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B-class Battleships are jump-capable starships intended to stand in the line of battle in space combat.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

  • Speed of Travel

  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    A Battleship is a jump-capable capital ship intended to stand in the line-of-battle in space combat. Battleships are usually supported by cruisers, which stiffen the flanks of the line-of-battle. Battleships tend to be very large vessels often a hundred thousand tons are more. They require numerous crew, vast resources, and enormous costs. Yet, nothing can replace a battleship and the overwhelming power of its spinal mount on the interstellar battlefield. [1]

    Battleships: The power of the Imperial Navy is concentrated in its battleships. The definition of a battleship is a ship which, due to its armament and protection, is capable of standing in the line of battle. When a battleship meets any lesser type of ship, its victory is almost guaranteed. When battleships on two sides meet, victory goes to the better armed, better armored, and better directed ship. The broad type of battleship is further divided into many more clearly defined types.

    • Besides battleships, there are dreadnoughts,battle riders, and battle tenders. [2]

    Dreadnought: A dreadnought is a superbattleship, designed to be the best possible battleship. The Imperial Navy places the dreadnought designation on its latest, most-effective battleships, redesignating them simply as battleships when their superior abilities are supplanted by newer construction.

    • The concept of dreadnought does not mean that battleships are not built as well. Due to the expense of dreadnoughts, the Imperial Navy also acquires battleships as such. [3]

    Image Repository[edit]

    Type BB Line Battleship:

    1. A side view of an Indomitable class Battleship.
      J-3 30000 ton Indomitable.jpg

    Type BH Heavy Battleship:

    1. View of a Dominator-class from a highport lounge.
      Dominator-class-FFE-T5-Core-Rules-S-Driscoll 29-May-2019a.jpg

    Type BL Light Battleship:

    1. No image yet available.

    Type BM Medium Battleship:

    1. Three Sylea class Battleships abreast clearing a star system of corsair vessels.
      Sylea-Battleship-CT-RESIZE-Keith-Library-Data -A-M-pg-16 09-Sept-2019b.jpg

    Type BP Pocket Battleship:

    1. A Sutherland class Dreadnought.
      J-2 200000dT Sutherland class Dreadnought.jpg
    2. A Kokirrak class Dreadnought in combat.
      Kokirrak battleship.png
    3. A side view schematic of a Yrkath Ossu E*Wr class Battleship with a Beowulf class Free Trader for size comparison.
      Yrkath-Bttleship-T5-RESIZE-Ade-Stewart 15-Sept-2019b.jpg
    4. A side view schematic of a Pador class Dreadnought with a Beowulf class Free Trader for size comparison.
      Pador-class-Battleship-T5-RESIZE-Ade-Stewart 16-Aug-2019b.jpg

    Type BR Battle Rider:

    1. A World class Battle Tender laden down with five Nolikian class Battle Riders.
      World-class-Tender Starter-Trav-CT 24-July-2019a.jpg
    2. A Gallant class Battle Rider flanked by two Type S'es on patrol..
      Gallant-class-Kirk-Wescom-Battle-Rider-RESIZE-Game-Cover 27-August-2019b.jpg

    Type BS Superheavy Battleship:

    1. A typical deployed Tigress with smallcraft in action (...viewed from the aft).
      Tigress-Jaquays-CT-Sup-11-Ftng-Shps-Pg-39 20-July-2018a Reversed.jpg

    Type BU Ultraheavy Battleship:

    1. No image yet available.

    Battleship vs. Dreadnought?[edit]

    CONFUSING TERMINOLOGY: The terms are widely exchangeable. Some navies use it to indicate an older battleship, while others use it interchangeably with the term battleship. In Imperial Navy parlance, some of this ambiguity is kept, but the terms are mostly used with the following connotations:

    1. Battleships focus on heavy gun armament, which is to say spinal mounts. They tend to carry lesser armor than a comparable dreadnought. Battleships tend to be faster platforms as well, with more strategic mobility and larger maneuver drives. Battleships tend to be multi-purpose platforms while dreadnoughts focus on anti-shipping missions.
    2. Dreadnoughts focus on heavy armor and protection, but may be from older generations of vessels before spinal mounts were developed and perfected. Many of them were not originally equipped with spinal mounts and had to later be retrofitted with them. Dreadnoughts tend to be slower, with smaller jump drives (...thus less strategic mobility) and maneuver drives. Dreadnoughts, as a generality, are specialized to focus on anti-shipping missions as in destroying other line combatants.

    As an aside, the very largest, most capable, hard-hitting vessel in a navy is often nicknamed a dreadnought.

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    The power of the Imperial Navy is concentrated in its battleships. The definition of a battleship is a starship which, due to its armament and protection, is capable of standing in the line of battle. When a battleship meets any lesser type of ship, its victory is almost guaranteed. When battleships on two sides meet, victory goes to the better armed, better armored, and better directed ship.

    Two opposite views in naval architecture have dominated the design of the major battleships of space navies:

    1. BATTLESHIP CONCEPT: The battleship concept involves large, well-armed and armoured starships of massive tonnage, capable of meeting any adversary. Armament and protection are appropriate to this mission. They generally have little better primary armament than cruisers. However, their extensive secondary batteries render them virtually immune to missiles and small craft attack, while their bulk provides a tremendous ability to absorb damage and keep fighting. Moreover, in a battle against a superior force, the battleship can flee combat by using its own jump drives.
    2. BATTLERIDER CONCEPT: The opposite is the battle rider concept, involving a large jump-capable battle tender carrying a complete Battle Squadron (BatRon) of two to ten heavily armed and armoured non-jump-capable battle riders. The Battle Tender strategy does not allow for the possibility of superior force; no matter how good a rider is, if it meets a superior adversary, it is placed in a position of winning or dying. Retreat is nearly impossible without losses.

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Battleships typically serve the following roles:

    Largecraft & Bigcraft:

    B-class Battle Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code
    Battle Rider (BR)
    Battleship (B) (Namesake)
    Dreadnought (B) (...old DN)
    Frontier Battleship (BB)
    Heavy Battleship (BH) (...old BA)
    Heavy Monitor (HM)
    Hybrid Battle Rider (BZ)
    Light Battleship (BL)
    Line Battleship (BB)
    Medium Battleship (BM)
    Missile Battleship (BB)
    Monitor (HM)
    Pocket Battleship (BP)
    Strike Battleship (BB)
    Super Battleship (BS)
    Super Dreadnought (BS)
    Ultraheavy Battleship (BU)

    Size-Class Roles for Battleship Vessels[edit]

    1. Light Battleship (BL) (2,500 to 99,999 tons)
    2. Medium Battleship (BM) (100,000 to 199,999 tons)
    3. Pocket Battleship (BP) (200,000 to 249,999 tons)
    4. Heavy Battleship (BH) (250,000 to 499,999 tons)
    5. Superheavy Battleship (BS) (500,000 to 999,999 tons)
    6. Ultraheavy Battleship (BU) (1,000,000 or more tons)

    B-class Battleship Archetypal Size Spectrum[edit]

    B-class Battleship Archetypal Size Spectrum
    Archetype Code Tonnage
    Light Battleship BL 2,500 tons to 149,999 tons
    Medium Battleship BM 150,000 tons to 199,999 tons
    Pocket Battleship BP 200,000 tons to 249,999 tons
    Heavy Battleship
    or Dreadnought
    BH 250,000 tons to 499,999 tons
    Super Battleship
    or Super Dreadnought
    BS 500,000 tons to 999,999 tons
    Ultraheavy Battleship
    or Ultraheavy Dreadnought
    BU 1,000,000 tons or larger

    Military Subcraft[edit]

    Military subcraft (...both smallcraft and bigcraft) are carried by some of these vessels:

    1. Battle Rider (BR)
    2. Combat Barge (WBG)
    3. Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI)
    4. Fighters (F)
    5. Militarized Utility Craft (UQ)

    Supraclass Archetypal Roles[edit]

    These vessels typically serve the following archetypal roles:

    B-class Battleship Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code Exemplar Remarks
    Battleship B (Namesake) Plankwell class Battleship The technological basis for Imperial battleships is the BB- 11. From it was developed the BB-12 and then the BB-13. Battleships are representative of the rest of the vessels of this category. They are both heavily armed and armored and are considered the backbone of any naval force. They are strong enough to take enormous damage and still act effectively. On the downside, like the heavy battleship they are resource hogs, and the maintenance burden is significant.
    • B = Battleship
    Line Battleship BB Dominator class Battleship Line battleships are flexible combat vessels built to operate independently or in groups as part of a concerted strategy. In other words, they do it all with an emphasis on destroying enemy fleets. Many also vary fighter squadrons, planetary bombardment weaponry, specialized sensors, extensive onboard facilities, and a variety of other equipment. Line battleships show the flag wherever they go.

    The Strike designation is typically associated with a vessel having a long jump and/or a high maneuver capability. Often the term is an unofficial designation associated with new, faster construction. These vessels are based strongly on light battleship designs, with enhanced mobility attributes.

    • B = Battleship
    • B = Battle, Attack, Combat, Strike, etc.
    Heavy Battleship BH Tigress class Dreadnought The heavy battleship are placed between 250,000 tons to 499,999 tons in displacement and are known by a variety of names, such as superbattleship, or more commonly dreadnought. Although many were developed from independent designs, a number were logical extension of the earlier battleship lines. Some militaries, including the Imperial Navy, use the designation of dreadnought to designate its latest, most-effective battleships, and may redesignate them simply as battleships when their superior abilities are supplanted by newer construction. These ships represent the ultimate projection of naval power, and their power often dwarfs other ships. As such, their construction represents a tremendous outlay of resources in materials, and manpower.
    • B = Battleship
    • H = Heavy (...the Navy once used A = HeAvy)
    Light Battleship BL Gunhound class Light Battleship Light battleships typically displace between 2,500 to 99,999 tons. The light battleship line is based on the BB-12, but showed great innovation in producing a smaller tonnage vessel. The BS-15 is also a member of this line. This class of vessel is an attempt to field a ship with most of the offensive weight of a battleship, but to try to hold down the cost associated with building and maintaining such a vessel.
    • B = Battleship
    • L = Light
    Medium Battleship BM Murrain class Medium Battleship Medium battleships typically displace between 100,000 to 199,999 tons.
    • B = Battleship
    • M = Medium
    Pocket Battleship BP Plankwell class Battleship Pocket battleships typically displace between 200,000 to 249,999 tons.
    • B = Battleship
    • P = Pocket
    Battle Rider BR Nolikian class Battle Rider The Battle Rider system was developed in an attempt to produce battleship strength vessels in greater numbers. The BT/R-14 system combines non-jump battle riders with a jump capable battle tender. The BT/R-15 system is an evolution of the BT/R-14. Although the battle rider is a non-jump capable vessel, it is otherwise armed and armored like a battleship. With the elimination of the jump drives and the associated controls and power plant support, the internal space can be reallocated to additional armor, weaponry, or agility. On a ship to ship basis, battle riders normally have superior combat capabilities compared to jump-capable battleships of similar tonnage, but they, of course, lack the ability to retreat from a system without their tender. Due to the battle riders need for battle tenders for transportation between star systems, the battle tender tends to be the largest vulnerability of battle rider system. Elimination of the lightly armor tender removes battle riders strategic flexibility, isolating them to their current system.
    • B = Battleship
    • R = Rider
    Superheavy Battleship or Superheavy Dreadnought BS Idlev class Superbattleship Superheavy battleships typically displace between 500,000 to 999,999 tons.
    • B = Battleship
    • S = Superheavy, Super, etc.
    Ultraheavy Battleship or Ultraheavy Dreadnought BU Cluj class Super Battleship Ultraheavy warships of any superclass are simply massive weighing in at a million or more tons in weight and displacement. They take years to build and require massive investments of resources. Typically, only the major races can afford to build them. On the other hand, they are tough to counter with smaller vessels although it certainly can be done.
    • B = Battleship
    • U = Ultraheavy
    Hybrid Battle Rider ZEB (BZ) No unclassified models. The Battle Rider Hybrid takes the battle rider system one step further and places a battle rider on a battleship for combat support deployment. This design is a hybrid of the BT/R-15 system and the BL-15. This change addresses the greatest weakness associated with the battle rider/battle tender system.
    • Z = Special
    • E = Experimental
    • B = Battleship
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    The battleships of the Imperium are designed to overcome any opponent in battle. As technology advances, these designs also advance, both to take advantage of any possible technological benefits, and to experiment with new strategies and construction techniques.

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Military Ship - Warship - Line Battleship:

    1. Type BB class Line Battleship
      1. Grzying class Battleship
      2. Indomitable class Battleship
      3. Justinian class Battleship
      4. Magada class Battleship
      5. Miotos class Battleship
      6. Zirukaruna class Battleship

    Military Ship - Warship - Heavy Battleship:

    1. Type BH class Heavy Battleship
      1. Aedekho class Dreadnought
      2. Arrghonz class Dreadnought
      3. Charming class Battleship
      4. Cheveldi class Battleship
      5. Chiqrr class Battleship
      6. Concord class Battleship
      7. Dirqral class Battleship
      8. Dominator class Battleship
      9. Formidable class Dreadnought
      10. Grendal class Dreadnought
      11. Kirunika'rra class Battleship
      12. Jotvobl class Battleship
      13. Khurkish class Dreadnought
      14. Mastigo class Battleship
      15. Mother of War class Battleship
      16. Mukusi class Strike Battleship
      17. Oblivion class Battleship
      18. Okedi class Battleship
      19. Pride of Talokan class Battleship
      20. Prince John III class Battleship
      21. Prince Stuart IV class Battleship
      22. Retribution class Battleship
      23. Shianzpla class Battleship
      24. Staklen class Frontier Battleship
      25. Triumph class Battleship
      26. Usan class Dreadnought
      27. Wavel class Battleship

    Military Ship - Warship - Light Battleship:

    1. Type BL class Light Battleship
      1. Dark Nebula B1 class Dreadnaught
      2. Dark Nebula B2 class Improved Dreadnaught
      3. Gunhound class Light Battleship

    Military Ship - Warship - Medium Battleship:

    1. Type BM class Medium Battleship
      1. Connecticut class Medium Battleship
      2. Cordell class Battleship
      3. Dauntless class Battleship
      4. Domain class Medium Battleship
      5. Grendal class Battleship
      6. Harp class Battleship
      7. Hedron class Battleship
      8. Howe class Battleship
      9. Illinois class Battleship
      10. Jeremiah O'Brien class Battleship
      11. Joyeuse class Battleship
      12. Kalere class Dreadnought
      13. Kearsage class Battleship
      14. Maine class Battleship
      15. Malos Lobos class Battleship
      16. Minsk class Medium Battleship
      17. Murrain class Medium Battleship
      18. Prince Colin III class Medium Battleship
      19. Sylea class Battleship
      20. Sylean class Battleship
      21. Tenjada class Battleship
      22. Vander class Battleship
      23. Virginia class Battleship

    Military Ship - Warship - Pocket Battleship:

    1. Type BP class Pocket Battleship
      1. Artemsus class Strike Battleship
      2. Chtrfiak class Battleship
      3. Courageous class Battleship
      4. Fauve class Battleship
      5. Fenris class Dreadnought
      6. Furious Anger class Battleship
      7. Ixobis class Dreadnought
      8. Kline class Battleship
      9. Kokirrak class Dreadnought
      10. Lefaen class Battleship
      11. Marat class Battleship
      12. Pador class Dreadnought
      13. Plankwell class Dreadnought
      14. Prince Ian II class Battleship
      15. Prince Morris I class Battleship
      16. Prince Roger III class Battleship
      17. Sarriaklir class Battleship
      18. Smelchak class Battleship
      19. Sutherland class Ship of the Line
      20. Tronskia class Dreadnought
      21. Type VB class Battleship
      22. Viepchakl class Battleship
      23. Voroshilef class Battleship
      24. Yrkath Ossu E*Wr class Battleship

    Military Ship - Warship - Superheavy Battleship:

    1. Type BS class Superheavy Battleship
      1. Amoreuxi class Dreadnought
      2. Audacious class Dreadnought
      3. Commandant class Dreadnaught
      4. Depression class Dreadnought
      5. Duke of Sanches class Dreadnought
      6. Idlev class Superbattleship
      7. Jarnac class Dreadnought
      8. Krohn class Dreadnought
      9. Miller class Dreadnought
      10. Thingen class Dreadnaught
      11. Tigress class Dreadnought

    Military Ship - Warship - Ultraheavy Battleship:

    1. Type BU class Ultraheavy Battleship
      1. Cluj class Super Battleship
      2. Pandinus class Super Dreadnought
      3. SLC5 Kaayur class Super Battleship
      4. Titan class Super Dreadnought
      5. Warmoon class Super Dreadnought

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    Some of the most commonly used vessels in this role or these roles include:

    16 Representative Battleship (B) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Alahir class Heavy Scout B 15 1,000 4 5 Third Imperium Yes B-KS54
    Aurskos class Light Scout B 14 200 2 2 Gniivi Collective
    Bay class Surveillance Vessel B 11 6,000 0 6 Principality of Caledon
    Ch'kaahi class Battle Rider BRV 11 1,000 0 6 Sath Alliance BRV-TBD
    Consortium class Bulk Freighter BV 15 400,000 6 1 Tomon Trade Federation BV-0NP64
    Dienjzhiae class Fleet Intelligence Corvette B 14 800 4 4 Zhodani Consulate
    Duke class Fleet Scout BN 11 700 2 6 Grand Duchy of Kalradin
    Dunkle class Fleet Scout BN 12 420 3 6 Mapepire Cluster
    Frost Bite class System Defense Boat B 8 3,000 0 5 Distant Fringe
    Hellworld class Merchant Cruiser B 11 60,000 2 2 Distant Fringe B-0FP22
    Lauritson class Picket Ship B 14 400 5 5 Third Imperium No B-CS33
    Legion class Picket Boat B 10 200 1 4 Zydarian Codominium
    Logos Minos class Fleet Scout B 9 100 1 1 Jurisdiction of Nadon B-AS11
    Militia class Military Scout B 14 600 5 5 Third Imperium
    Pinyin class Treasure Galleon B 10 40,000 1 5 Celestial League
    Sacred Text class Scout B 13 1,300 3 3 Free and Holy Federation of Amil

    0 Representative Line Battleship (BB) Classes
    Не найдено

    0 Representative Heavy Battleship (BH) Classes
    Не найдено

    0 Representative Light Battleship (BL) Classes
    Не найдено

    0 Representative Medium Battleship (BM) Classes
    Не найдено

    0 Representative Pocket Battleship (BP) Classes
    Не найдено

    1 Representative Battle Rider (BR) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Ch'kaahi class Battle Rider BRV 11 1,000 0 6 Sath Alliance BRV-TBD

    0 Representative Superheavy Battleship (BS) Classes
    Не найдено

    0 Representative Ultraheavy Battleship (BU) Classes
    Не найдено

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