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Liners are a commercial or mercantile spacecraft and starcraft. Some shipping companies refer to themselves as "lines" and their ships, which often operate over set routes according to established schedules, as "liners".

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Liner is a civilian commercial ship designed for cargo or passenger transport.

  • Liners are usually assigned a Hull Classification of "R"

Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

Subsidized liners are a commercial or mercantile starcraft. They are not intended for military use and have little recourse other than to flee for their lives if confronted by corsairs or other hostile vessels.

Supraclass Roles[edit]

Liners typically serve the following roles:

Supraclass Archtypes[edit]

These ship types include the following:

Type Remarks
Luxury Liner (R) A starship liner equipped for sumptuous living, primarily for transporting passengers
Merchant Liner (RM) Merchant Liners are general-purpose design starships, intended to carry both passengers and freight. They are larger than the Far Traders intended for cargoes over 200 tons and over a dozen passengers
Subsidized Liner (RG) A starship primarily for transporting passengers and mail subsidized by local government.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. One of the most common subsidized liner types.
    Sub-Liner-WH-Keith-MT-Imp-Encyclo-Pg-36 03-July-2018a.jpg

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Subsidized Liner:

  1. Type M class Subsidized Liner
    1. Condor class Subsidized Liner
    2. Eakhau class Merchant
    3. Khershawn class Trader
    4. Lord Somerset class Subsidized Liner
    5. Queen class Modular Subsidized Merchant [1]
    6. Stellar class Subsidized Liner

Passenger Liner:

  1. Type R class Luxury Liner
    1. Animal class Liner
    2. Astral Splendour class Luxury Liner
    3. Brilliant Gem class Cruise Liner
    4. Celestial Star class Liner
    5. Codori Prime class Luxury Liner
    6. Fringian Cruise Liner
    7. Fringian Passenger Liner
    8. Independence of the Stars class Liner
    9. King Richard class Interstellar Liner
    10. Royal class Liner
    11. Shianjo class Liner
    12. Stellar class Liner
    13. World class Luxury Liner
  2. Type RT class Longliner
    1. Bright Conclave class High Liner
    2. Brilliance class Long Liner
    3. Jelmirt Marquis class High Liner
    4. Mapepire Dream class Jumpliner
    5. Nebula class Starliner
    6. Pride of Vland class Long Liner

Cargo Liner:

  1. Type RC class Cargo Liner
    1. Anhk class Merchant
    2. Bastien class Merchant Liner
    3. Bloodwell class Merchant
    4. Caccil class Merchant
    5. Dakaar class Merchant Transport
    6. Fringian Cargo Barge
    7. Garrett Durant class Cargo Hauler
    8. Hercules class Cargo Transport
    9. Jose Cadiz Royal Galleon class Cargo Carrier
    10. Vespir class Large Freighter
    11. Xeekr'kir! class Merchant
  2. Type RM class Merchant Liner
    1. Gamma Haden class Liner
    2. Highlander class Exploratory Merchant
    3. Khtukhao class Clan Transport
    4. Kolomyia class Merchant Liner
    5. Orowani Deep Space class Light Liner
    6. Star Merchant class Liner
    7. Triad class Merchant
    8. Yeoman class Attack Cargo Vessel


  1. Type R class Clipper
    1. Aurora class Clipper
    2. Maggart class Clipper

Ship Summary List[edit]

These are among the most common liners found around Charted Space:

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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