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I-class Combat Transports are a supraclass of ships all with a similar assault mission to brave enemy fire and bring troops to the battlefield, provide suppressive fire, and transport combat materials planetside.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

  • Speed of Travel

  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    The main reason to procure combat transports is to have a dedicated logistics capability that can move fighting sophonts, spare parts, supplies, and other materials to war zone locations where they are needed. [1]

    Image Repository[edit]

    Type IA Assault Transport:

    1. A Hoeywea class Troop Carrier in landed position prepared to recover Aslan warriors.
      Hoeywea-CT-RESIZE-Mike-Jackon-TI-02-pg-18 16-Oct-2019b.jpg
    2. An Iylvir class Light Assault Troop Carrier cruising through system space preparing for planetfall.
      Iylvir-IISS-Files-RESIZE-pg-30 20-Oct-2019e.jpg

    Type IT Troop Transport:

    1. A side view of a Caine class Troop Transport, a military combat transport used by the Bright Conclave.
      J-2 6000dT Caine class Transport.jpg

    Type IV Vehicle Lander / Combat Vehicle Transport:

    1. A deployed Venters class Assault Ship orbiting a gas giant on a system defense mission.
      Nolikian-Battle-Rider-RESIZE-S-Venters Spin-Mar-Campaign-BACK-COVER 31-July-2019c.jpg
    2. A side view of a Fearless class Assault Transport.
      J0 300dT Assault Transport.jpg
    3. A side view of a Miranda class Military Transport.
      J-2 600dT Military Transport.jpg

    Type UI Troop Transport Smallcraft:

    1. A Coeus class Assault Pinnace approaching a Tethys class Mercenary Transport and preparing to dock.
      Tethys-CT-RESIZE-Keith-FASA 19-Oct-2019b.jpg
    2. A side view of a Gallant class Assault Shuttle smallcraft.
      J0 80dT Assault Shuttle.jpg
    3. Two Paulos class Troop Transports streaking to targets, one engaging its non-standard stealth device.
      Paulos-Troop-Transport-CT-RESIZE-P-Jaquays-Supp-9-pg-24 07-Sept-2019b.png

    Type UIB Boarding Craft:

    1. A schematic side view of a M-1070 Lamprey class Orbital Assault Craft with a normative human for size comparison.

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    Combat Transports are meant to assault enemy planets, moons, and other installations... and often under enemy fire. While purpose built combat transports exist, many such craft are converted from civilian ships. If formally procured, such ships are often armed, uparmored, and otherwise militarized. In some cases, civilian vessels are simply pressed into service. Such pressed ships don't tend to last long in the face of hostility. [2] Combat Transports are most often sent in after an extended planetary bombardment is conducted.

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Combat Transports typically serve the following roles:

    Combat Transports:
    Largecraft & Bigcraft:

    I-class Combat Transport Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code
    Armed Merchantman (I)
    Assault Carrier (IA)
    Assault Cruiser (IA)
    Assault Pinnace (IA)
    Assault Ship (IA)
    Assault Transport (IA)
    Assault Troop Carrier (IA)
    Asteroid Assault Ship (IAP)
    Attack Transport (IA)
    Battle Transport (IA)
    Cavalry Regimental Transport (IA)
    Clan Transport (IA)
    Colonial Transport (IT)
    Combat Transport (I) (Namesake)
    Combat Vehicle Transport (IV)
    Commando Assault Ship (IA)
    Intruder Transport (IA)
    Landing Ship (I)
    Light Assault Transport (IA)
    Light Assault Troop Carrier (IA)
    Military Landing Ship Infantry (IT)
    Military Transport (I)
    Multipurpose Combat Transport (II)
    Regimental Assault Cruiser (IA)
    Troop Carrier (IA)
    Troop Ship (IA)
    Troop Transport (IA)
    Vehicle Lander (IV)

    Combat Transport Smallcraft:

    UI-class Combat Transport Smallcraft Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code
    Assault Craft (UIB)
    Assault Cutter (UI)
    Assault Lander (UI)
    Assault Shuttle (UI)
    Assault Skiff (UI)
    Boarding Craft (UIB)
    Boarding Smallcraft (UIB)
    Combat Lander (UI)
    Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI) (Namesake)
    Dropship (UI)
    Landing Boat (UI)
    Marine Cutter (UI)
    Marine Gig (UI)
    Military Pinnace (UI)
    Orbital Assault Craft (UIB)
    Troop Pinnace (UI)
    Troop Transport (UI)

    Size-Class Roles for Combat Support Ship Vessels[edit]

    1. Combat Lander (UI) (1 to 99 tons)
    2. Combat Cargo Carrier (IC) (100 to 2,499 tons) (Escort or Very Light Vessel)
    3. Light Combat Transport (IL) (2,500 to 99,999 tons)
    4. Medium Combat Transport (IM) (100,000 to 249,999 tons)
    5. Heavy Combat Transport (IH) (250,000 to 499,999 tons)
    6. Superheavy Combat Transport (IS) (500,000 to 999,999 tons)
    7. Ultraheavy Combat Transport (IU) (1,000,000 or more tons)

    Military Subcraft[edit]

    Military subcraft (...both smallcraft and bigcraft) are carried by some of these vessels:

    1. Boarding Smallcraft (UIB)
    2. Battle Rider (BR)
    3. Combat Barge (WBG)
    4. Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI)
    5. Fighters (F)
    6. Militarized Utility Craft (UQ)

    Supraclass Archetypal Roles[edit]

    These vessels typically serve the following archetypal roles:

    I-class Combat Transport Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code Exemplar Remarks
    Combat Transport I (Namesake) Iylvir class Light Assault Troop Carrier The Namesake category of military transports includes the smallest smallcraft troop landers to the largest army transports, typically armored to resist enemy fire and armed to provide some measure of suppressive fire of their own.
    • I = Infantry Lander, Combat Transport, etc.
    Assault Transport IA Tleiatre class Intruder Transport These vessels specialize in supporting ground operations, and usually are associated with the delivery of troops in combat zones. They also serve in other combat support roles including combat resupply, medevac, communications, and direct/indirect fire support.
    • I = Infantry Lander, Combat Transport, etc.
    • A = Assault Lander, Combat Transport, Intruder Transport, etc.
    Multipurpose Combat Transport II Provider class Military Transport Multipurpose Combat Transport often serve several roles and are an all around multipurpose logistic vehicle with the ability to serve as a combat transport as well.
    • I = Infantry Lander, Combat Transport, etc.
    • I = Mult-I-purpose
    Troop Transport IT Ihatei class Transport Troop transports move the most common surface combat asset planetside: Infantry. And infantry of all types from the most archaic mounted cavalry to the most high tech battledress or battlle pods.
    • I = Infantry Lander, Combat Transport, etc.
    • T = Troop Transport
    Combat Vehicle Transport IV McCrawley class Attack Transport Vehicle transprts move fighting and utility vehicles to the surface from the smallest of utility jeeps to the largest armored tanks. They often require more sophisticated and demanding engineering than simpler troop transports.
    • I = Infantry Lander, Combat Transport, etc.
    • V = Vehicle Transport, AFV Transport, Tank Transport, etc.
    Combat Transport Smallcraft / Combat Lander UI Sturmge class Assault Shuttle Combat transport smallcraft or combat landers are smallcraft tasked to bring fighting men, soldiers, mercenaries, marines, etc. to the surface combat environment under fire. Many also carry combat equipment, AFVs, supplies, and/or carry weapons to suppress defenders.
    • U = Utility Smallcraft
    • I = Infantry Lander, Combat Transport, etc.
    Boarding Smallcraft UIB Barrister's Gavel class Boarding Gig Boarding smallcraft are combat transport smallcraft focused on boarding actions in space, rather than on delivery to planetside. They will typically not carry vehicles larger than an individual soldier, since they would not fit in a typical target's corridors. Likewise, any mounted weapons are typically to secure the docking, and are not able to fire into the target's corridors to support the boarding.
    • U = Utility Smallcraft
    • I = Infantry Lander, Combat Transport, etc.
    • B = Boarding
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    No matter how complex or technological advanced combat gets, the basic proviso that infantry take and hold ground has never changed. Getting sophonts with smallarms to the combat zone after the fleets have cleared the way has changed little from the earliest days of sophontic societies. Combat transports perform this role, often under fire.

    Aslan Clan Transports & Ihatei[edit]

    Aslan society blends the three role users of human assumptions meaning that the ideas of civilian, paramilitary, and military are far more fluid and mixed than in human societies. One of the overwhelming drives of Aslan society is the compulsion for Aslan males to expand and seek more land as Ihatei. As such, Aslan vessels of all types tend to be quickly and fluidly re-purposed as needs arise. An Aslan merchant vessel may peacefully trade one day and be an impromptu mercenary transport the next.

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Assault Transport:

    1. Type IA class Assault Transport
      1. Biskra class Regimental Assault Cruiser
      2. Cobra class Combat Lander
      3. Eiaikeiar class Intruder Transport
      4. Hoeywea class Troop Carrier
      5. Infinite Stratos class Assault Transport
      6. Iylvir class Light Assault Troop Carrier
      7. Lias class Fleet Transport
      8. Liberty III class Independent Merchant
      9. Lombardo class Assault Transport
      10. LSM 12 class Assault Transport
      11. Maxwell class Troop Transport
      12. Nest class Troop Transport
      13. Razruzhenye class Assault Carrier
      14. Rude Surprise class Commando Assault Ship
      15. Siderion class Asteroid Assault Ship
      16. Smopi class Transport
      17. TC16 Jyhala class Assault Cruiser
      18. Torment class Assault Cruiser
      19. Type 071 Yuzhao class Assault Cruiser
      20. Type RA class Assault Ship
      21. Unwelcome Guest class Commando Assault Ship

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Combat Cargo Carrier (Escort or Very Light):

    1. Type IC class Combat Cargo Carrier
      1. Black Jack class Regimental Command Transport
      2. Bra'la class Corvette Transport
      3. Sedulan class Transport
      4. Stiytesrah class Clan Transport

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Heavy Combat Transport:

    1. Type IH class Heavy Combat Transport
      1. Legion class Assault Transport
      2. Tannhauser Gate class Divisional Transport

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Multipurpose Combat Transport:

    1. Type II class Multipurpose Combat Transport
      1. Provider class Military Transport

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Light Combat Transport:

    1. Type IL class Light Combat Transport
      1. Faith class Brigade Transport
      2. Happy class Transport
      3. Hussar class Light Troop Transport
      4. Mad Anthony class Battalion Transport
      5. Mammoth class Combat Transport
      6. Militant Pilgrim class Combat Transport
      7. Ruqinzhe class Cavalry Regimental Transport

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Medium Combat Transport:

    1. Type IM class Medium Combat Transport
      1. Chapter class Battle Transport
      2. Irale class Brigade Transport

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Superheavy Combat Transport:

    1. Type IS class Superheavy Combat Transport
      1. No exemplar yet available.

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Troop Transport:

    1. Type IT class Troop Transport
      1. Caine class Troop Transport
      2. Dominion class Troop Transport
      3. Garrison class Troop Transport
      4. Gram class Troop Transport
      5. Heward class Troop Transport
      6. Ihatei class Transport
      7. Khas'ahi class Troop Transport
      8. Kitzukhan class Troop Transport
      9. Notorious class Troop Transport
      10. Ronkli class Combat Transport
      11. Sanlunche class Troop Transport
      12. Type MLSI class Military Landing Ship Infantry
      13. Un Vaeg class Troop Transport
      14. Vey class Troop Transport
      15. Yawl class Troop Carrier

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Combat Vehicle Transport:

    1. Type IV class Combat Vehicle Transport
      1. Fearless class Assault Transport
      2. McCrawley class Attack Transport
      3. Miranda class Military Transport
      4. Type 073 Yudao class Landing Ship
      5. Venters class Assault Ship
      6. Yoshvei class Assault Transport

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Combat Transport Smallcraft:

    1. Type UI class Combat Transport Smallcraft
      1. Aekguthand class Assault Cutter
      2. Assault Lander class Marine Gig
      3. Coeus class Assault Pinnace
      4. Gallant class Assault Shuttle
      5. Great Eastern class Troop Transport
      6. K'Bam class Assault Lander
      7. Kihrvak Platoon Drop Ship class Marine Cutter
      8. K'Slice class Attacker Tender
      9. Lowalaa class Assault Cutter
      10. Mal'Gnar class Assault Skiff
      11. Nirvana class Modular Dropship
      12. Paulos class Troop Transport
      13. Raptor class Combat Lander
      14. Slicer class Assault Shuttle
      15. Steffern class Assault Lander
      16. Sturmge class Assault Shuttle
      17. TC02 Grave Endeavor class Dropship
      18. TC04 Valkyrie class Dropship
      19. Type-1112 class Landing Boat
      20. Ziigusna class Military Pinnace

    Military Ship - Military Auxiliary - Boarding Craft - Smallcraft:

    1. Type UIB class Boarding Smallcraft
      1. Barrister's Gavel class Boarding Gig
      2. Gashka class Assault Craft AKA Agatha class Assault Craft
      3. Generic Modular Cutter with a Modular Cutter Module
      4. Great Eastern class Troop Transport
      5. Paulos class Troop Transport

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    Some of the most commonly used vessels in this role or these roles include:

    1 Representative Combat Transport (I) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Razruzhenye class Assault Carrier IAC 14 20,000 4 2 Solomani Confederation No TBD

    1 Representative Assault Transport (IA) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Razruzhenye class Assault Carrier IAC 14 20,000 4 2 Solomani Confederation No TBD

    0 Representative Combat Cargo Carrier (IC) Classes

    0 Representative Heavy Combat Transport (IH) Classes

    0 Representative Multipurpose Combat Transport (II) Classes

    0 Representative Light Combat Transport (IL) Classes

    0 Representative Medium Combat Transport (IM) Classes

    0 Representative Superheavy Combat Transport (IS) Classes

    0 Representative Troop Transport (IT) Classes

    0 Representative Vehicle Transport (IV) Classes

    0 Representative Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI) Classes

    0 Representative Boarding Craft (UIB) Classes

    References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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