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Back when I was getting into RPGs, Traveller was one of the giants in the little books. Sadly, I didn't have much money, and I was the main one interested in it. So I played AD&D, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, SpaceMaster... and more, but not Traveller.

So... since that time, I've gotten a decent collection, but I've never (blush) played the game. With the current way things are going... well, maybe I'll manage when/if I retire.

Of course, I've always been more of a wargamer than an RPGer, and that's where my current spare time (outside of WoW goes.

Nature of the Collection:

  • CT: Deluxe set, Books 4-6, some adventures, some supplements, some double adventures + the collected 'short adventures', Aslan, Vargyr, Solomani, Striker, Dark Nebula, and a decent collection of JTAS. (Some of this is in storage.)
  • MT: Boxed set, Rebellion, Solomani & Aslan (the one 'third-party' product I have).
  • T4: Rules, Mileu 0, and I think a couple other books.
  • GT: GT 1st hardback, SM, GF, FI, FT, Nobles, Starships, Alien 1-4, Behind the Claw, Rim of Fire, most of the planetary surveys. And a good number of other GURPS books, having been a GURPS fan since 1st ed.

I, naturally, have a lot of interests outside of Traveller. (For instance, I really like maps....) I've been reading SF&F since I was little. My dad was in the wargame industry in the '70s (Lowry Enterprises - Panzerfuast Magazine), and I still play wargames. At the moment, that's mostly Star Fleet Battles and Advanced Squad Leader.

And just because:
IMTU: ct+ mt+ tn- t4+ gt++ ge++(-) 3i- au- pi(+) st++ as+
Or something like that....