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The Type A Trader is an elementary commercial starship. It carries freight, cargo and passenger service along routes on mains, so designs emphasize independent operation without specific logistical support.

The definition of the Trader ship mission role is the component payload consists of a majority of cargo space and includes passenger space or low berths. Traders are one of three roles part of the Transport role and one of the five roles part of the Commercial role.

There is a summary list.

General Design[edit]

Construction is on the fine line of least expensive options with maximum capabilities. They operate with minimal crew (and in some cases are under-crewed) to maximize profit. They typically have the cheapest drives possible, and no armor.

The cargo-to-passenger-stateroom ratio is typically around 10 to 1; that is, the ship typically has ten tons of cargo space for every passenger stateroom. Vehicles or small craft are common for carrying passengers and cargo from ship to surface and back again. Most have Low Berths to carry more passengers.

Most designs are streamlined with good landing capability, as they assume the ports lack orbital facilities. Most designs incorporate Fuel Scoops and Fuel Purifiers to allow wilderness refueling.

All designs have hardpoints. Rarely are weapon load-outs consistent between ships. Sensor upgrades are a common enhancement. Ships on safe mains might not have weapons. Most ships do.

Specific Missions designs[edit]

Type A Ship mission classification
Code Master Ship Mission Example
A Commercial Trader Merchant Vessel
AC Clipper Trader Clipper
AF Free Traders Far Trader, Free Trader
AK Subsidized Trader Subsidized Trader
AN Naval Trader Combat Support Ship
AQ Commercial Mother Ship Colony Ship, Sleeper Ship, Generation Ship
AW Commercial Station Space Station, Trade Station, X-Boat Station, Far port

Commercial Trader[edit]

The Commercial Trader is the default design for the Traders. Combining carrying cargo and freight with passengers along known scheduled routes. These routes cover two to six medium to high population worlds, usually within a subsector or smaller sized area. These ships are operated by a company having a presence on all of the scheduled worlds to ensure there is sufficient freight and passengers for the next visit.

The Ship Mission Code assigned to these ships is A.


A Clipper is a fast moving trade ship designed for transporting cargo and passengers across the several jumps distance without needed to find the intermediate transports. These ships have longer jump capability and more luxurious passenger spaces. While usually scheduled, the lengthy journey makes the exact timing of the ships arrival uncertain.

The Ship Mission Code assigned to these ships is AC.

Subsidized Trader[edit]

Subsidized Traders have been hired by a local group of worlds to run a scheduled route between them. The goal is to provide a regular transit of cargo, passengers, and mail between these worlds. These worlds may be low population worlds with poor ports and not considered profitable to larger trade companies. The terms guarantee full subsidization of ship expenses, in exchange for half of the profits along the scheduled route. Most of these deals allow the ship to engage in some speculative trade with the understanding the regular cargo has priority.

The Ship Mission Code assigned to these ships is AK.

Free Trader[edit]

Free Trader is the term given to an independent interstellar merchant ship, which plies the space lanes carrying cargo and passengers. These free traders are a small and relatively cheap type of merchant ship operating as Fledgling Lines. Usually, a free trader is a 200-ton vessel capable of Jump-1. This restricts their operation to a Main or Cluster of systems. An example of this type of ship is the standard 200-ton Beowulf class Free Trader.

The Ship Mission Code assigned to these ships is AF.

Far Trader is a variant designation of a free trader. A far trader typically has a Jump-2 capability. A standard example of this type is the 200-ton Empress Marava class Far Trader.

The Fast Trader is another, rarer, variant of a free trader. Built for more dangerous space, the fast trader sports high-G drives to help it stay clear of hostile ships. A standard example of this type is the 200-ton Maada class Fast Trader.

Because Free Traders operate on unstable schedules they are referred to as tramp vessels, tramp traders, tramp liners, or tramp freighters, a vessel that does not run regularly between fixed ports. These ships focus on the speculative cargo trade and as the routes become establish they tend to be supplanted by larger liners and freighters.

Some crews view the term tramp, and its many synonyms and translations, as insulting. The word includes definitions of unreliability and criminality. In cultures where these activities are strongly frowned upon causes friction. Other crews embrace the definitions of freedom from corporate and governmental control.

Naval Auxiliary[edit]

The Naval Auxiliary is a trade ship designed for transporting of Naval personnel and equipment.

The Ship Mission Code assigned to these ships is AN.

Image Repository[edit]

A top down schematic of a Beowulf with a typical shuttle.
Free-Trader-T5-Core-Rules-Pg-358 25-July-2018a.jpg

A simple crewsophont sketch of a tail-sitter Tequila class Free Trader.
Tequila-class-Subsidized Trader-THUMB-CT-01b-Leo-Knight 17-Aug-2019c.jpg

The flattened spheroid Tachyon class Light Trader, a rarely encountered design.
J-1 100dT Tachyon class Light Trader (updated).jpg

An image of a variant Type A class Free Trader.
Type A Free Trader Alt.png

An early model Beowulf under spaceflight.
Free-Trader-WH-Keith-MT-Imp-Encyclo-Pg-36 03-July-2018a.jpg

A contemporary trade vessel, a Jayhawk class Far Trader, which is also known as a Marava II class Far Trader.
Far-Trader-T5-Core-Rules-Pg-358 25-July-2018a.jpg

The venerable Wulf class Free Trader.
J2 200dT Trader.jpg

The A1 is externally identical to the Early model A2, a Garu.
Far-Trader-WH-Keith-MT-Imp-Encyclo-Pg-81 03-July-2018a.jpg

A Salamander-class coming into a starport to trade.
Salamander-class-Far-Trader-D20 30-May-2019a.jpg

A very merchant prince-customized Jayhawk class Far Trader.
Jayhawk-class-Pink-Image-Deitrick-Path-of-Tears-Cover 12-Aguust-2019b.jpg

A Star class Armored Merchant on a trade mission to a potentially hostile rich world.
Star-Class-CT-RESIZE-High-Passage-3-WH-Keith-FASA-Cover 23-Oct-2019b.jpg

Merchant Vessel - Trader: An Eakhau class Trader on route to destination with a crew of crafty Aslan females.
Eakhau-CT-RESIZE-Mike-Jackson-TI-02-pg-18 16-Oct-2019b.jpg

A pair of Fanzhhienz-class Far Traders on approach to a Zhodani controlled world in the Spinward Marches Sector.

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