Leam-Orichalc Super Cluster

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The Leam-Orichalc Super Cluster is an astrographic feature located primarily in the Daibei Sector, Diaspora Sector and Massilia Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Leam-Orichalc Super Cluster is a cluster of thirty four systems extending through five subsectors (Annari Subsector, Iingar Subsector, Libert Subsector, Narquel Subsectorand Shokee Subsector. There is one arm that separates from the cluster.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The highest population world on the main, with approximately seventy billion inhabitants, is Leam (Annari Subsector), 0837). The lowest population world on the main is Toxey (Libert Subsector, 0903) with approximately thirty inhabitants.

The Leam-Orichalc Super Cluster is named for the two high population worlds that anchor each section of the cluster (Leam, Annari Subsector), 0837 and Orichalc, Annari Subsector, 0539). This Super Cluster of 28 worlds historically served and continues to serve as an important trade main running through three Sectors. It was first explored and settled during the Ziru Sirka.

Worlds & Sectors / Astrography[edit]

This astrographic feature is primarily found in the following areas:

Super Cluster/Branch Member Data[edit]

The worlds found on these astrographic feature are:

The Aladon Branch:

  1. Aladon
  2. Blackcombe AKA Reticulum
  3. Chipper
  4. Jumar
  5. Maxalla
  6. Ziggurat

The Leam-Orichalc Super Cluster:

  1. Apinar
  2. Baughallum
  3. Block
  4. Bruy
  5. Crater
  6. Eckel
  7. Fudge
  8. Guard
  9. Jamnagar
  10. Kampala
  11. Kiggens
  12. Kilarm
  13. Laagonaa
  14. Leam
  15. Lodd
  16. Lowisa
  17. Matila
  18. Melot
  19. Neto
  20. Nilrebmah
  21. Orichalc
  22. Rakhaasha
  23. Rarderger
  24. Ryson
  25. Teradd
  26. Timely
  27. Toxey
  28. Victory

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this astrographic feature:

34 of 34 World articles in Leam-Orichalc Super Cluster
Aladon  •  Apinar  •  Baughallum  •  Blackcombe  •  Block  •  Bruy  •  Chipper  •  Crater (Ma 0440)  •  Eckel  •  Fudge  •  Guard  •  Jamnagar  •  Jumar  •  Kampala  •  Kiggens  •  Kilarm  •  Laagonaa  •  Leam  •  Lodd  •  Lowisa  •  Matila  •  Maxalla  •  Melot  •  Neto  •  Nilrebmah  •  Orichalc (Ma 0539)  •  Rakhaasha  •  Rarderger  •  Ryson  •  Teradd  •  Timely  •  Toxey  •  Victory (Di 0902)  •  Ziggurat  •  
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