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A Main is a grouping of systems, forming a chain of worlds, all reachable by a Jump-1 capable starship.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This grouping provides a sort of “corridor” allowing jump-1 capable ships to travel to any world along the chain without ever exceeding jump-1.

  • Usually a Main encompasses 50 or more systems.
  • For ease of reference the main may be broken into arms, or branches.
  • Smaller groups of systems, between 5 and 50, all reachable by jump-1 are referred to as a trace or cluster.
Fundamental Astrographic Features
Type # Systems Definition Remarks
Main 51+ A very large grouping of systems None
Trace or Cluster 5 to 50 Smaller groupings of systems None

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Many such groupings of worlds exist in the Charted Space.

Mains & Branches[edit]

Star systems on long (51 or more stars) mains. Frequently are separated into arms or branches for identification purposes.

Prominent examples include:

Traces & Clusters[edit]

Star systems on smaller (5 - 50 stars) groupings. Most of these astrographic features are located in just one or two subsectors.

Traces & Clusters:


Mains of Charted Space[edit]

AstronTheta BorealisKhaeawHkakhaeawYahehweOhieraoiZdiedeiantZhodaneYiklerzdanzhFulaniTheronFaoheiroi'iyhaoEsai'yoKefiykhtaFahreahluisTienspevnekrAfachtiabrVanguard ReachesIphigenaiaFtaoiyekyuWaroataheHeakhafawHfiywitirItvikiastafZiafrpliansForevenBeyondTouchstoneAfawahisaKarleayaEtakhasoaIrlaftaleaKnoellighzGvurrdonSpinward MarchesTrojan ReachRiftspan ReachesHlakhoiStaihaia'yoAktifaoTeahloarifuDhuerorrgTuglikkiDenebReftVergeEaliyasiywIwahfuahUistilraoAhkiweahi'NgathksirzProvenceCorridorGushemegeIlelishReavers' DeepDark NebulaUstral QuadrantBannersFa DzaetsWindhornVlandDagudashaagZarushagaarDaibeiMagyarCanopusHanstoneGzaekfuegMeshanLishunCoreMassiliaDiasporaSolomani RimAldebaranMalornGashikanMendanAntaresFornastDelphiOld ExpansesAlpha CrucisNeworldHadjiTrenchansAmdukanEmpty QuarterLeyGlimmerdrift ReachesHinterworldsSpicaLangereStorrOgzuekhfosArzulStar's EndGatewayCrucis MarginLeonidaePhlaskDrakkenOgadogorzGn'hk'rGh!hkenKaa G!'kulExtolianLorspaneDarretCharted Space map
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  • Yellow Dots: Star systems on long (51 or more stars) mains.
  • Blue Dots: Star systems on short (11 - 50 stars) mains.
  • Green Dots: Star systems not on any main (0 - 10 stars).
  • Red Lines: borders. Political borders.
  • Bright Blue Grid: sector borders. Organizational borders.
  • Dim Blue Grid: subsector borders. Organizational borders.

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