Scybrian Wars

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The Scybrian Wars were a series of conflicts that engulfed the coreward half of the Distant Fringe between 5344AD and 5489AD.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The combatants in the Scybrian Wars were the central axis of the Scybrian Polyarchy and the Nist Cluster against the allied forces of the Firstworlds and the Corolian Jurisdicture. The conflicts ultimately led to the collapse of the Polyarchy, the ratification of the Rissa Accords, and the establishment of the High Senate. The wars are divided into three distinct phases:

History & Background[edit]

Early War[edit]

Major events included the Corolian Border Wars (5344AD–5366AD), the Haden Insurgency, (5349AD–5392AD), the Short Peace (5366AD–5382AD), the Nist War (5382AD–5390AD), and the Long Peace (5390AD–5423AD). The conflicts of the early war period were largely fought within the coreward and central regions of Halcyon Sector and was characterised by small-scale engagements, primarily between the Scybrian Polyarchy and the Corolian Jurisdicture.


Major events included the Scybrian Hidden War (5414AD–5435AD), the Rimward Campaigns (5421AD–5435AD), the First Rissa War (5423AD–5435AD), the False Peace (5435AD–5442AD), The Invasion (5442AD–5449AD), the Occupation (5449AD–5473AD), the Salatho Uprising (5445AD–5454AD), and the Rissa Armistice 5449AD–5460AD. The mid-war period saw broad campaigns and attritional fighting that involved the Firstworlds, the Scybrian Polyarchy, and the Corolian Jurisdicture.

Late War[edit]

Major events included the Second Rissa War (5460AD–5465AD), the Forced Peace (5465AD–5473AD), the War of Corolian Liberation (5473AD–5483AD), The Grand Campaign (5484AD–5488AD), and the Siege of Scybria (5488AD–5489AD). The late war period saw intense fighting and the ultimate defeat of the Scybrian Polyarchy. The Scybrian Wars ended with the signing of the Rissa Accords (5489AD).


Those areas broadly affected by the Scybrian Wars are known as the Conflict Zone. Munitions, wreckage, and even Sophont remains dating from the wars can still be found.

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