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Imperial Space is space controlled and regulated by the Third Imperium.

  • Imperial Navy starships ensure the safety of its starways.
  • Local customs and regulations may apply, but open passage and access to trade is upheld by the Third Imperium.
  • It is an Astrography term.
  • It carries the connotation of a location that is part of the Third Imperium proper.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Imperium is best considered to rule the space that separates the stars rather than the worlds themselves. Individual worlds are left to their own devices, providing they pay their taxes, acknowledge the power of the Imperium, and obey the basic laws it promulgates. The Imperium wields power in space, protecting trade, encouraging travel and commerce, and controlling diplomatic relations. Imperial power is present on worlds in the form of consulates, bureaucratic offices, and bases; occasionally larger enclaves of Imperial power are placed where they can enhance the empire's strength.

Imperial mapping conventions have divided the Imperium's territory into sectors, which in turn are divided into subsectors and systems. Groupings of sectors, called domains, have been created above the sector level. [1]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

After interstellar civilization fell apart and the Long Night seized Charted Space, the tiny coalition of remaining societies centered around the Sylean Federation were faced with a choice: How can one regulate, control, and patrol the starways? Should one even try to control such vast expanses?

The Ziru Sirka once did it at the cost of freedom. They oppressed and absorbed nearly every divergent population they encountered. Eventually the Vilani decided that they needed to impose order on others in order to build what we now call the Pax Vilanica.

The Rule of Man came to a similar conclusion with thousands less years of experience. Of course, the Second Imperium was a relatively short-lived experiment in interstellar governance.

Cleon Zhunastu had studied both of the previous Imperiums. Building a cohesive society and civilization can be a daunting task yet Cleon I was determined to end the Long Night and reestablish interstellar civilization. His pragmatism and some say rapaciousness prompted him to found the Third Imperium. It took centuries and much experimentation by many Emperors to find the current blend of governance that we now call the Feudal Confederation.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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