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Fleet Class Ships (FCS) are the largest regulary deployed ships operating in Charted Space.

  • While larger than the battle class haulers, their cost to operations efficiency is judged lower except on specialized missions.
  • It takes dedicated resources, staffing, training, and support systems to operate such vessels.
  • They normally rule the battlefield or dominate interstellar trade, occupying large capital ship hulls.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Fleet Class Ships are what many envision when the phrase capital ship is used. They are big enough to make a massive difference at any mission they perform and one FCS is often superior to an equivalent tonnage pf BCS'es.

The drawback is that they are hugely expensive and the loss of even one is a major blow to its former owner. As impressive as a great victory is, a great loss is at least as devastating. FCS is a significant

Naval Ship Synopsis by Size-Role[edit]

These vary in tonnage and in their intended function or role in fleet maneuvers and tactics. The security of the state is usually the primary design imperative. [1]

Ship Classification by Size in TL:13-15 [2]
# Type Tonnage Class Commonality Remarks
1. Smallcraft (Subcraft) 0 to 99 tons Vehicle Ubiquitous Smallcraft are NAFAL or STL.
2. Bigcraft (Subcraft) 100 tons or larger Vehicle or Ship Uncommon Bigcraft may be designed FTL or NAFAL.
3. Adventure Class Ships (ACS) 100 to 2,499 tons Ship or Vessel Common Adventure Class ships may be FTL or NAFAL.
4. Battle Class Ships (BCS) 2,500 to 249,999 tons Ship or Vessel Uncommon Battle Class ships may be FTL or NAFAL.
5. Fleet Class Ships (FCS) 250,000 to 999,999 tons Ship or Vessel Rare Fleet Class ships may be FTL or NAFAL.
6. World Class Ships (WCS) 1,000,000 tons or larger Ship or Vessel Ultra-rare World Class ships may be FTL or NAFAL.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Until the development of the FTL jump drive, massive generation ship and sleeper ships tend to be one of the most common FCS hulls. Large "Death Star" warships are also not unexpected.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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