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Yimin Jiti is an interstellar state in central-rimward Halcyon Sector.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Belgardian Sojourn Pre-Imperial Bs No standard code None
Belgardian Sojourn 1st Survey (300) Bs 2-ltr code None
Belgardian Sojourn 2nd Survey (1065) BlSo 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Yimin Jiti means “Exiled Collective” in Jitsathu, the main spoken language. It is a small insular polity lying in the rimward half of Halcyon Sector. It is generally pacifistic and strongly traditional.

Government & Politics[edit]

The Yimin Jiti state is governed by the Yimi, a self-perpetuating order of psionic warriors and elders who protect and serve the citizens of the worlds they administer and ensure that age-old rulings, traditions, and wisdom are followed. Yimi is the Jitsathu word for Exile, and also the word for a wise elder.


Narit, a rich agricultural world lying within Veesene Subsector of Halcyon Sector. It is a peaceful and bucolic world and a great deal of resources have been expended to give the communities on its surface a neat, manicured and ordered appearance. The seat of government is the Onyx Citadel, a sprawling palace located on the island continent of Jaralu. The Sa Yimin and the Rulers meet in the Fortress of Sorrows.

Head of State:[edit]

Sa Yimin (The One in Shadow).

Governmental Structure[edit]

The Yimin Jiti state is governed by the Yimi, a self-perpetuating order of psionic warriors and elders who protect and serve the citizens of the worlds they administer and ensure that age-old rulings, traditions, and wisdom are followed. They are supported by an extensive bureaucracy.

The Yimi follow principles of tolerance, patience, understanding, and personal enlightenment. They are selected for their prowess whilst in childhood and are trained and educated in large Temple complexes by Elders. Those with physical prowess become warrior-savants charged with defending the worlds of Yimin Jiti, while those with intellectual aptitude administer the state and in turn become Elders.

Executive Branch[edit]

The head of state is the Sa Yimin, the One in Shadow. The incumbent is chosen for life from among an inner council made up of the Yim Ejasu, the Rulers of the Yimin Jiti state. The Sa Yimin and the Yim Ejasu are assisted by their attendants and staff, they are protected by their elite personal force of bodyguards, and they are supported by an extensive bureaucracy. They sit within the Fortress of Sorrows, a huge series of military compounds, to plan policy and strategy. The Fortress is heavily defended and includes a surface spaceport facility.

Legislative Branch[edit]

The fundamental values of the Yimin Jiti state are enshrined in the collected wisdom and teachings of the Yimi of ages past. These are drawn upon for precedent and guidance in all matters. The Yimi Ka, the Elders of Yimin Jiti society, periodically gather at the Hall of Columns within the Onyx Citadel on Narit to debate issues and to create and repeal laws. Oaths, debts, honor, and complex allegiances strongly influence decision making.

Laws and Justice[edit]

Judicial Branch:[edit]

Judicial structure of the state.


Laws within Yimin Jiti are strictly enforced and justice requires lawbreakers to materially repay their debt to society.

Personal Freedom:[edit]

No information yet available.


The honoring of ancient traditions, the maintenance and upkeep of the state, and the continuance of the wisdom and teachings of the Yimi.


The Yim, the spiral of stars. It is a traditional Yimi symbol of eternity, wisdom and patience.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

Armed neutrality.



The Yimin Jiti state has a total population of 4,140,720,000 sophonts:

  • Other Non-Human Races:
    • Esaran: 500,000 (0.012% of the population), primarily within the Athune system.
    • Hoppers: a sophont species native to Fedan in Far Home Sector. An estimated 7.87 million "Outer" Hoppers (0.19% of the population) reside within the Yimin Jiti state, inhabiting insular self-sufficient communities within established urban areas.
    • Meroquan: less than 2,000, widely distributed across the Yimin Jiti state.
    • Temelik: up to 10,000, widely distributed across the Yimin Jiti state.

Linguistic Topography[edit]

The following languages are among the most commonly spoken within the Yimin Jiti state:

Culture and Society[edit]

Communities within the Yimin Jiti state are built around plazas and parks and are centered on Yimi Temples, sprawling complexes that also serve as markets, schools, courts of law, and hospitals. Many are constructed to have a traditional appearance, seeming to be around TL-3. Where more advanced technology is included it is generally concealed.

Traditional costume, typically consisting of long robes and gowns, is favored. Openly carrying technological items is frowned upon and use of advanced technology is generally discouraged. The local populations don’t seek contact with “foreigners” and are generally happy to conduct all of their business through the Yimi.

Social Status[edit]

Yimi (meaning “Wise One” in Jitsathu) is a rank in its own right and is also a term applied to all members of the upper echelons of society, no matter what their exact rank.

Soc Title Yimin Jiti Rank
0 Melath Prisoner, Outcast
1–9 Yu Ctizen
A Yu-Juma First Citizen
B Yimi Wise One, Champion
C Yimi Ka Elder, Captain
D Ishu Yim Master, Commander
E Yim Rushu Lord, General, Admiral
F Yim Ejasu Ruler, Marshal
G Sa Yimin The One in Shadow

Military and Intelligence[edit]

Celestial Guardians[edit]

Ceremonial troops deployed as guards and security. They wear traditional uniforms and armor and they utilise archaic weapons (corresponding to approximately TL-3). Each member of the various Ceremonial Guard forces is equipped with discrete modern communications systems. Major Ceremonial Guard formations include:

  • Legion of the Golden Dragon (the personal guard of the Sa Yimi). Orange-yellow uniforms with golden ornamentation, swords.
    • Order of the Claw (the bodyguard of the Sa Yimi). Red uniforms with golden ornamentation, swords.
  • Jade Legion (principally using ranged weapons, detachments attached to other units). Green uniforms, light armor.
  • Onyx Legion (principally using melee weapons, assigned to Yimi temples). Black uniforms with silver ornamentation.
  • Steel Legion (principally using melee weapons, assigned to Governmental sites). Grey uniforms, heavy armor, polearms.
  • Amethyst Legion (principally using melee weapons, assigned as needed). Purple uniforms.

Tactical and Strategic Forces[edit]

Yimi Strategic Command

The Yimin Jiti state fields modern military forces, equipped to TL-9 standards for reserve formations and TL-11 for regular formations. They are referred to as the TSF (Tactical and Strategic Forces). TSF units are almost never seen in the communities of the Yimin Jiti state, being stationed at remote bases when not on active duty. When soldiers are on leave or return to their homes they wear traditional costume.

Unit Sizes

  • Field Army; Legion; Division; Regiment; Battalion; Company
    • Brigade: special forces and reconnaissance units.
  • Armored, Mechanised and Lift units. Planetary Defense Units. Close Orbit and Airspace Command. Maritime Forces.

The TSF are skilled, well trained and well led. Their uniforms and equipment are efficiently designed, plain, and are broadly similar to those of any other military organisation found within the Distant Fringe. All troops are equipped with protective equipment, vision enhancement gear and communication systems. Units have access to a broad range of support including vessels, aircraft, a variety of vehicles and specialist support weapons, and all of the other paraphernalia of a modern military organisation.

See also Armed Forces of the Yimin Jiti.

The Shu[edit]

The intelligence agency of the Yimin Jiti state.

Physical Astrography[edit]

The major trade routes and astrographic features of the Yimin Jiti state include:

Traces & Clusters[edit]

Trade Routes[edit]

Other Astrographic Features[edit]


  • Basilisk's Eye (1723 Tarchon Sector). The extremely luminous white supergiant primary star of the system, lying around 150 parsecs to coreward-trailing, can be clearly seen from all of the worlds lying within Halcyon Sector.
  • Demon's Eye (1621 Far Home Sector). The intensely luminous blue supergiant star, lying around 25 parsecs to trailing, can be clearly seen from all of the worlds lying within Halcyon Sector.

World Listing:[edit]

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Athune  •  Durt  •  Leedos  •  Monados  •  Narit  •  Temarn  •  
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History & Background[edit]

No information yet available.


  • 4850AD: Origins of the Yimin Jiti state.
  • 5350AD: Formation of the Yimin Jiti state.

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