MegaTraveller Journal 3

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MegaTraveller Journal 3
Issue 3
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version MegaTraveller
Author Rob Caswell
Format Periodical (Magazine)
Canonical 0
Edition 1st
Year Published 1992
Pages 104

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Rob Caswell
Contributing Editors
Jay Adan, Joe Fugate, and Charles Kalina
Cover Art
Blair Reynolds
Blair Reynolds, Mike Vilardi, Tom Peters, Joe Fugate, and Mike Jackson

Table of Contents[edit]

Rapid Repo by Greg Videll 65
   Equipment Sheet: Personal Reentry Kit 72
   Equipment Sheet: MT-112A TAC Missile 77
Worldguide: Vincennes by Charles P. Kalina 4
Megacorporations in the Rebellion Era by Greg Videll and Tom Peters 18
Races of the Domain: The Crenduthaar by William H. Keith, Jr. 34
Deneb Dossier: Jeramii Boden by Rob Caswell 40
Starship in Detail: Sydkai Class Cruiser by George MacLure and Rob Prior 44
Domain of Deneb System Data by Joe D. Fugate, Sr. and Rob Caswell 47
Keith Brothers Interview by Rob Caswell 59
Races of the Domain: The Jonkeereen by James Maliszewski 90
   Equipment Sheet: Atmospheric Tester 96
Helm Report by Rob Caswell 2
Alien Jokes by Mike Metlay 26
Travellers' Cache by Rob Prior and Howard Leidner 27
   Equipment Sheet: Holovideo Recorder 27
   Equipment Sheet: Cargo Container (sealed) 28
   Equipment Sheet: Ore Sampler 29
   Equipment Sheet: Grashfalt 30
   Equipment Sheet: Bug Detector 31
   Equipment Sheet: Artificial Gill 32
   Equipment Sheet: Blank format sheet 33
Deneb Information Service Newsbriefs by Greg Videll and James Maliszewski 97
MegaTraveller Q&A by Joe Fugate and Rob Caswell 99