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  1. CANON: One of the definitions of canon is: a sanctioned or accepted group or body of related works. The Traveller canon includes the books published by Game Designers' Workshop, Digest Group Publications, Imperium Games, BITS, Steve Jackson Games, QuikLink Interactive, Avenger Enterprises, ComStar Games, Greylock Publishing, and Mongoose Publishing among others.
  2. DEUTEROCANON: A number of other publishers, including Seeker Gaming Systems, Gamelords, FASA, produced their material under license. This material as is referred to deuterocanonical or second canon. These companies no longer produce for Traveller.
  3. APOCRYPHA: Other publishers products, though approved for use with Traveller at one time, have been de-canonized and removed from this list: Judges Guild and Paranoia Press.
    1. Traveller canon excludes articles published in Journal of the Travellers Aid Society, Challenge, and Travellers' Digest magazines, unless the articles have been re-published in another canon source.
  4. NON-CANON: See also Category:Non-canon

Library entries derived from a canon source are listed in these categories. Any library article not derived from a canon source is in the non-canon category. This includes work produced by other, licensed, Traveller publishers and fan produced works.

The categorization of an article as canon or not is usually irrelevant to gamers. Which articles are important to your game should be your decision. Canon is important to authors writing for a publisher to ensure they are within the boundaries set by previous authors.

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