Coyotl class Bulk Hauler

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Coyotl class Bulk Hauler
Vargr general.png
Slightly uncommon cargo liner plying the starways of the Extents, coreward Imperial Space, and Zhodani Space.
Type: RC Cargo Hauler
Category ACS
Size 2,000 Tons
Hull Configuration Slab Hull
Streamlining Unstreamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–13
Computer Model/4
Jump J-2
Maneuver 3 G
Hardpoints 20
Staterooms 40
Crew 40
    Officers 2
    Enlisted 33
    Marines 5
High/Mid Passengers 240
Cargo 61.5 Tons
Fuel tank 0 Tons
Origin Infinity League
Manufacturer Orrgto Shipyards
Year Operational 1110
End of Service Still in active service post-Collapse
Cost MCr939.892. MCr845.9028 in quantity.
Architect fee Adrian Tymes, Pakkrat
Quick Ship Profile RC-VU32
Blueprint No
Illustration No
Also see Merchant Vessel - Liner - Psionics Institute
Canon Published, fan design
Era Rebellion/Collapse
Reference Fan: Pakkrat
Designed with Mongoose Traveller High Guard rules, but portable to other versions.

The Coyotl class Bulk Hauler is a mercantile starship.

  • It is a civilian ship and is registered as a Cargo Hauler ("Bulk Hauler" locally).
    • If its registration were to be updated, it might be classified as a Unique Ship or a Consular Ship.
    • This article reflects the ship as it is (...or was as of last update, as with all Unique Ships). Specifically, this entry represents a mix of statistics for the original stock design and as it was custom modified for specialized usage. This is also the configuration that would likely be used if more were made, as it is the version of blueprints that were created and released during the modifications.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Coyotl is a former cargo hauler that has been converted into a mobile Psionics Institute. Its identity is a little known secret in the Infinity League, which subsidizes its operation. It is the only Vargr-administered Psionics Institute in Knoellighz Sector. Within the sector, generally only the politically powerful, high-ranked military, clearance authorized intelligence, corporate high executive, or very rich entrepreneurs are aware of its presence. It is a Gvegh design, repurposed by Orrgto Shipyards in the Infinity League with help from the Zhodani Consulate. Both Gvegh and Zdetl are all over the ship, written and spoken. Some say that even psi-nulls who get tested on the Coyotl and were fluent only in one of the languages, at least come away moderately fluent in the other.

Testing and training aboard the Coyotl costs 60,000Cr and 200,000Cr respectively - a high fare, due to several factors including its near-monopoly status and the upkeep for a mobile facility. Potential students must pay the testing fee up front, whether or not they turn out to have psionic potential. Since the Coyotl is technically under the authority of the Office of the President through the Admiralty of the Navy, there is no scholarship nor brokering for discounts in testing and tuition. However, a Vargr potential may submit for psionic experimentation in lieu of tuition; providing they survive the entire committed term, their testing (and training, if they have sufficient potential) are then paid for. This is rare, as those in a position to know the Coyotl's purpose and desiring to use it tend to have the necessary credits.

A Coyotl takes a class of up to 240 students at a time (which happens to be the capacity of a typical passenger shuttle in the area the Coyotl operates in). The fueling shuttle will undock (usually to gather fuel) when a passenger shuttle approaches (to load, unload, or switch students). If a significant (in the captain's judgment) number of students are arriving and/or leaving, student transfer is accompanied by a brief ceremony noting the start and/or end of a class.

Student life aboard the Coyotl is routine: 6 days on then 1 day off. A typical schedule for a 24 hour "on" day is:

  • 00:00-07:59 sleep
  • 08:00-08:59 wake up (get dressed, et cetera)
  • 09:00-09:59 breakfast
  • 10:00-10:04 transition to class #1
  • 10:05-11:34 class period #1
  • 11:35-11:39 transition to class #2
  • 11:40-13:09 class period #2
  • 13:10-14:09 lunch
  • 14:10-14:14 transition to class #3
  • 14:15-15:44 class period #3
  • 15:45-15:49 transition to class #4
  • 15:50-17:19 class period #4
  • 17:20-17:24 transition to class #5
  • 17:25-18:54 class period #5
  • 18:55-19:54 dinner
  • 19:55-19:59 transition to class #6
  • 20:00-21:29 class period #6
  • 21:30-23:59 free time/extracurricular activity

Of the 6 class periods, each student has (in some order, schedules coordinated to not overload the facilities):

  • 2 periods study in a classroom
  • 2 periods research, training, and testing in the library
  • 1 period intense training in the psi-gym
  • 1 period "homework" (practice assignments and meditation) in the barracks or commons

Given the Psionics Suppressions in the Third Imperium, and fearing the same might happen in the Infinity League, the Coyotl was given modest defenses. These have rarely been used, aside from discouraging pirates and corsairs (any that were not thus discouraged were invited to come on board, typically resulting in execution by the minds of a couple hundred fledgling psi-warriors), or to help students experience how much more difficult psionic activity is at typical space combat ranges than typical personal combat ranges (as one instructor put it, "just because your brain is atop your spine does not make your mind a spinal gun").

Image Repository[edit]

No information yet available.

General Description & Deck Plans[edit]

  1. Deck Plans for this vessel.
    Coyotl deckplans.png

Basic Ship Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here [1]

Basic Ship Characteristics [2]
No. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage / Hull Tonnage: 2,000 tons (standard). 28000 cubic meters. Unstreamlined Slab Hull.
  • Dimensions: 75 m by 60 m by 6.2 m.
2. Crew Crew: crew: 2 Officers (captain and first officer), 1 Pilot, 1 Astrogator, 5 Engineers, 2 Mechanics, 4 Gunners, 1 Administrator, 3 Medics, 4 Stewards, 5 Marines, 12 Teachers. No separate smallcraft pilot, as the ship's smallcraft is typically only in use when the Pilot, Astrogator, and Gunners do not expect to be otherwise occupied.
3. Performance Acceleration: 3-G maneuver drive installed.
  • Jump: 2.
4. Electronics Model/4.
5. Hardpoints 20 hardpoints, 4 used.
6. Armament None.
7. Defenses 4 triple-mount turrets, each with 1 sandcaster and 2 beam lasers.
8. Craft 1 Zheug class Fueling Shuttle. Vacc suits required for most EVA (extra-vehicle activity). Rescue Balls for crew escape normally carried.
9. Fuel Treatment It is typically equipped with a fuel purification plant but has no fuel scoops, relying on the Zheug class Fueling Shuttle to obtain fuel.
10. Cost MCr939.892. MCr845.9028 in quantity. These prices are speculative, as the sole example of this class was converted from another class, rather than constructed anew - though the process involved coming up with standard blueprints in case another may be made someday, so the architect's fee has been paid.
11. Construction Time 17 months standard, 14 in quantity. These times are speculative (see above notes on cost).
12. Remarks A mobile Psionics Institute, disguised as a Cargo Hauler.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Following an example from Gvurrdon Sector's mobile Psionics Institute, Sibiatl, in 1110 the Infinity League installed computers, classrooms, practicum halls and housing inside a Vargr cargo hauler named Coyotl, and set it to tour the solar system of Engzoerz or, if needed, hide in vessel junkyards in space, among many other liners in highports, or simply far from inhabited worlds.

The Coyotl Psionics Institute was initially staffed with Zhodani instructors, until the first wave of Vargr psion instructors graduated in 1111 and began to relieve or work beside their benefactors. The Navy took initial responsibility for protecting the Coyotl as needed, until new System Defense Boats were able to take on the duty after 1114.

Towards 1116 and through the Rebellion and Hard Times, psionics came under fire by a few member worlds of the Infinity League, resulting in the local banning of psionics education, psionic-enabling equipment, Zhodani and Vargr psions (especially Instituted and Mentored ones), and announced a bar against vessels carrying psions in-system. The possibility that the Infinity League might turn against the Coyotl had been anticipated - this was why it had some weapons, armor, and most importantly, stealth systems. Exact records of its activities during this time are not available, but it can safely be presumed it jumped to friendlier systems, or at least ones where it could hide long enough to refuel. There is a good chance it took part in smuggling psions to safety.

In 1159, the Empress Wave - long heralded by the Zhodani Consulate as well as multiple Vargr Extents polities to coreward - arrived and temporarily shut down institute operations. The Coyotl spent several weeks out of that year travelling to the coreward parsecs of the Infinity League in jumpspace silence as psions entered low berths while psi-shielded, their 'caskets' vaulted (and jerry-rigged) in the barracks and staterooms, which themselves had further layers of shielding (which had taken some time to set up). Even then, the Empress Wave claimed some casualties, which no amount of therapy could cure - and the results of which damaged the Coyotl, requiring several further weeks of repair. The low berths and extra shielding were gone by 1160, although the Coyotl stayed to coreward of the Empress Wave after that - and since all the nearby worlds were still feeling the aftereffects of the Empress Wave, for the next few years it can fairly be said to have operated more as a psi-medical ship than a Psionics Institute. It is known that the captain welcomed a new class in 1170, suggesting that institute operations had resumed by that point.

Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

Ship Interior Details (Peculiarities): The ship's airlocks, sensors, and turrets have been designed to minimize emissions, though the original Coyotl was reliant on a fuel shuttle, and the docking bay could not be eliminated. Emissions from the docking bay were minimized by dividing the ship into two wide and long decks, and surrounding the bay with what were supposed to be low-energy systems.

There has been much snarking from Vilani academic planners who learned of the Coyotl, which shall not be repeated here, about the commons for a small university's worth of students - the inevitable place they gather to party - being rated "low-energy". That said, the Coyotl has been generally successful at not being seen when it does not wish to be.

The lower deck is dominated by the docking bay, the student commons, and the student barracks - deliberately austere relative to typical staterooms, so as to focus the students' minds. The jump bubble projectors and battery to power them are also located on this deck.

The forward portion of the upper deck is used for crew and crew operations, particularly the bridge, with stations for the crew and a walkway for the officers to commune with the crew. The captain and first officer are given luxurious staterooms, which by tradition only Zhodani nobles may enter - as well as all but the lowest Vargr.

The crew commons, cargo bay, security station (combining armory and a small, rarely-used brig), and fusion reactor divide off the rearward portion of the upper deck, which houses the teachers, classrooms, library (including most of the psionic testing equipment), and "psi-gym" (an exercise facility geared to emphasize the more physical psionic arts; while much of the specific machinery is secret, it is known that there are deployable booths with targets that facilitate teleportation, which booths are curtained from typical shoulder height to typical ankle height since most first teleportation attempts wind up naked). The ship's medical bay is also here, positioned for ease of direct access from the psi-gym.

Class Naming Practice/s: Being a single-ship "class", Coyotl is the name of every ship in the class. If more such ships were to be made, it is likely there would be (deliberately) no coherence of names between them.

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Civilian Ship - Merchant Vessel - Subsidized Merchant - Cargo Liner:

  1. Type RC class Cargo Liner AKA Cargo Liner
    1. Borazio class Heavy Freighter
    2. Coyotl class Bulk Hauler
    3. Deneb class Modular Starship
    4. Dlaftpar class Cargo Liner
    5. Jose Cadiz Royal Galleon class Cargo Carrier
    6. Kyan Maru class Freighter
    7. Magnadon class Provincial Merchant
    8. Oukhaha class Bulk Hauler
    9. Trader class Provincial Transport
    10. Triad class Merchant

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