Paulos class Troop Transport

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Paulos class Troop Transport
Paulos-Troop-Transport-CT-THUMB-P-Jaquays-Supp-9-pg-24 07-Sept-2019c.png
The nose and bridge of a Paulos class Troop Transport.
Type: UI Troop Transport
Agility 3
Also see Combat Transport - Combat Transport Smallcraft
Architect Timothy B. Brown
Blueprint No
Canon Yes. Published, canon starship design.
Cargo X Tons
Cost MCrX
Crew X
Enlisted X
Officers X
EOS Still in active service.
Era 1105
Hardpoints X
Hull TBD Hull
Illustration Yes
IOC Unknown
Jump J-0
Maneuver 3 G
Manufacturer Various
Marines X
Model Model/TBD
Origin Third Imperium
Passengers X High/Med X Low
Reference TBD
Size 50 Tons
Size-cat Smallcraft
Streamlining Streamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–X
Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard.

The Paulos class Troop Transport is a combatant smallcraft.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Comments: The 50-ton troop transport was designed and produced by the Imperial Navy to meet a long-established need for deployment of troops from orbit to world surface. The 50-ton limit on displacement allows the craft to be deployed on ships having standard 50-ton launch tubes.

Each troop transport can carry 50 combat-ready troops from orbit to planet in a matter of minutes. The 10 ton cargo bay allows the simultaneous transport of vehicles, supplies, or equipment during deployment operations.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. Two Paulos class Troop Transports streaking to targets, one engaging its non-standard stealth device.
    Paulos-Troop-Transport-CT-RESIZE-P-Jaquays-Supp-9-pg-24 07-Sept-2019b.png

General Description & Deck Plans[edit]

No information yet available.

Basic Ship Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (of ten craft) carried on the ship. Tonnage on the universal ship profile is shown in kilotons (thousands of tons) when necessary. [1]

Basic Ship Characteristics [2]
No. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage / Hull 0-99 tons.
2. Crew x1 crew.
3. Performance Propulsion:
  • Jump-0 NAFAL
  • TBD-G acceleration
  • Power Plant-TBD
  • TBD-EPs
  • Agility-TBD
4. Electronics Model/TBD fib ship computer.
5. Hardpoints xTBD hardpoints.
6. Armament / Weaponry The normal weapons fit-out for it is:
7. Defenses Defensive Equipment:
8. Craft / Drones None
9. Fuel Treatment None
10. Cost MCrTBD.
11. Construction Time TBD months to build, TBD months in quantity.
12. Remarks Other Equipment:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

No information yet available.

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Combat Transport Smallcraft - Smallcraft - Troop Transport:

  1. Type UI class Troop Transport
    1. Paulos class Troop Transport

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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