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Ship type codes are a short form for identifying the types or mission statement for a starship.


The type code provide as general system for describing the mission of a ship, the Ship Hull Designations contains the complete list of assigned codes and meanings.

These are different from Starship Classes in that many classes of starships may share the same type.

Ship types codes have one to three characters. In order they are a primary mission identifier, and one or two characters of an optional mission qualifier. All ships use the same primary mission identifier. The definitions for the mission qualifiers are different between military ships and civilian ships.

Ship Hull Designation codes
Code Primary Secondary (M) Secondary (C)
A Military Auxiliary Heavy Heavy
B Battleship Battle Battle
C Cruiser Cruiser Construction
D Destroyer Destroyer Transport
E Escort Escort Tug
F Frigate Frigate
G Commercial Gunned Governmental
H Non-Commercial Fuel Fuel
IJ Intruder Interface Interface
K Courier Courier
L Lab Light Light
M Merchant Missile Mining
O Ordinance
P Fighter Pursuit Law Enforcement
Q Military Specialty Decoy
R Liner Rider Residential
S Military Smallcraft Strike Survey
T Transport Tender Tender
U Utility
V Carrier Replenishment Agricultural
W Orbital Complexes
Y Yacht Private
Z Hybrid

Alternative ship type encoding[edit]

There are a number alternative ship type encoding.

Starship type codes are between one and three characters long. In order there is an optional race or empire qualifier, a required primary mission identifier, and an optional mission qualifier.

MegaTraveller has a subtly different set of ship type codes available. Nothing taken away, but a few additions are made.

See Military Starship Types and Civilian Starship Types for more information.

The full list is under the MT Primary and MT Qualifier below.


Code Race Primary Qualifier MT Primary MT Qualifier
A Aslan Merchant Armored Merchant Armored
B Battle Battle; Boat Battle Battle; Boat
C Cruiser; Carrier Cruiser; Close Cruiser; Carrier Cruiser; Close
D Droyne Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer
E Escort Escort Escort Escort
F Frigate; Fighter Fast; Fleet Frigate; Fighter Fast; Fleet
G Gig; Refinery Gunned Gig Gunned
H Hiver Heavy Hunter Heavy
I,J Julian Protectorate Intruder Intruder Imperial
K K'kree Pinnace Pinnace Courier
L Corvette; Lab Leader; Light Lab; Corvette Leader; Light
M Merchant Missile Merchant Missile
N Non-Standard Ferry Non-Standard
P Planetoid Provincial Planetoid Provincial
Q Auxiliary Decoy Auxiliary Decoy
R Liner Raider Liner Raider
S Solomani Scout; Station Strike Scout; Station Strike
T Tanker; Tender Troop; Transport Tanker; Tender Troop; Transport
U Unpowered Tug Unpowered
V Vargr Vehicle Carrier Vehicle
W Barge Barge Slow
X Express Express Alternate
Y Yacht Suttle; Cutter Yacht Suttle; Cutter
Z Zhodani Experimental Special Experimental

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