of the Kickstarter project are starting to arrive in people hands.
  • Hunter Gordon, the author of T20, has passed away.
  • David Blalock, owner of D.B. Game Design, announced that they are using Kickstarter to raise funds to publish the "Fat Cat Far Trader game book: a starship supplement", the first licensed product in suport of T5. You have until Sunday Jul 8, 2012 11:10pm EDT to support it.

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