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The Traveller Gene: Most people (indeed, whole species) never leave their homeworld: they never venture out of their gravity well, content to work, play, and even thrive on their home planet. Some postulate that there is a genetic basis for the drive of some (and the lack of drive in others) to reach beyond the bounds of a single world into the greater universe: a Traveller Gene. [1]

  • They are also known as starfarers, adventurers, and by a plethora of other terms.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Many, perhaps most, sophont species are composed of great demographic masses with little motivation to do more than eat, sleep, reproduce, and otherwise survive. Very successful sophont societies learn to encourage, foster, and otherwise support the members of their society who want to do more, who have that drive to succeed.

Travellers travel. They move between worlds as well as on their surfaces. The distances such travel covers may be interplanetary or interstellar in scale. [2]

Major Race Traveller Matrix[edit]

  • Travelling Mindsets
    • Aslan Ihatei
    • Droyne Dynamism
    • Hiver Enigmatism
    • Human Curiosity
      • Imperial Spirit
      • Solomani Soul
      • Vilani Enterprise
      • Zhodani Mysteries
    • K'kree Gregariousness
    • Vargr Wanderlust
Travelling Mindsets
Name Race Society Remarks
Aslan Ihatei Aslan Aslan Hierate TBD
Droyne Dynamism Droyne Droyne Oytrip Yatroy TBD
Hiver Enigmatism Hiver Hive Federation TBD
Imperial Spirit Imperial Man Third Imperium TBD
K'kree Gregariousness K'kree Two Thousand Worlds TBD
Solomani Soul Solomani Solomani Confederation TBD
Vargr Wanderlust Vargr Vargr Extents TBD
Vilani Enterprise Vilani Ziru Sirka TBD
Zhodani Enigmas Zhodani Zhodani Consulate TBD

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Every generation seems to produce great Travellers, and yet a few are still widely remembered, even commemorated throughout Charted Space for their immense achievements.

Famous Travellers of Charted Space[edit]

The following individuals are among the best known Travellers that Charted Space has produced:

Famous Travellers of Charted Space
Name Race Society Accomplishment/s Remarks
Ktouwaatritoikh Aslan Aslan Hierate Bridged the Great Rift. TBD
Yaskoydray Droyne Droyne Oytrip Yatroy Mythical founder figure of the Droyne. Yaskoydray is a legendary figure to the Droyne and a little known and mythical figure to the other races. Before the present greater civilization of Charted Space existed, it is widely believed that Yaskoydray led a burgeoning space empire. And then he (maybe she?) disappeared... Some say that he was slain in the Final War, but no one really knows except perhaps the Droyne and they are not telling.
M. Primus Hiver Hive Federation Founder of modern Hiver culture. M. Primus, master of the manipulation, founded modern Hiver culture as we know it.
Cleon I Human:
  • Imperial
Third Imperium Founded the Third Imperium. Cleon I became the Grand Duke of the Sylean Federation transforming it into an expansive interstellar empire, bring disparate worlds out of the Long Night into a new sense of order. He proclaimed himself Emperor of the Third Imperium and established the existing interstellar order.
Hiroshi Tokugawa
Human: Solomani Confederation Founded the Rule of Man Strongman who overcame the Ziru Sirka and abolished the Terran Confederation in favor of the Rule of Man.
Ushimkarun Primerius Human: Ziru Sirka Founded the Ziru Sirka. The first Shadow Emperor.
Viepchakliashtikon Human: Zhodani Consulate Helped to found the early Zhodani culture One of the most influential men of learning, science, and psionics. Helped to create the Zhodani Scientific Method.
Nightmane the Wise K'kree Two Thousand Worlds Helped to unite early K'kree. TBD
Knurroe Vargr Vargr Extents Helped to unite the early Vargr. TBD

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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