Sath Diaspora

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ca 5450AD. An exodus of displaced Sath from their traditional worlds during an intense period of internecine warfare.

Description / Specifications[edit]

Conflict among the Sath began with the death of the Issh't'ka Sak'akh Ik (5382AD–5446AD), a powerful ruler who united the Sath Factions. His successor Issh't'ka Kaha Khas (5394AD–5449AD) was weak and indecisive and the various Factions began squabbling among themselves.

History & Background[edit]

Issh't'ka Kaha Khas, already elderly, found the stress of leadership an impossible strain and died relatively quickly. With no clear successor, the position of Issh't'ka remained vacant. The infighting became a full-blown civil war as rival Sath factions sought to have their own candidate installed as the Shadow Emperor.

Early Settlement[edit]

Many smaller Factions found themselves subject to persecution from more powerful groups. Faced with the stark choice of annihilation or fleeing, many chose to leave Sath territory. Most of the refugees chose to settle within the region known as the Hell Worlds, though a very few travelled as far as The Descent to spinward, and into the Pador-Aredian Cluster to coreward. The Diaspora was met with hostility from the human populations of those worlds.

The Sath refugees, preferring different environmental conditions to humans, were able to find locations on the relatively lightly populated human worlds where they could settle. Their intention was not to remain there for long. Sath populations on human worlds remained isolated and backward, refusing to accept assistance from the human populations and reacting violently to human incursions into territories that they had declared to be their own.

Later Settlement[edit]

Sath remained.

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