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Tal Varisan Development was a Development Organization active the spinward-coreward quadrant of Far Home Sector.

  • Usually abbreviated to T.V.D.

Description / Specifications[edit]

TVD was formed around 4830AD, during the late Renaissance, with the aim of developing the systems under its jurisduction, primarily the territory controlled by the former Third Confederation. It was privately owned and funded. Its operations were guided by The Council, a loose association of business interests and experts, but even major decisions were left to local managers. It set about building a trading network.

TVD was instrumental in founding the Firstworlds, which came into being in 5116AD.

Period Active[edit]




  • TVD Head Office, located at Tal Varisa, within the Risa Cluster.
    • Financial Depository
    • Board of Planning and Policy


  • Department of Internal Development
  • Department of Outland Development
  • Bureau of Sophont Affairs
  • Bureau of Trade
  • Office of Safety

Subsector Listing[edit]

Tal Varisan Development was active within the following Subsectors:


Clashed with New Frontiers Development Organization in Arodir Subsector.

Clashed with Rimward Opportunities Development Organization in Demon's Eye Subsector.

Clashed with Scybrian Settlement Development Organization in Abidal Subsector.

Ongoing hostility and conflict with Scavenger groups.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

T.V.D conflicted with Scybrian Settlement, particularly in the Rissa Gateway region, and to trailing it violently clashed with Scavengers picking over the remains of the Dark Age. The organisation rarely did well in such situations, and in response it underwent radical reforms, becoming far more formal and bureaucratic. An official Security branch, charged with defending the organisations’ assets and personnel, was inaugurated in 4876AD. Throughout the 50th century T.V.D Security was able to suppress pirate activity, though spiraling defense budgets seriously affected the organisations’ profits.

During its existence T.V.D carried out extensive resettlement programs and was known for its sensitive approach when recontacting isolated worlds and societies. T.V.D lost funding and impetus as its core areas saw increasing competition from rival businesses and it went into serious decline. In 5116AD its assets were sold, its formal offices were dissolved, and its shareholders received their final dividend.

Major Historical Events Timeline[edit]

  • 4830AD: Tal Varisan Development founded.
  • 5116AD: Core regions became the Firstworlds.

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