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The Worlds of The Leader is a polity located in Far Home Sector.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Worlds of The Leader Pre-Imperial WoLe No standard code None
Worlds of The Leader 1st Survey (300) WL 2-ltr code None
Worlds of The Leader 2nd Survey (1065) WoTL 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Worlds of The Leader occupies the systems of the Krayal Trace, a small cluster of stars. Its name is usually abbreviated to "WoTL".


The Worlds of The Leader maintains a claim to being the legitimate heirs to The Empire and all of its territory and resources. They do not recognise the legitimacy of the Protectorate of Leset and ultimately seek to overthrow that state, replacing it with their own direct rule. The state has also laid claim to – and seized – a number of systems to rimward with a view to exploiting their natural resources: these are collectively known as the Occupied Territories and are under the auspices of military governors.


Two silver discs on a black field, one smaller and slightly obscured by the larger, with a golden lightning bolt bisecting the larger disc.

  • Different colour discs, lightning and field, different designs of lightning, and varying numbers of discs denote different military and civil branches.
  • A lightning bolt is the standard military symbol.


Seat of Government:[edit]

The Eyrie, a fortified mountain complex located within a vast private estate on Urcor. The estate is protected at all times by a large cadre of elite troops equipped with the most modern weapons systems, including powerful planetary defense installations. The estate includes private spaceport facilities.

Head of State:[edit]

The Leader, a reclusive and solitary figure, typically drawn from among the membership of High Command. The Leader nominates their own successor. By tradition, The Leader is a human female: the population typically refer to her as "Nani", the Orometi word for Grandmother. She has an extensive personal retinue and an intensely loyal unit of bodyguards.

Government Structure:[edit]

The Worlds of the Leader is defined as a non-charismatic dictatorship. It is intensely bureaucratic and militaristic.

Executive and Legislative Branches:[edit]

The Leader directly controls the government from the Eyrie. She is advised and guided by two factions, the Inner Circle and the High Command. Proclamations and rulings are issued from the Eyrie and become the law of the state. The leader tends to make snap decisions and frequently displays knee-jerk responses to complex situations.

The Inner Circle is a small but fractious group of favorites and experts. Although they wield extraordinary influence and power, membership of the Inner Circle is extremely tenuous, and favorites have become condemned traitors on no more than a rumour.
The High Command is the military leadership of the Worlds of The Leader.
The Directorate[edit]

A chamber made up of the head of each bureaucratic department and reporting directly to The Leader. It is responsible for the administration of the state. Many members of The Directorate are also members of the Inner Circle.

  • Although there is intense rivalry between the Inner Circle, the High Command and The Directorate, a machiavellian web of alliances and understandings exists, enabling them to protect their own interests and follow rational policies and programs despite the meddling of The Leader.

Judicial Branch:[edit]

Prosecutors: The Worlds of the Leader maintains a tight (though largely covert) grip on the legal processes on each of its member systems. Although it allows each individual world to maintain their own legal system, state authorities will intervene if they feel that it is warranted. Prosecutors, judges who rule on cases that cannot be dealt with locally, are chosen by The Leader. Prosecutors are supported and advised by the Office of Litigation, part of the bureaucracy.

Those found guilty of crimes are generally imprisoned, often in orbital facilities. There are labour camps throughout the territory of the Worlds that are promoted as being places of rehabitalation, though access to them is severely restricted. Some crimes call for capital punishment – the state makes a spectacle of executions in order to deter others from crime.

Supporting Bureaucracy:[edit]

The bureaucracy is divided into Departments. It has a hierarchical structure, with each department operating as a semi-autonomous office of state and between them controlling all aspects of life. Inter-departmental friction is common and has on occasion led to violence.

  • Each Department administers one major aspect of life within the Worlds of The Leader. Departments include the Ministry of Offworld Affairs, the Department of the Interior, the Department for Public Enlightenment, the Department of Finance, the Ministry of Economics, the Office of Litigation, the Department of Labor, the Office of Education and Science, the Department of Logistics, the Commission for Communications, and the Department of Culture.

The head of each Department is theoretically appointed on the basis of their skill and experience, though in reality appointments are as much about influence and political manoeuvering as talent. The head of each Department sits on The Directorate and effectively controls a personal feifdom, though it is a hazardous position: failure is not well received within the Worlds and they can quickly lose favor and their position. Each Department strives to outshine others, by any means necessary.

Each Department has various internal bureaus and maintains its own paramilitary forces, ostensibly to provide security within its facilities though some are in fact private armies. There are a number of independent Agencies charged with duties such as internal security and gathering intelligence. The armed forces, controlled by the High Command, are theoretically independent from the Directorate and answer directly to The Leader, though in practice a complex set of agreements, understandings and protocols serves to allow interactions regarding mundane matters without involving the Leader.

Office of Vigilance:[edit]

The state intelligence service of the Worlds of The Leader, with responsibility for quelling internal dissent, gathering extra-territorial intelligence, and undertaking covert actions. They are commonly called Vigs. They often work closely with local police authorities. Their agents have a reputation for efficiency and brutality and are widely despised. The Office of Vigilance maintains bureaus on all member systems of the WoTL and throughout the Occupied Territories, and has an extensive network of agents, secret facilities and safe-houses throughout Far Home Sector.

  • The primary activity of the Office of Vigilance is the eradication of Mantlerism within the Worlds of The Leader.

Culture and Society:[edit]

The Worlds of the Leader are perceived as an efficient and clean society, though rather unimaginative and humourless. There is an entrenched upper social class, descended from Fives, who fill many senior positions. The Worlds has a strong tradition of classical music and great literature. Much of the art that originates in the Worlds is austere, modernist, and idealistic. Many high-ranking officials are descended from the old ruling classes of The Empire. There is a disproportionately high percentage of Fives, descended from individuals who fled Mantlerist persecution.

The Worlds are given to displays of military pomp and state-sponsored parades, celebrations and rallies. A large percentage of the state budget goes towards defense and internal security, and the military is frequently seen. Citizens are encouraged to join and support organisations such as youth clubs and public works groups. Flags and banners bearing the logo of the Worlds adorn most large structures.

Personal Freedom:[edit]

The Worlds of the Leader is considered to be an authoritarian state. It actively promotes the laws and traditions of its subject worlds provided that they are not in opposition to its own rulings and decrees. It restricts information, influences the media, and routinely tracks the activities of its citizens. Those found in contravention of state laws are visited by Vigs and may face investigation, interrogation, and unlimited detention.


Government officials and those in authority generally wear military dress uniform, usually with rank insignia and decorations prominently displayed. In contrast, it is traditional for the Leader to adopt less formal attire, generally being seen in plain suits or traditional costume. Many lesser officials favour long coats, peaked caps and polished boots.


The Worlds of The Leader suffers from a permanent shortage of food, and imported foodstuffs command premium prices. While nobody is actually starving, hunger is horribly commonplace and rationing of most foodstuffs is in force. However, wealth and influence dramatically affect access to basic commodities, and this marked inequality has given an opening to Mantlerist groups seeking to exploit social and economic divisions.

  • The Leader has granted sweeping powers to law enforcement authorities in order to combat profiteering and shut down the black market.

Social Status[edit]

Soc General Social Status WoTL Rank
0 Convict Prisoner, outcast
1 Underclass Citizen
2–5 Lower Class
6–9 Middle Class
A Upper Class Guardian of Order
B Old Family, Celebrity Defender of Order
C Social Elite, Major Celebrity Champion of the Worlds
D Companion of the Worlds
E Old Terran Family Warden of the Worlds
F Old Terran Nobility Marshal of the Worlds
G The Leader


The Glorious Leader's Defense Forces are the military forces of the Worlds of The Leader. They are subordinate to The Leader, the supreme executive of the state.

  • The Worlds of The Leader leases approximately 800,000 dTons of military starships, including major capital vessels, from the Firstworlds: their crews are also trained within that state.
  • The Firstworlds has large numbers of "military advisors" embedded within the Worlds of The Leader navy.


Krayal is a poor industrialised hellworld with a high population.

Population 2,000,000,000, TL 8
Domestic Military: 4,000 professional Battalions organised into 180 divisions and various supporting and specialist units.
Citizen Militia: up to 8,000 Battalions of locally raised "volunteer" troops, equipped and supplied to varying standards.


Paratha is a poor hellworld.

Population: 70,000,000, TL 6
Domestic Military: 21 battalions organised into 3 combat brigades and various supporting units.
Paratha Combat Brigades


Urcor is an ice-capped vacuum world. It is the capital of the Worlds of The Leader and the site of the polity's only class A starport.

Population 10,000,000, TL 11
Domestic Military: Army: 120 battalions organised into 6 divisions; Marines: 12 battalions
All troops undertake protected forces training and operate sealed grav vehicles with life support.

Glorious Leader's Benevolent Patrol Flotilla:[edit]

The Glorious Leader's Benevolent Patrol Flotilla forms part of the Glorious Leader's Defense Forces.

The Leader's domestic warships are constructed at Urcor, which has a port capacity of 10,000 dTons. Operational squadrons are formed as necessary.


Inselm is an ice-capped vacuum world. It is the site of a major military and naval facility.

Population 40,000, TL B
Domestic Military: Army: 1 Company; Marines: 1 Platoon
Stationed Forces: Army and Marines: up to 100 Battalions; Naval: up to 800,000 dTons of Firstworlds warships and support vessels.
All troops undertake protected forces training and operate sealed grav vehicles with life support.

Inselm Security Squadron

The Inselm Security Squadron consists of:

  • The Five, a small squadron of native-built fighter/interceptors stationed in orbit.
8 dTon TL 11 Inselm Mark Five Class Fighters

Common Military Vehicles:[edit]

A number of common designs of military vehicle are utilised within the Worlds of The Leader:

TL 11 The Glorious Leader's Grav Tanks
TL 11 The Glorious Leader's Grav SPGs



The region now controlled by the Worlds of The Leader originally formed part of a large polity called the Empire. That state suffered increasing internal problems until it finally fractured into civil war in 5476AD. The majority of The Empire’s territory, after fierce and prolonged fighting, eventually fell under the control of a faction that became the Protectorate of Leset, a Mantlerist state. The spinward worlds of the Empire, occupying the Krayal Trace, provided a safe haven for Fives and other senior figures.

Faced with the imminent threat of invasion by the Protectorate, the worlds of the Krayal Trace formed the League of Krayal. It received military and financial support from the Firstworlds and staggered on as a polity until 5517AD, when its chaotic ruling junta was overthrown in a military-backed coup.

The coup, orchestrated by a shadowy media-shy figure known as The Leader, rapidly removed the old regime and instituted the Worlds of the Leader as a state. Despite some limited internal resistance and covert interference from the Protectorate, the WoTL was able to establish its sovereignty. The coup was almost certainly funded and supported by the Firstworlds' intelligence agency, the CIB.

Political Lineage[edit]

Ordered List:

  1. The Empire: 5050AD–5476AD.
  2. League of Krayal: 5477AD–5517AD.
  3. Worlds of the Leader: 5517AD–present.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

Capital/s: 1105[edit]

The capital/s of this polity is/are located in the following location/s:

Political Astrography[edit]

The Worlds of The Leader is located in the Arodir and Ras Tennol Subsectors of Far Home Sector.

  • The Worlds of The Leader contains 6 systems with a population of 2.08 billion.
    • The highest population is 2 billion, at Krayal.
    • The highest tech level is 11, at Inselm and Urcor.
    • The capital is located at Urcor.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are a part of this polity:

6 of 6 World articles in Worlds of The Leader
Gorine  •  Inselm  •  Krayal  •  Paratha  •  Taraque  •  Urcor  •  
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