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Notes (2007)[edit]

Somehow it must be highlighted that 12 of the 16 sub sector names are nor canon as the HIWG sector analyst Roger Malmstein came up with those names in his work with the sector. The last four sub sector names was found on the starmap of Spinward Marches Sector which came out with the boxed edition of MegaTraveller.

I would mark this in the subsector articles, but not here. I.e Lla Iz Therrg Subsector is marked as non-canon (and needs a source), which is fine, but don't worry to much about finding all the other instances to make notes there.
I though all the subsectors were named in AR3? I'm pretty sure there was a sector map there...

AM3 never named any of the subsectors of Gvurrdon. I even asked Clay and Leroy of HIWG and they came up blank.
  • Zparkz 18:59, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

Notes (2009)[edit]

Okay, just started taking a look at the data for this sector.... Hadn't realized just how bare-bones the data in AM3 was. :P Anyway, I'm noticing some real differences between what's in there and what's in the sector data. A fair number of allegiance shifts, and different bases and such. Does anyone know what time period the data file is for?

  • Rindis 05:42, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

The sector data was done by Roger Malmstein for the Gvurrdon Sector Campaignbook. I think that data is for the 1116 Rebellion Era, whereas the AM3 is for the 1110 CT era. The campaign book also covers 1120 TNE era results. I know Roger is still on his site and you could ask him specific questions about the data.
Tjoneslo 13:29, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

Ah ha. I didn't even know that existed. Liking the early Rebellion, I'll have to get that. ~_^ And yes, AM3 is specifically set in 1111 (mentioned with the calendar data on page 2). Considering that the other maps are generally post-FFW, pre-Rebellion, I'll stick with AM3's data, though I'll have to use a lot of GSC's world names, and might use it to inform some of my maps.
The next thing is to figure out which of the Vargr governments are 'major' and get to use the yellow borders. (The idea is to keep visual confusion down by not having every nation in the area using the same color. It looks like the obvious candidates are the Thoengling Empire and Thriz Empire, since they have the highest two control percentages.
This one's going to take some prep work....
Argh. It gets worse. According to AM3, there's no world at 3040, so we have a true discrepancy.
Rindis 05:28, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

Alpha World List[edit]
























Worlds by subsector[edit]

Adhsakh Subsector[edit]

Aleeuekh Subsector[edit]

Dzen Subsector[edit]

Fanganger Subsector[edit]

Firgr Subsector[edit]

Kfan Uzagou Subsector[edit]

Ksits Usathu Odzuetarung Subsector[edit]

Lla Iz Therrg Subsector[edit]

Llanic Subsector[edit]

Ongvos Subsector[edit]

Ruhk Odzuetarung Subsector[edit]

Spurl Subsector[edit]

Thoengling Subsector[edit]

Uerra Rueshken Subsector[edit]

Uthe Subsector[edit]

Zoghz Subsector[edit]