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Armored Merchants are traders that venture into dangerous trade zones.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

  • Speed of Travel

  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    They are also known as Frontier Traders. Those with a higher than typical maneuver drive are sometimes known as Fast Traders.

    Image Repository[edit]

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    Spectrum of Civil Shipping in Charted Space[edit]

    Spectrum of Civil Shipping in Charted Space: 1105
    Cateogries A-class R-class M-class T-class
    Synopsis Tramp Liner Freighter Transport & Tanker
    Hull Tonnage 100 to 2,499 dTons 100 to 2,499 dTons 2,500 to 999,999 dTons 2,500 to 999,999 dTons or more...
    (...rarely more than 1,000,000) dTons
    Size-Cat ACS ACS BCS & FCS BCS & FCS (rarely WCS)
    Ideal Freight Volume Zero to Low (Hundreds of tons) Medium (Hundreds to Thousands of tons) High (Thousands to Tens of Thousands of tons) Very High (Tens to Hundreds of Thousands of tons)
    Market Unscheduled low volume, high speculation trade routes Mostly scheduled, medium speculation, subsidized trade routes Scheduled medium and high-volume, low speculation trade routes Scheduled high volume trade routes with massive economies of scale, or massive (...usually government) projects
    Rough Market Share 10% 25% 45% 20%
    Area of Influence Cluster or Trace+ Subsector+ Sector Multi-Sector
    Business Fledgling Line Subsector-wide Line & Interface Line Sector-wide Line Multi-sector Line
    Remarks Merchant Princes & Adventurers Scheduled & Subsidized Trade Backbone of Merchant Trade Corporate Bulk Trade
    NOTES: While standards exist, ship naming standards evolve with time and over tech epochs. Class naming comments are only generalizations and many exceptions exist. Trade is heavily affected by local regulations, the rule of law, and local security conditions. WCS-class vessels are not ordinarily used for merchant missions as they are too large and expensive.

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    No information yet available.

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Armored Traders typically serve the following roles:

    AA-class Tramp Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code
    Armed Junker (AA)
    Armed Trader (AA)
    Armored Merchant (AA)
    Armored Trader (AA)
    Armoured Fast Trader (AA)
    Frontier Trader (AA)
    Fast Trader (AF)
    Tramp Vessel (A) (Namesake)

    Supraclass Archetypes[edit]

    AA-class Armored Merchant Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code Exemplar Remarks
    Armored Trader / Frontier Trader AA Star class Armored Merchant (Armed & Armored): They typically employ an armored hull and some defensive armament for dangerous trade in seedy, potentially hostile regions such as an Imperial Fringe.
    • Uncommon, yet hardy and greatly valued where pirates and strangers dwell...

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    Basic Supraclass Definition: THE FAR TRADER: The basic ship involved in free trade is called the free trader. Variations on the basic ship have resulted in variations in the name. The subsidized merchant, partly because of its size, and partly because of its subsidy, is called the fat trader. Some well-equipped high-G traders employed beyond the Imperial border are called fast traders. The type A2 far trader derives its name from its jump capability: its drives are capable of Jump-2, twice what the standard free trader can do. The far trader can be encountered anywhere in the Imperium. It ranges far and wide, and deals with every world it finds. Even amber zones and red zones are not considered off limits by its captains, provided there is profit to be made and the risk of being caught is slight. Traders and Gunboats 23.

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Merchant Vessel - Tramp Liners:
    Merchant Vessel - (Free Trader / Tramp Liner):

    1. Type A class Free Trader
      1. Alexandria class Free Trader
      2. Basil class Merchant
      3. Beowulf class Free Trader
      4. Bremen class Caravel
      5. Carrack class Tramp Liner
      6. Coriander class Free Trader
      7. Lune class Freelancer
      8. March Harrier class Free Trader
      9. Moraine class Free Trader
      10. Nymph class Merchant
      11. Regni Yards Type A class Free Trader
      12. Tequila class Free Trader
      13. Type A1 class Free Trader
      14. Type A-J2 class Free Trader
      15. Type A-P class Free Trader
      16. Type TC(S) class Free Trader

    Civilian Ship - Merchant Vessel - Far Trader:

    1. Type A2 class Far Trader
      1. Akkigish class Far Trader
      2. Akkigish class Subsidized Merchant
      3. April Hare class Far Trader
      4. Avian class Far Trader
      5. Empress Marava class Far Trader
      6. Fanzhienz class Far Trader
      7. Farrou class Far Trader
      8. Garu class Far Trader
      9. Gizicih class General Trader
      10. Hero class Far Trader
      11. Hnneshant class Trade Boat
      12. Hugin class Trader
      13. Independent Hauler class Far Trader
      14. Jayhawk class Far Trader
      15. Khershawn class Trader
      16. Maru class Merchant
      17. Nymph class Merchant
      18. Princess Gunnhilde class Far Trader
      19. Salamander class Far Trader
      20. Soho class Light Freighter
      21. Solostar class Far Trader
      22. Stage class Far Trader
      23. Treader class Free Trader
      24. Type A2L class Far Trader
      25. Type HR class Trader
      26. Type VA class Trader
      27. Wulf class Free Trader

    Merchant Vessel - (Deep Trader / Long Trader / Fast Trader):

    1. Type A3 class Fast Trader
      1. Fat Cat class Far Trader
      2. Swordfish class Merchant
      3. Trojan Reaches Type A3 class Trader
      4. Type A3L class Far Trader

    Merchant Vessel - (Armored Trader / Frontier Trader / Fast Trader):

    1. Type AA class Armored Merchant
      1. Jasper class Provincial Merchant
      2. Khoghue class Armed Junker
      3. Nguksu class Armoured Fast Trader
      4. Siyuihwye class Armored Trader
      5. Star class Armored Merchant
      6. Type RAX class Protected Merchant
      7. Venture class Frontier Trader

    Merchant Vessel - Heavy Trader:

    1. Type AH class Heavy Trader
      1. Dakaar class Freighter
      2. Dakaar class Merchant Transport
      3. Leviathan class Merchant Cruiser
      4. Type TI class Merchant
      5. Type TJ class Merchant

    Merchant Vessel - Light Trader:

    1. Type AL class Light Trader
      1. Anjou class Freighter
      2. Aoa'iw class Light Trader
      3. Burning Sky class Merchant Schooner
      4. Consul class Provincial Trader
      5. Fortune class Merchant
      6. Joshim P. Stone class Provincial Trader
      7. Liz Zhorka class Light Trader
      8. Manta class Small Merchant
      9. Panga class Merchant
      10. Paya class Light Freighter
      11. Rhapsody class Merchant Trader
      12. Tachyon class Light Trader
      13. Unholy Exile class Trader

    Merchant Vessel - Medium Trader:

    1. Type AM class Medium Trader
      1. Anhk class Merchant
      2. Bloodwell class Merchant
      3. Tyrfing class Freighter

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    0 Representative Armored Trader / Frontier Trader / Tramp Vessel (AA) Classes
    No results

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