Rescue Ball

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Rescue Ball
Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–7
Cost Cr150
Size 1 liter
Weight 5kg

Rescue Balls are standard equipment on all Imperial military vessels and on most private ships as well.

When folded, the rescue ball is a cylinder 5 cm in diameter and 10 cm long. When deployed, it forms a sphere one meter in diameter which contains air sufficient to last one person for two hours. In the event of explosive decompression or other loss of air, a rescue ball allows an individual not in possession of a vacc suit to survive until aid arrives.

The user pulls a lanyard, climbs inside and seals the zip closure. The ball is made of a metal-coated plastic film for ease of location by radar and contains a bottle of compressed air, a first aid kit, and a transparent window through which the occupant may observe conditions outside the ball. Rescue balls provide some protection from stellar radiation and corrosive and insidious atmospheres for five to seven hours. The ball has several loops on the outside enabling others to link rescued individual together, for tethering, or for towing to a safe location.