King Richard class Interstellar Liner

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King Richard class Interstellar Liner
Type: M Liner
Category BCS
Size 5,000 Tons
Hull Configuration Close Structure Hull
Streamlining Partly Streamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–11
Computer Model/7
Jump J-2
Maneuver 1 G
Staterooms 188
Low Berths 18
Crew 182
High/Mid Passengers 300
Low Passengers 18
Cargo 220 Tons
Fuel tank 1,100 Tons
Carried craft 2 20t shuttles, 18 lifeboats
Origin Third Imperium
Manufacturer Phoenix Enterprises Limited
Cost MCr2,200
Architect fee MCr2.2
Universal Ship Profile M-E421273-000000-00000-0
Blueprint Yes
Illustration Yes
Canon Published, non-canon design
Designer Bill PaleyJordan Weisman
Design System Book 2
Era 1105
Reference Action Aboard/Adventures on the King Richard 37-38.

The King Richard class Interstellar Liner is a TL–12 Interstellar Liner.


The layout of the King Richard consist of Nine decks:

Bridge: This deck contains the bridge, control consoles for the entire ship, and the ships computer.

Crew Deck A: This deck contains the rooms for most of the crew. These triple occupancy rooms house a total of 96 people. The forward part of the deck there is a small crew lounge. Communal wash facilities are located near the center of the deck.

Crew Deck B: This deck has triple occupancy staterooms for 54 crew. There are also 4 double occupancy staterooms for officers. Located in the forward section of the deck are the ship's medical facilities. Included here are 18 low passage berths and two complete operating tables. Also included are 4 double occupancy hospital type rooms. Located midships is the crew mess.

Theater Deck: This deck is named for the three theaters. In the forward section of the deck are two movie theaters using huge screens. The forward section seats 158 people, the aft section seats 121 people. Located to the left and right of the entrance to the theaters are two snack bars and refreshment booths. In the aft section of the deck is a live theater, where featured artist perform. Also located on this deck are 31 regular staterooms and six suites.

Promenade Deck: Located in the forward section is the main dining area. Main meals are served here at all times of the day. Seating for 84 persons is scattered around the Promenade and in a small lounge. The center section of the deck is made up of assorted shops and offices. Just aft of the washrooms is a fast food counter. Next are the six offices for the various services the King Richard provides. At the aft end of the deck is the main passenger entrance. The Starboard has the main entrance airlock. The check in room opens to a spacious garden like area. The passage aft leads to the Conservatory, a small lounge and gaming area. The conservatory is a spectacular array of plants, bushes, and shrubs.

Main Deck: The forward section contains the main casino. The sunken deck and pit allow a high ceiling which, combined with wide ports open to the starry voids of space, makes for a spectacular effect. Just aft of the casino is the formal dining room. Leading aft are rows of regular staterooms. The aft section of the main deck contains the shuttle bays. In addition to the shuttle docking equipment and backup machinery, the ships main storerooms and laundry facilities are here.

Pool Deck: The deck is named for the large swimming pool located at the forward end. The pool is a full 24 meters wide with variable depths. Just aft is a gymnasium, fully equipped for all types of popular sports and athletic activities. The aft section of the deck contains 40 staterooms.

Dull Deck: This deck has been named the Dull Deck as there are no entertainment or any other facilities on this deck. Aside from the 31 staterooms and 4 lifeboat bays the only other space on this deck is the passenger baggage storage area.

Engine Deck: The engine deck of the King Richard consists of four large fuel tanks forward with the engines and machinery aft. Narrow passage-ways lead to the control consoles.

History & Background[edit]

The King Richard was built by Phoenix Enterprises Limited (PEL). PEL saw the need and possible uses for a large luxury liner and began construction in 1094. Four years later, after numerous space trials, she was completed and ready for delivery. From the beginning of her commercial operations, the King Richard has been a success. As a gathering place for the rich and noble, as well as a luxurious vacation cruise by the lower class, the King Richard has never sailed at less than 95% capacity. It is even rumored that the 2.2 billion credit construction cost was earned back in less than 5 years of operation. Adding to the mystique of the ship are numerous incidents and affairs that have occurred during the past ten years of operation. In 1102 there was the murder of a famous holo-screen star by a jealous lover, and a year later the capture of the criminal Zack Crummley. These two incidents, and hundreds of others, make a cruise on the King Richard the goal of fortune hunters, groupies, and numerous other unpredictable people. Regardless of this group of undesirables, the richest people in the Imperium still vie of a stateroom on the ship.

Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

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