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Joe D. Fugate Sr. is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

After Joe Fugate sold DGP to Roger Sanger, he left the RPG publishing world.

  • He now works as a software engineer, web site designer, and on model trains.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Joe Fugate was one of the founders of Digest Group Publications.

  • In 1986, GDW used the growing writing talents of DGP -- with Joe Fugate as lead developer -- to produce MegaTraveller.
  • In addition to writing and editing books for GDW, DGP continued to produce additional material for MegaTraveller under their own imprint.


  1. Travellers' Digest No. 1: Xboat Routes of the Deneb Sector
  2. Travellers' Digest No. 1: Robot Design Revisited, part 1
  3. Travellers' Digest No. 2: Robot Design Revisited, part 2
  4. Travellers' Digest No. 3: Robot Design Revisited, part 3
  5. Travellers' Digest No. 10: The Medical Digest - Anagathics the Drug of the Ages

MegaTraveller Trivia[edit]

Circa 1987, he had developed an ability to speak like a Vargr and could, when he was in practice, sound like one would imagine a Vargr sounds while using words and syntax that were consistent with official canon for the Vargr language. He said it was very difficult, a great strain on his throat, and needed continuous practice to be able to pull it off.

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