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Science and research are the backbones of any modern, technological, and sophontic civilization, of which Charted Space contains many.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Imperial technological research is performed in two ways:

The difference is that the corporate (or privately financed) research is directed at specific practical uses, while Imperial projects are breaking new ground on the forefronts of knowledge.

Research Type Data Table[edit]

Research Types
Stage Name Ranking Tech. Nature Type (Output) Primary Actor Secondary Actor/s Character (Output) Profit Margin Remarks
Stage 1 Pure Research Primary Technological Information Data collection, develops scientific knowledge & predictions Academic Institutions (non-contract) Government (contract) Theoretical knowledge Rarely creates significant profit Also called basic research or fundamental research.
Stage 2 Applied Research Secondary Technological Application or Intervention Data collation & interpretation, develops technology & techniques Government (contract) Megacorporations (business) Applied knowledge Often creates significant profit None
Stage 3 Research & Development (R&D) Tertiary Technological Distribution Data use, develops products & sales Megacorporations (business) Other corporate (business) interests Product (device) development, creation & sales Usually creates significant profit None

Private (Non-government) Research[edit]

Private Research: On a scale as vast as the Imperium, it is often cheaper to duplicate research rather than search out and contract for technology somewhere in the Imperium. Trade between different worlds often disseminates knowledge and certain technologically advanced items throughout the community of worlds. If a certain item proves useful, local companies will try to achieve the same technology, and soon enter into local manufacture. Local manufacture takes into account local preferences, as well as provide local employment. It also avoids potential problems with licensing agreements and arrangements.

Imperial (Government) Research[edit]

Imperial Research: The Imperium finances research into a variety of areas in the forefront of knowledge. Often this is an attempt to duplicate technology observed or reported in neighboring cultures and not yet within the ability of Imperial science. Such research stations are sited in areas which need the boost to the local economy, or in remote areas far from the potential disturbance of Imperial politics. Many different stations may be working in the same region, and many different areas of knowledge may be under investigation at one time. In general, one station will be constructed for one purpose, and continue in that area of knowledge for its entire span of usefulness. Its size, personnel roster, power plant capacity, and even visibility profile, are dependent on its area of investigation.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Sophonce, the quality of being a sophont, is very much a bio-psychological process intimately intertwined with technology. All sophont species share various levels of tool use, curiosity, complex social hierarchy, language,and a number of other fairly standardized features.

The place or mindset where curiosity and technology meet are often popularly thought of as science and research. Almost every sophont society that excels at scientific research, develops a number of supporting philosophies: a scientific method, a theory of science, balanced ideas of scientism-contextualism, well-supported research cycles, appropriate technology, and the like.

Scientific Method[edit]

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Theory of Science[edit]

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Science & Fallability[edit]

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Scientism & Contextualism[edit]

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Research Cycle[edit]

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Science & Major Races[edit]

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