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Dhillourr/Teksuelats (Gzaekfueg 1413)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportB Good: Spacecraft Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size1 Small (1,600 km, 0.05g - 0.09g)
Atmosphere1 Vacuum (trace)
Hydrographics0 Desert World 0%
PopulationA High (10 billion)
Government7 Balkanization
LawA Extreme Law (no weapons)
Tech LevelG High Stellar (terraforming)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary F9V
Planetoid Belts 0
Gas Giants 2
Dhillourr System
Teksuelats/Gzaefueg 1413
Position Distance Name UWP
Primary Rudha F9 V
1 0.2 AU InnerWorld H586227-4
2 0.7 AU RadWorld F883000-0
3 1.6 AU Dhillourr B110A7A-G
4 10 AU Large GG LGG
1 4   Bee
2 5   Cee
3 5   Gee
4 7   Arr
5 7.4   Tee
5 77 AU Large GG LGG
1 6   Ell

Dhillourr is a high-population, non-agricultural, industrial world with a billion or more sophonts in population size.

Description (Astrography & Planetology)[edit]

Just breaching the heights of Xtra-High technology, Dhillourr / Teksuelats (Gzaekfueg 1413) B110A7A-G Hi In Na / Cp Tr {5} (D9F+3) [8F3F] RU5265 102 2W VRo5 F9 V seeks to lead the Urzaeng Vargr of the Ruler of Five confederation to greater, interstellar Charisma in the Vargr Extents from behind closed doors.

The system containing Dhillourr is hosted by a fading F9 main-sequence star named in Urzaeng Rudha (Lighthouse), a yellow-white primary which is barely attended by its few orbiting planets and Gas Giants. The system has two Neptunian-to-Saturnine Gas Giants in the Outer System while the terrestrial planets huddle closer. There are no planetoid belts to raise the resources of Dhillourr. Rather, resources are extracted from the terrestrial planets which remain largely uninhabitable.

Monostellar System[edit]

Rudha Monostellar System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

F9 V

Primary Main Sequence 1.092 5500 - 6200 1.668
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.01027 0.10712 1.03 - 1.67 1.027 10.27
Orbit #  * 0 4 3 7

System Data[edit]

The Dhillourr System: F9 V Yellow-white Main-sequence stellar primary, 100D at S=12 (Orbit 5)

  • Orbit 0 – InnerWorld H586227-4 Lo Tz, 0 satellites
  • Orbit 1 - unoccupied
  • Orbit 2 – RadWorld F883000-0 Ba, 0 satellites, orbital platform
  • Orbit 3 - unoccupied
  • Orbit 4 – (HZ-1) Dhillourr B110A7A-G Hi in Na / Cp Tr, 100D at S=6, 0 satellites
  • Orbit 5 – (Hz-0) unoccupied
  • Orbit 6 – (Hz+1) unoccupied
  • Orbit 7 – Large Gas Giant Q (Size 24), 60,000km, 0.6G, 5 satellites
    • Bee at S=4
    • Cee
    • Gee at S=5
    • Arr
    • Tee at S=7.4
  • Orbit 8 - unoccupied
  • Orbit 9 - unoccupied
  • Orbit 10 – Large Gas Giant P (Size 23), 50,000km, 0.5 G, 1 satellite
    • Ell at S=6

Mainworld Data[edit]

The mainworld of Dhillourr features only a Trace atmosphere that has become Tainted due to the rise in Population and the Industrial paths the Vargr have taken. The planet lacks water and the ten billion Vargr living here must recycle and import water from other worlds. Liquid hydrogen fuel is sold at the maximum price to starships arriving in system that cannot skim for fuel at either of the two Gas Giants. Often port marketers are watching for such sales of fuel to offer starship refits for wilderness refueling at premium prices.

The local government of Dhillourr is split into two Factions of Urzaeng Vargr though technically through the centuries many other ethnicities have had say on Dhillourr as the Major Race spread through Teksuelats Subsector to points beyond. The Five Packs Party faction holds the more traditional ways of the Vargr and seeks to keep the status quo and watch what Humaniti to trailing does next. The Technocrats Faction wants to take full advantage of Dhillourr’s Xtra-High Tech Level to use mercantile leverage to force Humaniti to deal with the Vargr in the markets rather than the battlefields of space, a progressive turn for the Urzaeng since the departure of the Logaksu during expansion into Gzaekfueg Sector.

Mainworld Atmosphere[edit]

Dhillourr has a pressure of less than 0.1 atmospheres which requires the use of a Vacc Suit. TL–8 or more advanced survival gear is required to settle this world.

Mainworld Geography & Topography[edit]

With only a Trace atmosphere, Dhillour's rotation at best provides minor zephyrs across its stark landscapes. Though rated Tropical in temperature, the mainworld has no hydrosphere to support a water cycle. Mountains cast daily shadows over the bleak terrains. Only Vargr-made structures and mining sites present any interesting details to the planet surface.

Mainworld Map[edit]


Native Lifeforms[edit]

Vargr settlers of Dhillourr found mainly relics of Vilani civilization which were promptly collected and studied by the collective, Pillaging expansionists.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This is world within the Vargr Extents and has experienced the relative chaos of Vargr culture.

World Starport[edit]

Dhillourr Equitorial has a Class B Starport, a good quality installation which includes all the expected amenities including refined fuel for starships, brokerage services for passengers and cargo, and a variety of ship provisions. There is a shipyard capable of doing annual maintenance, overhauls and most kinds of repair, and construction of non-starships. Most ports of this classification have both a Highport and a Downport.

  • A Highport is present and is named Dhillourr Orbital Haven

World Technology Level[edit]

Dhillourr possesses a Technology Level of TL–16 or TL-G in Hexadecimal Notation.

  • Common Communication technologies for this TL include: Personal holovideo and personal meson communicators.
  • Common Power Generation technologies for this TL include: Miniature super-batteries, collectors, and advanced Fusion+.
  • Common Transportation technologies for this TL include:
  • Technology of Dhillourr: The wonders of TL–16 are still budding on Dhillourr and not every facet of the Technology Level is developed. For example, cargo robots are still personally overseen by a Vargr dockworker as opposed to self-aware robots. Vargr Charisma and pack mentality is still the hurdle that keeps the Vargr of Dhillourr from developing artificial intelligence for any system or starship that may hinder personal self-esteem. While the technology is not unknown on Dhillourr, there is very little drive in such direction. The Urzaeng prefer breakthroughs that push for more efficient personal means. Various starship systems go through Modified, Advanced and Ultimate Stages before the think-tanks on Dhillourr move on to new projects. It is this thoroughness that trickles down into the markets and presents a wide selection of products the Industrial mainworld has to export. It is this variety and thoroughness that keeps Dhillourr from sliding faster toward higher Tech Levels. Dhillourr has plateaued on TL–16 since Year 30 of the Imperial calendar and "sitting on top" shows no urge to rush to the next.

World Government[edit]

Dhillourr has a Balkanized Government. There is no central world government. The world has several governments competing for control of the world. These may be allies, cooperating, competitors, or at war with each other.

World Law Level[edit]

Law of Dhillourr: With such leakages of technology breakthroughs and the advent of mercantile disciplines in the Urzaeng, Law has raised along with Dhillourr Tech Level plateaus. With each new attainment, Law has risen through the centuries to an A(10) rating. While the Five Packs Party at the Downport does maintain an Extraterritoriality Zone, no weapons are allowed past the Extraterritoriality Line. For both reasons of racial Rage and public safety in the environment domes, weapon possession is prohibited on Dhillourr.

World Military[edit]

Dhillourr armed forces consist of:

  • Emissaries
  • Law Enforcement
  • Law Agencies
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Faction Agencies
  • Private Security Firms (Mercenary companies)
    • Privateers (Letter of Marque)
  • Army (active duty and reserves)
  • Marines
  • PADs
  • Naval Spacers
  • Intelligence (rumored psionic Urzaeng from across the Sector)

World Economy[edit]

The world system of Dhillourr features:

Resources D (13)
Labor 9 billions
Infrastructure F (15)
Efficiency +3

These measurements yield a Resource Units (RU or 'aryu') value of 5265.

Trade Data[edit]

Dhillourr sits on a trailing arm of a Cyan trade route and is likely the cause of such a tributary that has split off from the main coreward-rimward thoroughfare. Polities such as the Glorious Sons of Raek and the Drr'lana Network glean some of this trade from Green and the continuing Cyan which reaches trailing to eventually conduct trade into the Third Empire of Gashikan to the gnashing of Human teeth.

World Demographics[edit]

Dhillourr is populated by Urzaeng but are visited by Ovaghoun, Logaksu, Suedzuk, Vilani, Yileans and recently as 1099 Imperial, the Irilitok. Most are Travellers, Emissaries, dignitaries, Merchants or sophontologists. A small enclave of Hlanssai live on Dhillourr and generally are Entertainers though a few wanderers find work on civilian starships of the Urzaeng.

World Culture[edit]

Factions of Dhillourr:

  • Faction #1 Five Packs Party (Gov 5) – a minor group with some supporters, generally at the Highport and Downport; Very Charismatic social strata, characters with low Charisma who do not observe wide Charisma gaps may face punishment.
  • Faction #2 Technocrats (Gov 8) – a minor conglomerate of corporations, small businesses, manufacturers and Infrastructure leaders with some supporters located in the Startown and in cities across the mainworld; Liberal in that they welcome change and off-world influences and imports to stay informed of the interstellar markets.

World Language/s[edit]

Dhillourr Vargr speak primarily Urzaeng, with Ovaghoun, Anglic, Vilani, Suedzuk and Logaksu occasionally heard. The Urzaeng have had millennia to borrow words from the other Vargr dialects and tongues of Humaniti. Visiting Suedzuk to Dhillourr must constantly correct local speakers even when their Pack dialects conflict with the 'correct' dialect from a previous revision. Though Anglic is the interstellar trade language of Humaniti, Logaksu is the chosen Vargr trade language though it is mainly spoken to visitors at the Downport, Highport and in the immediate surrounding Startown when Travellers are recognized by locals. Vilani and Ovaghoun are attempted only when Ovaghoun arrive in-system and still taught in schools.


Cities of Dhillourr: Environment Domes, subterranean Warrens, underground grav tubes, mag-rail lines, and grav flyers comprise the habitats and traffic on mainworld Dhillourr. Domes and Arcologies are not named but rather numbered in each Vargr language spoken locally. Arcologies are connected to nearby domes via sublevel garages leading up to habitats. Almost all trading is done online, though secondhand bazaars do crop up in poorer community domes. Most domes away from the Downport are focused on extracting natural ores of rare earths barely touched by the original Vilani of the Ziru Sirka.

Lokhsraerr Kel.jpg

Learning Centers of Dhillourr:

  • Arcology <number> School District- rank inconsequential
  • Dome <number> School District- rank inconsequential
  • Warren <number> School District- rank inconsequential
  • Institute of <Skill>-6 (Trade Schools)
  • Master <Name's> Apprenticeship- rank inconsequential
  • Dhillourr Orbital University-11
  • Dhillourr Planetary College-5
  • Dhillourr Military Academy-5
  • Teksuelats Naval Academy-6
  • The Red Institute of Medicine-10
  • Dhillourr Orbital Legal University-8
  • Teksuelats Special Mission Flight School-8
  • Teksuelats War College-7
  • Dome <number> Training Course-3
  • Teksuelats <Armed Force> <Skill> Training Grounds-4

World Infrastructure[edit]

The third digit in the Economics (Ex) extension for Dhillour is F (15) denoting a very developed Infrastructure lending support to the world Resource Units (RU or 'aryu') of 5265.

Historical Data[edit]

Dhillourr History: In the years of the Vargr Pillaging (-2400 to -1700), Dhillourr was abandoned by the Vilani of the Ziru Sirka in -2285 when it was evident that the deteriorating First Imperium was unable to stem the tide of Vargr rounding the coreward edge of the Windhorn Rift. Though the Vilani took what they could in departing the world-system, much was left behind for the Vargr to ransack, claim and further interpret. The re-settling of Dhillourr by the collective sub-species of Vargr in those years raised the abandoned world to TL–11 in -2259. It was this world that took to its jumpstart caches and further elevated through the centuries as the canine Major Race spread through Gzaekfueg in a Pillaging wildfire of expansion. Each forsaken world was a treasure trove that spurred the Vargr ever forward to both claim worlds and do battle with the mostly-hairless Vilani.

Dhillourr became the mustering and launch world for the Vargr fleets bound trailing to the Noung Wars (-2240 to -2215) and do battle with the retreating Vilani and the Yileans of the First Empire of Gashikan. Dhillourr became a repository of captured knowledge, a nexus of gleaning technologies from caches discovered on conquered worlds as the Vargr plundered trailing and rimward around the Windhorn Rift. Each wave of expansion led to new plateaus for Dhillourr, elevating the Library Data to TL–12 in -1950 when the system attained more than a billion collected Vargr.

At the retraction of the Logaksu Vargr from Gzaekfueg Sector, the schism of the Vargr along sub-species lines was confirmed. The Logaksu retreated back to Fa Dzaets Sector as the Ovaghoun Vargr continued rimward and trailing into Meshan Sector and Mendan Sector It was in these years that the remaining Suedzuk and Urzaeng upgraded the local Downport to a C rating. By the year -1875, Logaksu had fully retracted except for traders doing business with the boom-town world of Dhillourr and explorers passing through to the Vargr frontiers of that era.

In -1800 the Suedzuk evidenced a surge in wandering further afield, ranging to distant worlds trailing and rimward which featured Humaniti already present. Dhillourr became the launch world for new polities such as the Vargr who would in the future found the Glorious Sons of Raek and the Vaoekghirkhr Exchange a century later. Both polities featured the Suedzuk and the slower but following Urzaeng.

It was in -1675 that Dhillourr was left fully behind by the majority of Vargr sub-species and discarding the slower-witted Urzaeng to remain. Without the Logaksu trading experience, the Urzaeng were forced to take up mercantile disciplines though their progress was slow and violence toward Humaniti and to other Vargr trying to intermingle with the Yileans and Solomani of the Ramshackle Empire in the Rule of Man. This new trend sent Dhillourr into its next growth spurt, attaining TL–13 and reaching an Industrial Trade Classification to go with its billions of Urzaeng warriors and merchants.

The news of what the Suedzuk had done at the Sack of Gashikan in -1658 sent both waves of surprise and of challenge through the Urzaeng spinward of the collapsing First Empire of Gashikan. It was in these years that Dhillourr received word of the official declaration of the Vaoekghirkhr Exchange as a mercantile confederation, a new precedent for the warlike Urzaeng and aggressive Suedzuk. Similarly, the Drr’lana Network Urzaeng and Suedzuk declared a non-aggression status, claiming to the Gashikan Yileans that they had nothing to do with the Sack of Gashikan. Yet the infuriated Humans reformed their Empire, the Second Empire of Gashikan and began hunting all of the canine Vargr, not just the Suedzuk, (though their ire was for the Red Pelts or Blood Vargr at the apex of hate).

Though the deadly bioweapon labeled the Wolvesbane Project never reached further into Gzaekfueg Sector than Terruerr Subsector, Dhillourr caught the howls of mourning relayed spinward, away from the death of all Vargr in Gashikan Sector. Rage of the Urzaeng threw fleets at the Second Empire but they stopped short of leaving Gzaefueg for fear of the geneered virus that only attacked canines. Battles harried the Gashikans who were galvanized in the belief that all Vargr were galactic threats to be put down.

It was these wars that caused the unofficial congealing of the future territory that would later be named the Ruler of Five. A benchmark impetus came when Dhillourr rose to TL–14, (two centuries before distant Darrian in the Spinward Marches), and the Urzaeng solidifying their territory spanning five coreward subsectors in Gzaekfueg Sector. More subsectors were to be conquered or annexed as wars across the spinward, Gashikan's border. Religions bowed to the fleets of warlords only to seek annexation under the banner of the future confederation. Dhillourr technology, fervent zealots of intense religions and subsectors in Meshan Subector met to see the Urzaeng lay claim to them all.

Was it the Urzaeng then to fence in the Humans of the Second Empire of Gashikan in -1200 by the continued whittling actions of Urzaeng belligerence against the hatred of the Yileans who had suffered the Sack of Gashikan? Those worlds who had seen enough of the battles and were eroding under the aftermaths of the warring sought to become non-aligned buffers between the still unincorporated Urzaeng and Humaniti. The only remaining Jump-1 stellar bridge between the two races became named. This short main was named Lluutan (Urzaeng for ford) and Last Bridge by the Yileans. It was over this bridge of stars that the only form of acknowledged trade between the panting Urzaeng and the tired Second Empire could take place. Elsewhere though, smuggling came into its own in Gzaekfueg Sector as the Urzaeng could not bring themselves to the Charisma of obeying Human laws.

It is unrecorded when exactly the Vargr Race Wars, also called the Gashikan Race Wars, ended. Tensions along the protean border between the Second Empire of Gashikan and the Urzaeng Vargr lowered to a simmer with Corsairs trying to keep the flame alive. Dhillourr sat at TL–14 for five centuries through the wars. It was only after distant Darrian attained TL–16 in -924 that Dhillourr continued its infrastructure development with the addition of a Highport and the maintenance of its Starport B rating. Many Urzaeng in Teksuelats began to see the trade lines thickening as Dhillourr caused a fork in the coreward-rimward, mercantile thoroughfare. Pressures mounted from the mainworld Factions to formally declare the Ruler of Five polity and state a government. These pressures were balanced with prudence and a “quiet giant” behavior, the Urzaeng rising among the other Vargr sub-species staking their sectors to coreward Provence, Meshan, Mendan, Amdukan, Antares, Empty Quarter and trailing to Arzul and what would later come to be called the Vargr Enclaves.

Dhillourr did not discover a plateau beyond TL–14 until a secretly reported misjump revealed the secret to Jump-6 sparked a new rush toward TL–15. Successes and failures continued into the -800s until -815 when Dhillourr kept its hushed breach. Though rumors spread from Dhillourr, it did not spark technology rushes to production. Instead, the old pressures to officially establish the Urzaeng territory held by the five warlord Packs, the Ruler of Five.

It was not until Year 30 of the Third Imperium that a third wave of Urzaeng pride surged after the announced establishment of the Empire of Varroerth by both Logaksu and Urzaeng spinward of the Windhorn Rift that surged a rush to Dhillourr, to hear an answer from the Factions on the newest rush to declare the polity. This third time, Infighting and the most intense ordeals of Dhillourr Emissaries to maintain order traded Charisma on the governmental carpets bloodied by the fights. In exchange to hold back from a Starport A rating, freedom from the responsibility of the polity Capital, Dhillourr acquiesced when news of Xtra-High technologies was discovered. This tipped the balance so far that the floor was almost unanimous to officially declare the Ruler of Five a confederation of Urzaeng Vargr. The Five Packs of Gzaekfueg and Meshan Sectors ratified the confederation within 48 hours as the Emissaries worked around the local clock and in shifts. Once a constitution was formed, the news was leaked along with electronic copies of the document.

This new unity of the Urzaeng Vargr worried not only the Second Empire of Gashikan, but also the states in Mendan, Amdudkan and points beyond. It even made the new Third Imperium sit up and consider the Vargr Pacification Campaigns that began in 76 of the Imperial calendar. Though the Urzaeng were quiet in voice to the Antares Pacification Campaign as the Ruler of Five struggled with settling Low-Population worlds, riots born of Vargr Charisma and the need to strengthen the trade routes which became a solid Cyan rating through Gzaekfueg Sector.

Dhillourr in these centuries upheld its bargain. Freedom from administration of the Ruler of Five meant that the mainworld could concentrate upon new innovations and applications of their technological breakthroughs. From personal, to home, to starships and to the edges of the mind, Dhillourr tried to meet these applications. Centers of learning and social behavior cropped up locally. Of special value were the Emissaries who founded the Dhillourr University of Diplomacy whose graduates found instant work across all edged and internal worlds of the Ruler of Five confederation. The Emissary Corps became the most mobile and most respected arrivals to any hot-spot in the polity. Through this, Dhillourr avoided becoming the Polity Capital (Cx) and the Sector Capital (Cs) and was left to its devices and blueprints. It was later thought to be a shrewd and prudent maneuver for the Factions of Dhillourr to agree to keep from being painted as a target by avoiding a Starport A rating. News of their TL–16 products were already too far spread to contain. Hulls of starships at distant shipyard eagerly salivated to the arrival of Dhillourr ship systems and the instruction manuals used to assemble the most advanced Emissaries fleet and the Ruler of Five Navy ever seen in Gzaekfueg Sector.

It was the misuse of these new military fleets that harassed the Second Empire of Gashikan into a self-imposed civil war. Aggravated by failed Race Wars, Corsair activity, the Empire collapsed in 1070 and was raised again just eight years later as the Third Empire of Gashikan. So as to give the new Empire breathing room, the cooler heads on Dhillourr sent forth the Xtra-High Tech Emissaries fleet to the borders and projected conflict zones to interdict the Ruler of Five Navy. All wanted to be witness to what the new, Third Empire held in store.

Dhillourr watched mutely in 1095 as a battle for control over Firecracker (Meshan 3102) was fought. The Ruler of Five, the Third Empire of Gashikan and the new Julian Protectorate clashed in a stalemate. It was the Vargr Emissaries from the Protectorate that called an armistice this time and the world was declared non-aligned. The familiarity at which the Protectorate Emissaries dealt with the aftermath impressed the Urzaeng. In 1099, Red-Zoned Tsaeousorrg (with subtle help from Dhillourr) opened their mainworld to the long-lost Irilitok of the Julian Protectorate to open an embassy there. Thus, the Human-loving Vargr were allowed to cautiously feel out their distant, giant kin, the Urzaeng.

Vaellrraeth Dho.jpg

World Timeline[edit]

  • -2280 Teksuelats Subsector claimed and Dhillourr discovered abandoned by the retreating Vilani of the Ziru Sirka
  • -2259 Dhillourr rises to TL–11 as the collected Vargr sub-species expand into Gzaekfueg Sector
  • -2220 Warlord General Reofhunkdzo sets out rimward to conquer the subsector later named after him
  • -1950 Dhillourr attains TL–12 while upgrading its Downport to C and reaches 1 billion Vargr population
  • -1875 The Logaksu Vargr pull out of Gzaekfueg Sector and return to Fa Dzaets, conducting trade with the Urzaeng thereafter from there
  • -1675 Dhillourr rises to TL–13 but the Urzaeng there refuse to upgrade its Starport to A, attains Industrial (In) Trade Classification due to innovations production
  • -1300 Dhillourr reaches TL–14 and starts to congeal Urzaeng borders though the Ruler of Five is not yet declared
  • -1100 Early Emissaries from Dhillourr negotiate with the Second Empire of Gashikan to keep open the only Jump-1 stellar cluster shared between the Vargr and Humaniti
  • c.-1100 to -1000 Differentiation on Dhillourr lures Ovaghoun, remaining Suedzuk and Irilitok followers to continue migrating rimward, coreward and trailing, Urzaeng are almost discarded on Dhillourr
  • -810 After the devastation of the Wolvesbane Project in Gashikan Sector, Dhillourr secretly attains TL–15, adds Highport but continues with its Starport B rating, Charisma pressures to officially establish Ruler of Five polity mounting
  • 26 Empire of Varroerth officially established by Logaksu and Urzaeng Vargr with non-aggression treaties with Ovaghoun Vargr, causes legislation to declare the infancy of the future Ruler of Five confederation to reach the floor
  • 30 Ruler of Five, long congealed in conquered subsectors is officially declared when Dhillourr attains TL–16, (still holding back from Starport A rating)

The two significant calamities, the Empress Wave and Virus come within five years of each other to Dhillourr.

  • 1116 The psychic phenomenon later named the Empress Wave enters Gzaekfueg Sector
  • 1128 Dhillourr Struck by the Empress Wave beginning eleven years of madness there
  • 1129 Dhillourr TL–16 planetary network goes dormant from lack of use as Urzaeng madness rules
  • 1130 to 1133 Collapse and Virus Era begins
  • 1132 Vampire ships with living crews entering Teksuelats, Gadoeth, Noung and other Subsectors lose those crew to madness in normal space as the Empress Wave washes over their hulls, many vampires must either self-destruct, land and enter dormancy or scuttle due to inability to bring their insane crews under control, a shard of history not mentioned by later Virus Strains until after 1147
  • 1133 Because Dhillourr had gone communications dark from the Empress Wave-induced madness, the TL–16 world was nigh invisible to Virus, Dhillourr into its fifth year of Wave chaos
  • 1139 Dhillourr emerges from the last madness of the Empress Wave to a world changed by both the Wave and Virus, begins recovering and reactivating what is left after both calamities, attracts Vampire ships and later that year Vampire Fleets of higher Virus Strains
  • 1140 At a loss of 75% of its High Population which drops its Population digit to 9 (factor digit 7), Dhillourr must defend itself from Vampire Fleets and insulate its TL–16 planetary network, and Urzaeng quarantine protocols are drafted
  • 1141 Millions die on Dhillourr as Vampire Fleets rain ordinance upon the high-tech Urzaeng world, what little robotic forces the Vampires field are met by Urzaeng Army and Marines quite comfortable with the surface theatre of battle
  • 1145 Higher Strains of Virus pass Dhillourr for weaker worlds to usurp
  • 1146 Urzaeng Vargr scout ships from Dhillourr begin reaching out to local stellar cluster in need of food, water to liberate Kurfoegkokna from Virus and rediscover Faetsovuerrg (Gzaekfueg 1512 and 1513 respectively) untouched
  • 1147 Virus slowed to lowest propagation, Dhillourr scouts find Arsghourrg (Gzaekfueg 1214) and liberate it from a dilapidated Vampire Fleet
  • 1148 Due to a Rebellion-era Die Back status on Taoekh (Gzaekfueg 1313), Dhillourr scouts unpack mothballed naval vessels left dormant through the Empress Wave and Collapse and enact quarantine refits
  • 1150 Dhillourr has liberated and recolonized its stellar cluster, bringing many pre-Collapse and now quarantined industries back online
  • 1154 Virus Era Packs on Dhillourr draft plans to liberate and colonize Teksuelats Subsector
  • 1155 Requiring a viable and remote shipyard, Dhillourr contacts and annexes low-technology Isarrourrgh; later in the year, Dhillourr ships assault and liberate forsaken Saesoulou (Gzaekfueg 1321) after a brutal but vital space battle and Marines drop operation
  • 1156 With new ships being contracted, Dhillourr liberates now Pop 7 Ouonoeng (Gzaekfueg 0914) for its aquaculture, raw resources and liberation of its planetary Naval Base
  • 1156 Dhillourr contacts Lloegva, liberates an old Corsair Base; contact re-established with Ugvoerrdzal (Gzaekfueg 0911), now Downport D, which had liberated itself by scuttling sea vessels infected with Virus over deep sea trenches and abyss
  • 1157 Similarly self-liberated Korsoghagorz (Gzaekfueg 1410), now Pop 6, greets remembered Dhillourr Emissary Cruisers landing on the old C Downport
  • 1158 Dhillourr repels another invasion by a Vampire Fleet from Ghallkaegs (Gzaekfueg 1914), this time aided by Vampires from Aguekhaa (Gzaekfueg 1616)
  • 1160 Dhillourr railguns completely scrub the surface of Aguekhaa by using rails and slugs fashioned from a nearby, terrestrial planet in system; local Virus on Aguekhaa had turned the 200,000 Vargr in to Breed-Vargr cyborgs, Aguekhaa Red Zoned and Interdicted
  • 1160 An old Naval base on Die Back Oouson (Gzaekfueg 1012) at the C-Downport is brought back online with a local population of 9000 Urzaeng colonists from Dhillourr
  • 1160 Angatholl (Gzaekfueg 1618) rediscovered but due to Balkanization, xenophobia and technophobia refuses to annex to Dhillourr banners; instead clandestine trade is routed through lower-tech Isarrorrgh thanks to Emissary graduates from that world; natural anagathics pharma found on Angatholl which raises the value and Tech Level from 7 rapidly over the next 40 years
  • 1160 Gnaghaegz (Gzaekfueg 1713) and its mainworld Naval Base are scrubbed to the bedrock when it is confirmed that Virus is developing a new version of the Wolvesbane Project; the system is Red Zoned and Interdicted
  • 1161 to 1170 Hlanssai on Gazog (Gzaekfueg 1712) are contacted by Dhillourr Emissaries; many Hlanssai families reconnect after almost thirty years
  • 1200 Dhillourr has explored and liberated the entire Teksuelats Subsector and begins ranging outward
  • 1900 Dhillourr is acknowledged a Strong World, its stellar cluster the only remaining pocket empire to reach out to Gzaekfueg Sector, a new age of pastoral seclusion is seen in these times

UWP Listing[edit]

During the Collapse, Dhillourr Population dropped from A (10) to 9 and struggled through the rest of the century to return to is former numbers, hindered by the Wilds.

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