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(5184AD – Present). The Rimward Federation is a polity of Far Home Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Rimward Federation is a mutual assistance and trade alliance.


  • Expansion of mercantile interests
  • Accumulation of profit

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Rimward Federation was formed from worlds settled and developed by the Rimward Opportunities Development Organization.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

Intense dislike of the Sath

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

Brief summary of the politics of the state


The capital system Dal Hallen (1428 Far Home).

The seat of government is Central Administration, located in the orbital city of Prime.

Head of State:[edit]

First Jerent of the Rimward Federation.

Governmental Structure[edit]

The First Jerent is advised by the Board, a private council who meet in the Chamber of the Jerent. They are drawn from among experts and authorities from across the Federation. The First Jerent and the Board are supported by the High Command and an extensive bureaucracy.

The Board is divided into various Offices, including the Office of Interstellar Relations, the Office of Communications, the Department of Trade, the Office of Finance, and the Office of Logistics.


Assembly of the Federation: The debating chamber of the Federation member worlds. It is made up of representatives chosen from each world. The Quemm, full members of the Federation, generally choose not to attend the Assembly. The members of the Assembly consider important issues, generally with regard for the world that they represent, and offer their conclusions, appeals and demands to the First Jerent.

The Guard: The Guard are a paramilitary authority that has sweeping powers within the Federation.

The Worlds: The governments of each of the member worlds run their own affairs, provided that they adhere to the Terms of Incorporation. Member worlds of the Federation receive dividends and support from the Federal Government in return for their support of the Federations' aims. Each member world provides military formations to the High Command and allows the Guard, a paramilitary police authority that enforces Federation law, to operate within their borders.


The Terms of Incorporation, a complex written constitution with various amendments, forms the legal foundation of the Rimward Federation. It clearly frames the powers of the state, the powers of individual worlds, and areas where there is mutual responsibility. An amendment recognises and ratifies the Rissa Accords.


Assessors, who sit in Central Justice on Prime, form the judiciary of the Federation and pronounce verdict on those found guilty of crimal offenses. They are supported by legal experts and an extensive bureaucracy and work closely with the Guard.

Those found guilty of minor crimes are fined or required to work to repay their debt to society. Such work is usually manual labour, though those with particular talents may be assigned alternative duties. Those guilty of more serious transgressions may be detained in privately funded prisons or publicly funded labour camps. The Federation does not conduct executions.

Personal Freedom:[edit]

Citizens of the Federation enjoy considerable freedom. Free speech is encouraged and the media is powerful and inflential. Trade is minimally regulated.


The population of the Rimward Federation is approximately 11.08 billion.

Linguistic Topography[edit]

The main spoken language is Meranto. Many citizens also speak Anglish and Padori.

Culture and Society[edit]

HASS values

  • Homogeneity: 7 (Discordant)
  • Acceptance: B (Extremely friendly)
  • Strangeness: 3
  • Symbols: 9

Citizens of the Rimward Federation see themselves as a society of merchants and traders, shrewd and financially conscientious, able to drive a hard bargain and make a good profit. Outsiders tend to view the Federation as greedy and acquisitive, putting profits before people.

Social Status[edit]

General overview of social status.

Social Status
Soc Equivalency
0 Prisoner, outcast
1 Underclass
2–6 Lower Class
7–9 Middle Class
A Celebrity, old family
B–D Social elite, old family, former minor Corolian nobility
E Former Corolian nobility
F Old Terran 'Five' family
G Jerant of the Rimward Federation


The Federation maintains a small navy.

Dal Hallen[edit]

Dal Hallen: (1428 Far Home) A485736-A Military Base

  • Port Capacity 60,000 dTons

Dal Hallen is the main port of the Rimward Federation. Its forces include small numbers of Quemm. Its troops are equipped to TL–10 standards.

Troop Strength:[edit]

  • Army: 150 Battalions in three Corps
  • Marines: 15 Battalions in three Marine Regimental Combat Teams
Rimward Federation 2T Air Raft
Rimward Federation 6T SPG ACV


Fleet Assets include:

Pel Avena[edit]

Pel Avena (1528 Far Home) B102243-9 TL–9 Military Base

Pel Avena is the site of a major military base. It is a major military marshaling zone and training area. It has a small permanent population, largely made up individuals providing services to the armed forces.

Troop Strength:[edit]

  • One Army Company
  • One Marine Platoon
    • all these units are elite special forces trained and equipped as protected forces.

Naval Assets:[edit]


Peset (1728 Far Home) B000645-B Military Base

Troop Strength:[edit]

  • Army: 12x Battalions
  • Marines: 1x Battalion
    • all these forces are trained in zero-G combat and equipped with zero-G weapons. Their combat harnesses have EVA maneuver packs with integrated weapon systems.

Naval Assets:[edit]


Lias (world) Far Home 1629 B877978-9

Troop Strength:[edit]

  • Army: 15,000 Battalions in 30 Field Armies
  • Marines: 620 Battalions in 31 Marine Divisions
    • these forces use sealed vehicles with life support and infantry is equipped with filter masks.

Naval Assets:[edit]

Each of the nine member world is equipped with at least twenty squadrons, or 200 of these ships for security and customs duties.

Historical data[edit]

Early History: 4570AD–4933AD[edit]

The rimward half of Far Home sector had always been something of a backwater, sparsely settled and under-exploited. With few pre-Dark Age remains and little by way of richly laden merchant shipping, the area was relatively unaffected by either Scavenger Season or the Golden Age.

Rimward Management: 4933AD-5042AD[edit]

During the Renaissance the area was claimed by the newly-formed Rimward Opportunities development organisation, a corporate venture begun by a group of disgruntled executives displaced by a power struggle within Tal Varisan Development.

Rimward Opportunities divided its territory into five separate Directorates, each controlled by an Operations Director. The richest and most productive of these was the Pel Avena Directorate, which occupied the Pel Avena Cluster. The other four Directorates of Rimward Opportunities always struggled to break even, let alone produce a surplus. Head Office poured the resources of Pel Avena into them, but these materials and funds were very often squandered on failed projects or simply stolen. Very few of those precious resources were spent on the Directorate that had generated them.

As feelings of resentment and neglect grew within the Pel Avena Directorate, its officials launched a series of "private ventures" to covertly improve their domestic budget. Regular trade was established with New Frontiers and the worlds of the Pador-Aredian Cluster to trailing, with Pel Avena even going as far as using vessels chartered from New Frontiers to transport their produce and their staff. The benefits to the worlds and facilities within the Cluster were rapid and noticeable.

Autonomy: 5042AD-5183AD[edit]

Head Office eventually became aware of Pel Avena's activities and dispatched Security forces to the cluster to bring its systems back in line; they were met with strong system defense forces and large numbers of locally raised militia. In the face of such overwhelming resistance the Security forces chose to withdraw - they weren't being paid to fight an actual war.

Instead, and from a humiliatingly weakened position, Rimward Opportunities was forced to initiate negotiations with Pel Avena, eventually drawing up an agreement that effectively made the Directorate a self-governing autonomous zone. Pel Avena, in return, agreed to pay an annual dividend. Rimward Opportunities never overcame its financial issues and, having lost its primary asset, folded in 5180AD. The worlds of each of the four remaining Directorates became independent. Pel Avena, however, continued much as before, though they now retained the annual dividend for their own use.

Federation: 5184AD-Present[edit]

Officials and experts drew up the Terms of Incorporation between 5181AD and 5183AD. They were ratified on New Year's Day in 5184AD, officially dissolving the Pel Avena Directorate and formally bringing the Rimward Federation into existence.

The Federation, far from the coreward battlefields, played little part in the Scybrian Wars. Firstworlds vessels were certainly active within Federation systems during the Grand Campaign, though there are no records of encounters with Federation ships. The Federation has a small population of Sath, descended from refugees displaced during the Sath Diaspora. Sath raiders have attacked Federation shipping operating along The Descent.

World timeline[edit]

  • 5184AD: Federation founded

Physical (Astrography)[edit]

The following astrographic features are associated with the Rimward Federation:

World Listing:[edit]

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