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(5106 AD–Present): The Bright Conclave is a Polity of Halcyon Sector. It directly administers 6 star systems (the member worlds of the Bright Conclave) and effectively controls the worlds of the Hylan Spur. The state is commonly referred to as the Conclave and its citizens as "Clavers".

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Belgardian Sojourn Pre-Imperial Bs No standard code None
Belgardian Sojourn 1st Survey (300) Bs 2-ltr code None
Belgardian Sojourn 2nd Survey (1065) BlSo 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Bright Conclave is located in the Alasim Cluster, a small group of systems on the spinward-rimward edge of Halcyon Sector. It is a cosmopolitan center of learning and the hub of a strong trading network. It lies at the spinward end of the Long Line Star Lane.


The Bright Conclave's overt goals are to improve the standard of living for its citizens. It achieves this through technological advancement and social responsibility. It seeks stability and prosperity and sees itself as upholding the true values and morals of old Terra.


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Interstellar Relations[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Government & Politics[edit]

The Bright Conclave is a progressive and liberal state. It is cosmopolitan and prides itself on its openness and fairness.


The capital system of the Bright Conclave is Selasia (0436 Halcyon).

Head of State:[edit]

The ceremonial head of state is the Patriarch.

Governmental Structure[edit]

The government of the Conclave is the College, a meritocracy where only those of proven ability are elected to power – the vast majority of its members are academics drawn from the University of Selasia.

The College is supported by an extensive bureaucracy divided into different Departments.

Laws and Justice[edit]

The laws that are in force within the Bright Conclave are generally considered to be moderate. The judicial system of the Bright Conclave primarily takes on legal cases that fall outside of the individual jurisdictions of its member worlds.

  • Openly carrying weapons within urban areas is considered to be unacceptable on all of the member worlds of the Conclave.


In line with the democratic principle of the separation of powers, the Bright Conclave judiciary - although its members are state employees - is independent of the College, the state's legislative authority.

There are two judicial channels:

  • those dealing with civil litigation (Low Courts), and
  • those dealing with criminal offences (High Courts)

Bright Conclave courts are presided over by Magistrates, almost all of whom have graduated from Faculty of Law at the University of Selasia. Criminal court proceedings are inquisitorial in nature, with the Magistrate who is appointed to the case and their legal team assessing the details and evidence and deciding whether it should come to court. Advocates represent the prosecution and the defense in the court, and the Magistrate arbitrates between them, until guilt or innocence is determined by the balance of evidence and interpretation of the law.

Civil litigation is dealt with by a court known as a Low Tribunal, while criminal litigation is dealt with by a court known as a High Tribunal. Commercial and business law, particularly when it concerns extraterritorial organisations, is administered through Commercial Tribunals. Complaints or litigation concerning public officials in the exercise of their office are heard in special Administrative Tribunals.

The Bright Conclave judicial system does not use juries. There is a fundamental right of appeal in all cases, no matter how clear-cut they might seem: appeals are heard in a Court of Appeal. In exceptional circumstances, judgments of the Appeal Court can be contested at the highest level, the Supreme Court.

Those found guilty of crimes are sentenced according to the severity of their transgression. Minor misdemeanours may face a punitive fine and the requirement to carry out public service, typically a menial chore such as gathering trash or painting walls. More serious crimes may incur a period of imprisonment, often in a specialist orbital facility. Assets may be seized. The Bright Conclave does not carry out executions.


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Personal Freedom:[edit]

The state lets its citizens live their lives as they see fit, within reasonable limits. It trusts the domestic security of its member worlds to deal with most threats, but provides support when necessary in the form of various governmental Bureaus and, rarely, by direct military intervention. Within the Bright Conclave free speech is an important right, and the media is a powerful force able to sway public opinion and political decisions.


Significant populations of the following sophont species are found within the Bright Conclave:

  • Native Non-Human Races:
    • Hoppers: 1.9 million (0.06% of the population). Hives can be found within most large human population centers.
    • Esaran: 1.2 million (0.04% of the population). Cantons dispersed through human areas.
    • Temelik: 120,000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Widely dispersed through human areas. The Bright Conclave has the highest concentration of Temelik outside of Iasanu, their Homeworld.
    • Meroquan: 60,000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Small communities can be found within large population centers.
    • Edur: 7000 (less than 0.01% of the population). Entirely concentrated on Selasia.

Linguistic Topography[edit]

The following languages are among the most commonly spoken within the Bright Conclave:

Culture and Society[edit]

  • Homogeneity: D (Fragmented)
  • Acceptance: A (Very Friendly)
  • Strangeness: 5
  • Symbols: D

The citizens of the Bright Conclave see themselves as educated and cultured, with cosmopolitan views and an innate sense of style and taste. Difference and debate are common and encouraged and strangers are generally welcomed. Their preferred lifestyle is depicted as one of fine food, good wine, sleek personal vehicles and spacious, pleasant homes, set against a backdrop of communities made idyllic by technological achievements and enriched by fine architecture and public works of art. Clavers are considered to be snappy dressers, sporting the latest styles and effortlessly wearing high fashion – these garments, while (briefly) popular, are often bizarre.

Outsiders don't quite see Clavers the same way. Bright Conclave males in particular are seen as being overly macho and always playing up their masculinity to a ridiculous degree. Clavers are generally regarded as arrogant and opinionated, always ready to correct somebody.

Clinical and bureaucratic, cold and uncaring, decisions made on an academic or statistical basis rather than the unique needs of the individual.


Within the Bright Conclave there is a great deal of interest in psionics. Psionic institutes exist but are relatively low key and usually attached to a seat of learning or medical facility. Individuals with psi abilities must be officially registered, many people choose to wear psi shield helmets, and buildings are routinely shielded. Police forces have specialist psi units to investigate psionic crime and assist other investigations.

Social Status[edit]

General overview of social status:

Social Status
Soc Equivalency
0 Prisoner, outcast
1–9 Citizen
A Citizen-Emeritus
B Constable of the Conclave
C Associate of the Conclave
D Fellow of the Conclave
E Fellow-Emeritus of the Conclave
F Warden of the Conclave
G Patriarch of the Conclave

Military and Intelligence[edit]

The armed forces are referred to as the Militia. Each member system within the Bright Conclave maintains its own military forces, equipped and organised to local standards. The Conclave draws its state military forces from among units existing in these armies, with their equipment upgraded as necessary. The uniforms of the Bright Conclave are particularly well tailored and feature more decorations and detailing than is normal for service equipment.

The Conclave military forces are dedicated and professional, with a high level of training and almost complete standardisation of components. The Conclave maintains a discreet military presence in each of its member systems. The armed forces are generally only visible when it benefits public relations or when it is truly necessary.

Selasia is the main ship building center of the Conclave with a capacity of 880,000 dTons at TL–12. There is a Conclave Military Base located within the Selasia system. Rysos contributes massive man-power reserves and large amounts of military hardware, should the need arise.


Despite their professionalism, the Bright Conclave armed forces are the source of ridicule across the Distant Fringe, reputed to "have more reversing controls than forward controls" on their armored vehicles and considered likely to "surrender at the first opportunity" in the face of any kind of opposition. Such opinions seem to have originated in the defeats of the Associations War, when mercenary forces employed by Bright Expansion showed a notable reluctance to fight. Conclave soldiers don't react well to these sort of comments.

Current assets include:

Selasia Garrison[edit]

Troop Strength:[edit]

  • Army: 1,200 battalions in 12 army corps (used for defense, not mobilized).
  • Marines: 120 battalions composed of Conclave Armored Marine Troops in 6 marine divisions
Rysos Assault Sled (TL 11, 4 dTons)
Bright Conclave Grav Tank
Bright Conclave APC


The Bright Conclave consolidated from the core trading area of Bright Expansion following the disastrous Associations War of 4998AD–5000AD and the humiliating peace terms that were imposed on the company.

The peace terms imposed on Bright Expansion in 5000AD left the Alasim Cluster and the surrounding systems under the company’s control. However, Bright Expansion had been forced to allow commercial competition, which gradually eroded its profits and its power. Internal reforms begun during the Associations War continued, often punctuated by civil uprisings.

Bright Expansion was forced to modernise and restructure itself, and in the process it handed more and more of its authority to civil agencies. It struggled on as a political entity for around a century, though more and more systems became independent of its control.

In 5102AD the systems of the Alasim Cluster drew up the Charter of Selasia, a treaty that formally removed Bright Expansion as a governmental authority in the region. The Charter also officially framed a series of mutual defense and economic agreements that existed among the worlds of the Cluster, and in 5106AD, using this as a foundation, the Charter worlds formally incorporated themselves as the Bright Conclave.


Physical (Astrography)[edit]

The following astrographic features and trade routes are associated with the Bright Conclave:

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