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Bulk transport vessels are civilian commercial ships with hulls designed for transport of bulk materials.


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Ship Doctrine[edit]

Bulk Cargo Carrier (TB) Bulk cargo haulers are like many other merchant vessels but their focus is on transporting freight. They often operate over well known, long establish routes. They are often contracted directly to companies with most or all their capacity used for moving that company's products. Another way they differ from normal merchants is that they deal with large containerize cargo modules. These modules are connected to a external framework which provides atmosphere, and power to the modules and allows access by crew members. There are usually discounts for modules without power and/or atmosphere requirements.
Tanker (TF) Tankers are specially designed to haul cargoes of either liquid or gas. Many are specially designed and can not take alternate types of cargo. For example a hydrogen carrier can not normally be used to transport ammonia. There are some specialized tankers, where entire storage modules are swapped out no unlike bulk cargo carriers, but these are more the exception then the rule.
Ore Hauler (TO) A specialized bulk cargo hauler for raw or processed ore. This cargo is usually exposed to vacuum and may suffer temperature extremes. Many have a small pressurized hold for more valuable cargoes.
Grain Hauler (TV) Another bulk cargo hauler for agricultural products. These cargoes can not exposed to vacuum or temperature extremes, so the hold is sealed, and subject to strict environmental standards. The holds are normally not suitable for passengers or crew due to the temperature, atmospheric mix, or pressure conditions needed to keep the agricultural products as fresh as possible.

Representative Classes[edit]

24 Representative Transport (T) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Bright Conclave Class High Liner Distant Fringe TB 12 5,000 2
Fornorb Class Third Imperium TB 14 100,000 1
Bulk Carrier Distant Fringe TB 11 75,000 1
Cargo Barge Distant Fringe TB 7 3,000 0
Ship Transporter Distant Fringe TB 11 30,000 2
Frame Carrier Distant Fringe TB 11 90,000 2
Fuel Lighter Distant Fringe TF 10 15,000 0
Heavy Carrier Distant Fringe TB 10 45,000 1
Heavy Freighter Distant Fringe TB 11 35,000 2
Heavy Tanker Distant Fringe TF 11 40,000 2
Light Freighter Distant Fringe TB 11 1,500 2
Medium Freighter Distant Fringe TB 11 12,000 2
Medium Tanker Distant Fringe TF 11 8,000 2
Mercantile Carrier Distant Fringe TB 9 20,000 1
Merchant Freighter Distant Fringe TB 11 5,000 2
Provincial Carrier Distant Fringe TB 9 9,000 1
Provincial Freighter Distant Fringe TB 9 3,500 1
Range Carrier Distant Fringe TB 11 75,000 2
Happy Class Transport Old Worlds Navy TB 10 13,000 1
Hercules class Third Imperium TBA 14 5,000 1
Jose Cadiz Royal Galleon Class Third Imperium TBL 15 900 4
Sao Class Heavy Merchant Rim Republic TB 11 7,945 2
Stiytesrah Class Aslan TB 14 1
Tyrfing Class Freighter Sword Worlds TB 11 1,000 2

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