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A Star Lane is any major interstellar trade or transit route of the Distant Fringe.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Star Lanes are chains of stars that can be followed by vessels equipped with jump-2 DeVoss drives. They link areas that are economically productive, and most Star Lanes see very high volumes of traffic.

  • The systems that they pass through are generally thriving and developing.
  • Transport and Logistics companies ply their trade along them, operating huge commercial starships and carrying vast amounts of cargo.
  • Security organisations provide commercial fleet escort services to vessels travelling along Star Lanes.

Image Repository[edit]

A map showing the relative importance of different regions of the Distant Fringe and the Star Lanes that connect them.

  • It closely parallels the core operating areas of many large corporations.

Importance-Map-Distant-Fringe Ade-Stewart 20-Oct-2019.png

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Most Clusters of stars are occupied by interstellar Polities.

  • Most Polities subsidize internal trade. Some Star Lanes cross through clusters, but most circumvent them.
  • Clusters are frequently served by cost-efficient jump-1 vessels.
  • The less developed systems lying on Star Lanes are often served by Gas Traders and the Recovery Trade. They may occasionally see the appearance of a Nomad Port, particularly if the world produces a seasonal commodity.

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Many systems and worlds are located throughout the sectors of this astrographic feature.

Star Lane Network[edit]

Between Halcyon and Far Home Sectors[edit]

Halcyon Sector[edit]

Far Home Sector[edit]

The "Missing Link"[edit]

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