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Escorts are vessels intended to protect and assist larger vessels.

  • They are capable of independent action, but are usually assigned to support Battleships and Cruisers.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Small starships of up to 20,000 tons intended to be light support craft for larger ships, primarily cruisers. Escorts are also widely used for convoy protection and commerce raiding roles.

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

The mainstay of the escort fleet is the ED series. These escort destroyers are typical of Imperial needs. The ED-13, derived from the ED-12, was relatively unsuccessful, and the naval architects returned to the ED-12 for inspiration for the later ED-14. The EF-12 served as the design basis for two divergent ship types: the escort fleet (and later escort strike designs) and the escort missile EM-13/-15.

Lightcraft Hierarchy[edit]

  1. Smallcraft
  2. Corvette
  3. Close Escort
  4. Frigate
  5. Escort
  6. Destroyer

Supraclass Roles[edit]

Escorts typically serve the following roles:

Supraclass Archtypes[edit]

Close escorts (CE) are very small starships intended for anti-piracy operations in organised squadrons. An example is the Gazelle-class Close Escort.

Destroyer escorts (DE) are the first type capable of accompanying a regular Imperial fleet. They are also used for convoy protection, orbital patrols, police operations, garrison duties, and even limited strike missions. An example is the Chrysanthenum-class Destroyer Escort .

Fleet escorts (FE) are the largest of the escorts. They are primarily designed to accompany Imperial fleets. However, some classes have often been sent on independent missions - gunboat diplomacy, showing the flag, orbital support of ground operations, transport of diplomats or refugees, fleet courier operations, and even flagship duty for some smaller squadrons. An example is the P. F. Sloan-class Fleet Escort.

Supraclass Archtypes for Escorts
Type Remarks
Escort Escort is an often used term for any ships whose primary focus is on providing escort duty to either military or civilian vessels. These ship range in the 200 - 5,000 ton category. The classification of "Escort" is usually reserved for larger vessels of this class and is often commingled with that of "Fleet Escort", but they lack the ability to support longer term deployments of the later type.
Missile Escort Escorts of any size whose primary weapon load is missiles. These are not common vessels and they are usually pair up with other types of escort vessels. When that is the situation, they can add an unsuspecting punch to an unwary opponent.
Strike Escort Strike escorts share similar characteristics of other ships of the "Strike" designation. They tend to be larger vessels to support an enhanced jump and maneuver capability, but nevertheless still sacrifice weapon loads and armor to achieve those capabilities. They are not a common ship type and are usually deployed with strike fleets. These are one of the smallest vessels carrying a "Strike" designation.
Escort Corvette Escort Corvettes are at the other end of the spectrum from "Fleet Escorts" and only range about 200 - 500 tons. They do not have much in the way of weapons, armor, or crew, but they are usually enough of a deterrent to most pirates, especially smaller ones, that they do fill a valued role in convoy duty.
Close Escort Close escorts tend to be one of the smallest class of escort vessel and are primarily found in the 200 - 500 ton range. They are considered to have low endurance and are tend to be cramped, uncomfortable vessels with small crews. Although they are jump capable, they can conserve their resources by clamping to unoccupied hardpoints on other vessels when not in jump space. This feature is source of their designation.

Originally, the close escort was designed and produced by the Imperium for fleet operations. The small, fast close escorts were committed as the flank screens for cruisers or small fleet task forces. Their speed and size also made them ideal for naval courier and personnel transfer duties. But ultimately, they found their true niche. Many close escorts have been assigned to specific star systems or groups of systems for commerce protection.

Close escorts may be encountered in nearly any star system, including in amber and red coded zones, protecting local merchant traffic. Because of this duty, they may be expected to stop much of the local traffic for inspection of cargo and to determine the correctness of ship's papers. Close escorts may also be encountered in nearly any star system in convoy with merchant ships or on naval operations in a task force with larger naval ships.

Fleet Escort Fleet escorts are small, maneuverable, lightly armed warship, usually in the 1,000 - 5,000 tonnage range. The main difference between fleet escorts and others of the type of vessel is that they tend to be larger and be equipped with fuel scoops and purification plants. They have the jump and maneuver performance to keep pace with the capital ships with which they are assigned. The goal for these vessels is to be able to support fleet deployments and pose the least burdens on fleet supply capabilities. Typical missions include protecting fleet refueling, assault or carrier operations from enemy strike elements. They are noted as necessary but not necessarily glamorous fleet assignments for officers.
Corvette Corvettes are the smallest class of escort usually massing about 200 tons. Although they do possess jump capability they are more often used as an in system defense asset. Their jump capability gives them a little more flexibility then SDBs and some systems use them as armed couriers.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Patrol Ship:

  1. Type T class Patrol Ship
    1. Lurushaar Kilaalum class Corvette
    2. Salient class Patrol Frigate
    3. Sang-O class Patrol Ship
    4. She Zhenɡ Zhe class Patrol Boat
    5. Shivva class Patrol Frigate
    6. Trinity class Patrol Ship
    7. Xadis class Patrol Ship
    8. Yugo class Patrol Ship
  1. Type T class Patrol Cruiser AKA Type TP class Patrol Cruiser
    1. Barekdoldin class Patrol Cruiser
    2. Dyaus class Patrol Cruiser
    3. Jaghara class Patrol Cruiser
    4. Kharsis class Patrol Cruiser
    5. Rudra class Patrol Cruiser
    6. TC17 Deckert class Patrol Cruiser
    7. Vayu class Patrol Cruiser

Ship Summary List[edit]

87 Representative Escort (E) Classes

Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Analex class Brig Third Imperium EL 15 2,600 4
Antarian class Schooner Antares Imperium EC 11 600 2
Athune class Close Escort Yimin Jiti EL 11 400 2
Barekdoldin class Patrol Cruiser Darrian Confederation EL 16 500 4
Belton class Sampan Solomani EE 13 600 4
Biter class Close Escort Sword Worlds EL 11 500 2
Border Prowler class Provincial Cruiser Third Imperium EC 14 1,000 4
C-4 class Interceptor Chanestin Kingdom EL 11 300 1
C-9 class Missile Corvette Chanestin Kingdom EEM 11 1,100 2
Chasseur class Close Escort Third Imperium EL 11 520 2
Cleaver class Close Escort Distant Fringe EL 11 1,000 2
Delta Max class Fleet Escort Third Imperium EF 15 20,000 4
Eitehr class Frigate Aslan Hierate EL 14 800 2
Ekawsiykua class Escort Aslan Hierate EL 14 800 4
Fang class Corsair EL
Fiery class Gunned Escort Third Imperium EL 14 300 5
Foxtrot class Corvette Vegan Polity EE 14 1,200 4
Gazelle class Close Escort Third Imperium EL 14 300 5
Glorious Light class Fleet Escort Third Imperium EE 15 10,000 4
Grisha class Corvette Kostov Confederate Republic EE 12 1,200 3
Grummond class Fleet Escort Protectorate of Leset EE 12 1,000 2
Gunbuster class Corvette Darrian Confederation EE 13 712 4
Gvurrnakhth class Fleet Escort Vargr EE 12 5,000 2
Harmony class Corsair Carillon Harmonies EL 12 400 3
Hatchet class Light Corvette Distant Fringe EL 11 1,000 2
Insanity class Sloop-of-war Solomani EE 11 1,600 2
Intrepid class Escort EE 15 700 4
Iron Boot class Fleet Escort Third Imperium EF 15 9,000 4
Iron Fist class Pirate Corsair EL
K'Thud class Warship EL 9 700 1
Kaashik class Raider ES 11 100 2
Kalaron class Brig Union of Garth ELM 11 800 2
Kalaron class Corvette Union of Garth ELM 11 1,000 2
Kalaron class Escort Union of Garth ELM 11 400 2
Kalaron class Lancer Union of Garth ELM 9 200 1
Kalaron class Sloop Union of Garth ELM 11 600 2
Kao Chu class Light Escort Third Imperium EL 14 1,000 2
KE4 Horde class Sloop Korsumug Empire EE 10 400 1
KE5 Cataclysm class Patrol Boat Korsumug Empire EE 10 500 1
KE7 Virulent class Corvette Korsumug Empire EE 10 700 1
Kearsarge class Close Escort Darrian Confederation EL 12 400 3
Kharsis class Patrol Cruiser Grace Beaumonde EC 11 600 2
Kite class Escort Third Imperium EE 15 2,800 3
Lakr class Corvette Zhodani EL 14 1,000 4
Lancer class Light Escort Geonee ELM 12 200 2
Lurushaar Kilaalum class Corvette Third Imperium E 13 500 3
Menace class Corvette Old Worlds Navy EE 12 800 3
Metlay class Fleet Escort Third Imperium EA 14 10,000 4
Ming class Corvette Third Imperium EE 15 1,800 4
Nishemani class Corsair EL
Nusret class Light Escort Khuur League Fleet EE 12 365 3
Oppenheimer class Light Escort Darrian Confederation EL 15 500 4
Osa class Missile Sloop Worlds of The Leader EL 11 235 2
P. F. Sloan class Fleet Escort Third Imperium EA 15 5,000 4
Plokl class Escort Zhodani EL 14 1,000 3
Primarch class Ketch Ma'Gnar Primarchic EL 12 100 1
Reckless Errand class Close Escort Third Imperium EL 15 600 4
Rift class War Galley EL 10 1,871 1
Risa class Close Escort Firstworlds EC 10 400 1
Sabre class Sloop Enlightened EE 11 600 2
Sacred Text class Scout Free and Holy Federation of Amil ES 13 1,300 3
Samardin class Patrol Sloop Distant Fringe EL 11 500 2
Sang-O class Patrol Ship Worlds of The Leader EE 11 370 2
Sargon class Close Escort Katowice Conquest EL 11 800 2
She Zhenɡ Zhe class Patrol Boat EE 10 800 1
Sheppard class Patrol Rocket Council of Heads E 7 200 0
Sirocco Converge class Attack Boat Uffan Strategic Space Forces E 9 3,000 0
TC8 Nedric class Corvette Trooles Confederation EE 13 800 1
Temakurm class Attack Boat Enlightened E 8 100 0
Trinity class Patrol Ship Third Imperium EE 14 600 2
Turku class Light Escort Third Imperium EL 12 400 3
Type 043 Yuan class Mine Countermeasure Ship Sindalian Empire EL 13 500 4
Type A7 class Cruiser EE 13 1,000 3
Type E class Corvette Third Imperium E
Type-21 class Missile Sloop Worlds of The Leader EL 11 205 2
Typhonus class Escort Third Imperium E
Ueghzgi class Corvette Thirz Empire EE 13 3,000 3
Vengeance class Commerce Raider Third Imperium ES 13 400 3
Warrior class Fleet Escort Third Imperium EE 15 1,400 4
Windune class Sloop Protectorate of Leset EE 12 200 2
Witch of Endor class Corsair EE 11 400 2
Wolf class Strike Escort Malorn Union ES 12 400 3
Xadis class Patrol Ship High Senate EC 11 200 2
Xebec class Explorer Izrats Kriezhlas Unity EC 13 1,000 2
Yarostnaya Ataka class Combat Sloop Maujen Defense Bureau E 10 200 1
Yarra class War Sloop Third Imperium EL 15 800 4
Yugo class Patrol Ship Worlds of The Leader EE 11 130 2

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