Consolidation Wars

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The Consolidation Wars (c.-5400 to -4015)

  • A series of wars fought by the early Vilani to conquer nearby space and its inhabitants in the process of forming the supra-polity known as the Ziru Sirka or First Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Many barbarians used their Vilani-derived technology in ways that clashed with Vilani law and custom.

  • They made unapproved innovations, failed to pay royalties to the shangarim, or built small interstellar empires that openly resisted Vilani influence. Over time, the Vilani became dissatisfied with this situation and shifted their strategy. Once they had explored the galaxy as peaceful merchants; now they marshaled war fleets and proceeded to unite all of known space under their direct rule.
  • Despite the dispersal of advanced technology among the barbarian races, the Vilani still had a considerable technological edge. Indeed, shortly before the Consolidation Wars began, Vilani researchers had developed the jump-2 drive, giving Vilani ships an unprecedented advantage in strategic speed and mobility.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

At the beginning of the Consolidation Wars era, the shangarim were already organized to provide governmental services within their respective spheres of influence. Indeed, each of them already operated an armed fleet in order to protect merchant convoys from barbarian or renegade attack. It was natural for each of the three shangarim to be given the responsibility for conquering and ruling a specific region of barbarian space. The Sharurshid organization was the shangarim responsible for expanding Vilani control to rimward – toward distant Terra.

  • Sharurshid’s ultimate goal was the Vegan Polity, a small interstellar state that had been established using Geonee-derived jump technology. As far as anyone knew, there were no starfaring races to rimward of the Vegan colonial sphere. Once the Vegans were part of the Vilani empire, expansion in that direction could safely be halted. The Vilani conquered and colonized methodically to rimward, finally making direct contact with the Vegan Polity about -4440. A Vilani military colony was established on Shulgiasu, which later became the center of Vilani civilization on the Rim. A few decades later, the Vegan Consolidation Campaign was kicked off with a surprise attack on several Vegan outposts. The conquest of the Vegan Polity took only a few years to complete, and was over by -4395.
  • After the Vegan conquest, the Vilani continued to expand to rimward and spinward, following a jump-1 “main” that trailed out into uncharted space beyond the Vegan sphere. However, the main effort of the Consolidation Wars went elsewhere, and colonization in the rimward direction was very slow. The Kushuggi or “Rim Worlds” province soon became a backwater of the growing empire.

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